Google Forms a teacher/student connection

FEMALE #1: Am I gonna get into a good college?
Who are my friends gonna be? Are my friends gonna stay the same? MALE #1: Don’t let people get you down and
just be who you are. And it doesn’t matter what other people say about you. FEMALE #2: I struggle with trying to fit in
and making sure you have enough friends and are cool enough and that kind of stuff. ANDREA KORNOWSKI: In high school, I was in
the very same shoes that a lot of these students were. I didn’t feel that I had anybody within
the school building that I could go and talk to. I feel that the more I could connect with
the students, the better experience they would have in my classroom in terms of learning. FEMALE #3: It’s hard for children to connect
with adults. We don’t feel comfortable. FEMALE #4: I just didn’t like talking to teachers.
They were big and scary. FEMALE #5: Teenagers use technology a lot,
like cell phones and texting. We definitely lack the face-to-face communication. MALE #2: They used to have like a thing at
school where you go talk to people. But a lot of kids wouldn’t choose that because they
didn’t feel they could trust those representatives. ANDREA KORNOWSKI: I needed to find a way that
they can communicate to me. And I felt that if I could connect to them on a more personal
level, that they would feel comfortable coming to be both about their academics and about
things that were going on outside of school. I had been previously presented what Google
Forms was at a technology conference. I could do even more with Google Forms. I
could ask them what was going on in their personal lives. What’s one thing that you
would like me to know about you? MALE #2: I was diagnosed with arthritis and
I have a bunch of medical problems. FEMALE #3: They told me I was out of my sports. MALE #3: When the bell rang, I was going,
changing from classes, being bullied in between them. FEMALE #6: I was going through a really rough
time. I just didn’t care about anything anymore. FEMALE #7: I found out about a certain medical
condition. FEMALE #8: I’m really struggling with family
problems. FEMALE #3: Spring soccer wasn’t going to happen. MALE #2: Kids were saying things that I found
very disrespectful. FEMALE #9: I was on a bad road. FEMALE #2: This doesn’t make any sense. No
teacher has ever done this. MALE #2: It felt great to be able to share
that with Miss Kornowski. MALE #3: It makes you feel like you’re wanted. FEMALE #2: She really did help me. ANDREA KORNOWSKI: I feel–oh, my goodness–overwhelmed.
I didn’t realize that invisible wall and that barrier that exists between a student and
their teacher. We’ve been able to take a step through that screen, through that wall, and
break that barrier.

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