Google Home Updates and New Features For November 19, 2019

of course Google has been hard at work
creating new features new capabilities and new updates for your Google Nest
your Google Home and of course your Google Assistant and today I’m going to
bring you all the latest from them hello Automaters thanks for tuning in
again I’m Brian from automate your life and today I’m going to take the
frustration out of automation by keeping you up to date here really with all of
your Google Home products and making sure you’re getting the most out of
those products now there has been a ton but the biggest thing that I think a lot
of people are looking at right now is actually with one of the older devices
in the platform so the Google Home and the Google Home Mini have both been given an update two stereo pair now you’re going to find this in the application when you
have the appropriate update inside one of your Google Mini or your Google home
devices you go into their settings and then you will be able to see stereo pair
actually as an option within there you can go through a quick setup process
it’s quite simple and then those two devices will be in a stereo pair and
that will basically be your default speaker going forward you can make
modifications to how it works and you can split them apart now the management
becomes a little bit different when you do this stereo pairing that kind of
become one device in a lot of ways so this has not rolled out to the smart
displays as far as I’ve seen although I’m betting maybe by the time I even
release this video it will show up but it’s not there yet it’s just those old
Google Home Mini and your Google Home not to be outdone the Google Nest
Hub has actually received an update with ultrasonic sensing capability so we saw
this come out this is a Nest Mini in the sky blue and this is the Nest Hub Max
those devices have this ultrasonic sensing capability and now the NestHhub
is actually getting updated with that now what this leads us to and why this
is important why I tell you about this is because one of the biggest complaints
right now and I have this complaint myself is I can be speaking to one
speaker and something way across the room and another takes over now that’s what this is about so as you get these newer devices that have the ability to sense individuals
how far away they are from a smart speaker from Google then you will get
this ability to have the right one respond to you one interesting thing
that was actually brought to my attention by Phil who brings me great
stuff all the time on Twitter and he actually showed me that his old Google
Wi-Fi is now getting that better integration with the Google smart
display so you’re able to ask information and get that information
displayed one thing you will see is the continual development of the Google home
app has really accelerated here and one of the big things that’s happened is an
events tab or a priority events tab that has shown up and a couple of the other
tabs have disappeared now what you’re seeing in there is the future and not
just the future of Google home the application but the Nest Aware
subscription now what we’re seeing right now is just a few events here and there
some devices are being installed and they show up there but the Nest Aware
subscription and the inclusion of Nest cams into the Google Home application
happening here in early 2020 will mean that events like a sensing of a sound
when you’re not at home stuff like the Alexa Guard that is going to start showing up just the same in the Google Nest Mini
the Nest Hub Max these devices with ultrasonic capabilities and microphones
are going to be able to listen and report events to you in your smart home
if you haven’t noticed that’s well on the home page the little plus sign is
now replacing the add button and so you really got some changes moving through
the application speaking of which you’re about to see Disney+ integration go
live with the chrome casts as that service comes out tile integration is
live now you can ask for those trackers through Google Assistant or your Google
Home devices and we’re also seeing Sirius XM show
and a new radio option so it’s not just music anymore inside of the Google Home application you will actually find radio and Sirius XM is sitting there and
available if you’re a subscriber they’re probably the best upgrade though to the
entire application is the media section so this is replacing that play button
that was on the front or the home page there you now have the media button
which brings you into a space where you get cards for things that are playing in
your home and you can transfer by using the cast button on that screen you can
actually transfer to another speaker or another group of speakers or your stereo
pairs it’s very powerful and I’ve had four streams running at the same time
and you can just swipe between them and manage your entire home it’s music or
its content that is playing throughout a couple of new things that Google is
working on Stadia has shown up in the Google Play Store but if you have one of
those invitation codes because you were an early adopter you can go ahead and
input that and you will get access now the other thing is a really interesting
component for website builders or people who own a website and this is something
we’ve been doing on the website Alan’s been doing a great job creating
structured content and he does it with FAQ pages so we create FAQ pages or more
specifically Alan does all the work and I get to say we create it but he goes
and he creates this structured content that allows Google to pull out snippets
into their search results and this means we rank higher and he does a really
great job at bringing people into the site anyways after that to get more
information but you can also use structured content now to create entire
Google Assistant actions and this relates to how-to video so I guarantee
we will create one I don’t have one to show you at this point
but as a website owner and someone who maybe creates how-to videos or any kind
of how-to component or tutorials you’re going to be able to create some
incredible actions that will work within the Google Assistant platform and this
is a really sneaky way that Google is getting creators
without any coding experience to create actions now a couple of issues to
actually tell you about and this is probably the first hack that I’m going
to say is reputable now what’s happened is a number of researchers have gone out
and they’ve actually used lasers they’re freaking laser beams here people that
they are using to direct at the microphones within Google products
Amazon products really anything with a microphone and they can emulate the way
sound waves work within your Google assistant products in this case now what
that means is if they can emulate your voice or they can emulate commands they
can go ahead and cause things to trigger in your smart home so this is the first
reputable one that I will say is really hard for anyone to guard against from
Google or Amazon or any of these makers because it’s a microphone and so what
you want to think about here with this one is your placement because now that
this is out there and there isn’t an easy solve for it this could become a
security risk for people and there are brute-force methods that they can use to
get your PIN safe or unlocking your smart lock so this is one that I would
definitely pay attention to and just think about your placement versus
windows in your home and the access to the microphones within that so we’ll see
what Google can do with this but there’s nothing right now I can tell you other
than that now if you did actually have a recent firmware upgrade brick your
Google home and this was happening to a number of devices and a number of people
they are replacing those so make sure you check the link down below for that
you can go ahead and talk to Google support about that I advise that right
away if you’ve had one just stopped responding to you and in lots of cases
they were showing up with four lights sitting on them and people didn’t know
what was going on there so make sure you check that out below otherwise guys
Black Friday is coming we have great videos coming all about that we’ve been
working with partner companies to make sure that we can give
you the best deals and in some cases they’re offering us specialized deals
for automating your life subscribers now what’s on screen right now is linked to
that playlist which is all about Black Friday and the holiday buying season
here for you in your smart home so go ahead watch those thanks for watching
this video and of course don’t hate automate

