Google Home and Google Assistant New Features, Products, and Updates!

I have over 20 different updates for you
here about the Google Home the Google Nest products and the Google Assistant
so let’s get going hello Automaters thanks for tuning in again I’m Brian
from automate your life and today I’m going to take the frustration out of
automation by doing the same thing I do every Sunday here on automate your life
and that is giving you the smart home news so you can use your products in the
best ways possible one of the features that people are so excited about right
now is the ability for Google Assistant to read what’s on a page back to you now
let me show you a demonstration of this on my Google pixel 4 with the Google
Assistant on board from automate your life Wyze smart home plug WL qp1 review
wise Labs has developed its own version of the smart home plug the wise smart
home plug WL qp1 features you would need to integrate the wise plug into Google
Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, you can then use the Wyze app or your voice commands
to power up the device remotely schedules the Wyze app will provide
configurations for routines shortcuts mode triggers like most of the
Wyze family products you also make an otherwise I think it’s every week that I
get a question about being able to broadcast to a certain Google Home
device and guys it is coming it is finally actually coming what you might
find is the next time you try and use the broadcast service you might get a
response back from your Google Assistant on any of your devices that you can
actually broadcast to a specific device the syntax is very simple unfortunately
I can’t show you this one but it is broadcast 2 and then your device name
and that’s how you can go ahead and see if you’re able to do that today now this
is coming in small select testing groups right now but it is being rolled out now
there are a few leaks of Google’s hardware products out there right now
that I think are really important to tell you about the Google pixel for a
appears to be fully leaked and we’re getting used to this with Google
smartphones but that device has a couple of updates and upgrades that people are
really excited about I’m always excited to see these new phones from Google and
I what they’re doing with their budget
line up there but you guys will probably be more excited about what looks to be a
Google branded Nvidia shield or an upgrade of the chromecast and chromecast
ultra devices because it will have Android TV on it the reason I take this
leak so seriously because Google hasn’t said anything about this device yet but
if you look into the source code inside a fuchsia you will find a device called
Lewis now Lewis has the right chip on it in order to be used in Android TV boxes
so this is the right series it’s called a video smart vs 680 and that type of
chip is used in other Android boxes you smell even if you smelt it I’ll take the
brain for Delta yet now as of late I’ve been telling people to maybe hold off on
a Google Nest hub so the smaller version of this the reason is again if you’re
looking into the source code of fuchsia it appears that we are going to get a
refresh of the Nest Hub in just a few months time now the processor has a
slight update to it but that slight update gives the Google Nest hub or what
we think is the Google Nest hub the ability to do AI processing so number
one that’s an improvement on the existing processor probably helps it do
more of the Nest Aware type of things some of that local processing and helps
with putting the Google Assistant right on the device but I would expect
something as well as a camera to show up on the Google Nest Hub the smaller
version here now help me wash my hands wash wash wash your hands for 40 seconds
please so will chase the germs away so you don’t coughing please
despite Google IO being canceled I do see a number of products coming out
still around that time so let’s go through a few of those a Chrome OS
tablet with the Google Assistant on board despite earlier issues with pixel
slates and devices like that we should see that the new Pixel buds should still
come around that time frame although we could see delays because of the supply chain issues that that the world is having right now
now I’m also seeing the makings of some new Nest sensors different sensor types
and also new Nest cameras and Nest Hello devices coming out from Google if not
right in that time frame then later in the year so we are seeing those devices
start to line up and be ready for inclusion in your Google Assistant your
Google Home and Google Nest product now here’s something that kind of lends
itself to what I just said sensors have been added as a device type one thing
that is missing from the different sensor types is motion sensor so right
now you still don’t have those but you do also have three other device types
that were added water softeners water purifiers and carbon monoxide
detectors which kind of paves the way for our Nest Protect’s to finally get
properly integrated into our Google Home product what’s the temperature in the
entry it’s currently twenty point five degrees what’s the temperature in the
fridge the fridge temp is currently zero point five degrees no just because I
like to play with your emotions and also because I don’t want to be the bearer of
bad news I’m going to let Montana talk to you guys about the current and
ongoing issue with Google Home products and their Bluetooth capability hey guys
if you’re one of those people who have been using Bluetooth with your Google
Home or Google Nest product that I’m sure you’ve been experiencing some
repeat disconnections there is no fix for this issue right now but just like
any other company Google needs feedback in order to fix the issues they have
with their product how do you do that well I’m here to tell you the specifics
speak to your device and say send feedback then say ght three Bluetooth in
keeps on disconnect that’s it if you want to upload on this as an issue that
Google should address then follow the link below that’s all I have for now
back to Brian now let’s get back to some of the positive updates here from Google
and we’re going to see some improvements in the Google Home application now
number one Google is talking about improvements in terms of shortcuts for
turning on and off your lighting now additionally what I have noticed
personally here in just the last week is an incredibly fast response in terms of
either issuing commands in the Google Home application talking to the Google
Assistant but anytime I issue a command now about lighting what I’m finding is
before the Google Assistant actually responds the action has executed so this
is definitely being done locally on many of your Google Home devices and the
command is being sent to the partner devices and it feels like locally here
so let’s let’s watch turn on the accent lighting sure
turning on three lights turn off the accent lighting sure turning off three
