45 thoughts on “Google for Nonprofits stories: GoVolunteer

  1. Not profit per me e imbroglio gi
    A yube incoretto causa ,gente sanguisuga opera come quelli sip facevano niente pero cazzi altri si

  2. Google actually doing something good.
    Ppl criticising.. As usual
    Regardless of Google doing this for more reputation and more from it's something good.

  3. I thought it's one of the new product from Gojek, they always start their product with "Go", like GoBills, GoRide, etc. Lol

  4. I'm sorry that i'm off topic, but google is not ansewering my emails (ts understandable)… please you beatifull people explain to me what is your interest between facebook – face recognition system, caption which is implemented in you tube, which is amazing by the way, which means you can recognize people and thei voicees …. and faces and US Army interest in this… I mean it looks like that your' weponizing this technology

  5. invest in ultimate strategies and make powerful business plans and moves and take over universe and become an ultimate evil monster for 2020 2021 and then google wont be a noodle after that

  6. There are many companies that are richer than Google
    But, In the hearts of the people
    The richest company is Google
    Google meaning
    " A Great tech zaint that connects the the whole world "

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