lights now you guys saw how fast that was it was incredibly fast now that’s
through a hub so you would kind of expect that but that’s still faster than
I’ve experienced in the past and I’ll tell you what my wise lighting is just
as fast so this is Wi-Fi based hub based it is executing before the command goes
to the cloud now there are some other updates inside the application so number
one when you change a smart plug to the word light or you include the word light
in a smart plug it will actually change icons and get included now in terms of
your smart home lighting that’s a big change there you’ll also now see Nest
Cam event showing up in your feed page now this is very important and starts to
bring more into that feed page because we kind of went down from four tabs in
the Google Home app to two and that feed page has been relatively unused but you
will now find those events in that page as well you can review them right in app
I love you Wow if you love me you must think I’m really helpful best day ever
one of the things that I think a lot of people are not using right now is the
ability to receive google duo calls now this is very important to a lot of
people because in your home you probably have unlimited Wi-Fi on limit
to internet access or at least a lot more than your cell phone no people can
make video calls and they can make audio calls to your Google Home and your
Google Nest devices so I’m going to show you a demonstration here of how that can
happen what you need to do is head into services within the main settings page
and then you can go into voice and video calls and then choose the devices that
can receive dual calls if you don’t have anything on this page related to duo you
might be able to set that up now depending on your country and then you
can start using this feature now people that you know can make calls to any of
those speakers that you’ve allowed any smart display speaker and of course it’s
going to ring on your Android phone with Google dual or your iPhone with Google
dual on it so you have the ability to receive these data based calls instead
now if someone makes a videophone call to you with their cell phone say then
and you pick up on a nest mini then they will have the video interface up they
can’t see you but you can speak to them it becomes a Google dual audio call so
very nice feature for you guys to use and I think more people should be doing
this cool for Brian it’s from Brian another update that’s come out from
Google is called ambient IQ now this will mean that the volume will actually
raise on your speakers if the noise in your room gets louder so what you will
have this work on unfortunately not music they decided not to do that but
other kind of spoken word things like podcasts audiobooks and new so let’s try
this to create its own bank in the state of Utah Square says it expects to launch
its banks cafes pubs and restaurants to close
after tonight it’s also offering to John Legend’s voice will be removed on March
23rd so you’re not going to be able to hear that sultry voice I’m sure my
celebrity voice is coming to the Google Assistant I just don’t know exactly when
but the pics will stand and we talked about this in our last updates that
Chargers were being added as a device type into the Google Home and Google
Assistant now the Pixel Stand is getting added additionally there and what it
will be given is more of the ambient mode capabilities around it so it will
be added as a device type and you’ll be able to get a ton of information but the
difference between this and normal ambient mode that we are seeing on other
Android devices is that it’s going to give you an additional interface for
controlling your smart home so there’s going to be a focus on controlling
lights and thermostats and other smart home devices directly when you put your
pixel device into the pixel stand let’s shift over to a few updates about Google
Assistant enabled Android phones now if you go into the Google Home
application you go into settings more settings and you go into assistant and
then continued conversations you’re going to see a different slider here now
so your phone is actually capable of turning on and off continued
conversations separately from your other Google Home devices next up is the
ability to actually schedule dark-themed now what they’ve given you in terms of
options right now is either turn it off or on but they’ve also given you the
ability to now schedule it between sunset and sunrise so you can have that
dark theme come up now the nice thing about pixel settings and Android
settings in general is that you can search for dark theme and that will
bring up this settings page very quickly for you speaking of searching and I
can’t show you this one yet because it hasn’t happened but one of the biggest
issues with the Google Home application is you will struggle finding all these
different settings and I’m really excited for this but they are turning
the settings page into the same thing as those pixel
settings that I talked to you about you will get a search bar so you will have
the ability to search for what kind of setting or what kind of capability you
are looking for in the Google Home and the Google Assistant applications one
thing that’s coming to the Google Home application as we build up to the Nest Aware subscription packages changing over to the new subscription model and
getting the ability to use our Google Home devices as additional security is
the ability to make emergency phone calls now this was actually unearthed by
Jane Wong who does this she does this as a side hobby and she actually back
engineers or reverse engineers applications and software now really
interesting person to follow on Twitter so I’ll leave that down below but what
she found was the ability to make those emergency calls and have your address
included on the channel I have created a massive comparison of Google Assistant
Amazon’s voice assistant and Apple’s voice assistant and it is indexed and
broken up into segments so you can go and find out which of the voice
assistants are the best for your smart home or whether or not you want to put a
few of those in so go ahead click on that otherwise watch some of our smart
home news guys there’s a ton more coming on automate your life and there’s
probably some videos you haven’t seen yet so thanks for watching everyone and
of course don’t hate, Automate.

46 thoughts on “Google Home and Google Assistant New Features, Products, and Updates!

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    One thing I would use this for is to have notifications of changes to the weather, if doors or windows are left open, tied in with sensors perhaps.

    "Steve, Weather says 'Its about to rain'" (Google weather or other service being allowed to send a notification)
    "Steve, The freezer has been open for more than 1 minute" (Sensor and automation)

    "Steve, SMS from Jen 'I am on my way, 5 mins'" (SMS from known contact)

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