33 thoughts on “Google Home Updates and New Features For November 19, 2019

  1. I have 4 Google Minis and when I'm listening to music on 1 and my Wife talks to another in another room far away it will go quiet on mine and any others in the house like it is listening for someone to speak, is this a fault or is there a setting I need to change?

  2. I am on the fence about if I should buy a hub or a hub max. I dont want to get a doorbell.. but I have nest pro thermostat and some wyze cams and sensors etc. Also some google minis

  3. I love how just a piece of news has given people the idea of which way to look if they want to hack into a smart assistant. Good job! I don't know if it is a good or bad thing.

  4. Great, just great. Now i have to watch where i place things in view of my windows. Thanks for the review. I was watching Tech with Brett and he made a duo call to you and his Twin (lol). it was nice to see how that worked. I will see you next video.

  5. it so easy to replicate… just look at how the google home is mounted… the same way i mount my google home perpendicular to the ground for easy laser access. (i don't think this is practical in many ways)

  6. My continued conversation is completely disables on all Google devices. The only device I see is my Lenovo display

  7. I'm surprised you didn't mention how everybody Google Home app did not update correctly on everybody's phone. I can't get to more settings, face recognition, and other things now. I'm not the only one.

  8. I know this is off topic but it does come under the theme of "Updates." Can you please post a video of your impressions of the new WYZE feature called "Complete Motion Capture?" It is an add-on service (monthly fee) and I am wondering if it it worth the cost as opposed to using a camera that has that feature built in with the initial purchase. Thanks!

  9. Awesome updates, however I wish Google would focus a bit more on QoL updates ( like the Ultrasound stuff). For example, it's quite annoying that alarms can only be set and changed via voice. Alexa's been catching up quite a bit lately, and I think at the minute she's the better Home-Assistant (in terms of making your home a bit …nicer, not the brains). And at the minute it seems like she responds quicker, did a little test with my GHM and my Echo Dot, and in terms of turning stuff on and off, Alexa is beating GHM by about a second.

  10. Great vid as always Bri, I always enjoy the Google updates because the updates are usually pretty damn useful & Google are pretty useless at letting people know about them ha! It was actually Tile who notified me that the Assistant integration had gone live not Google! The FAQ to Google Assistant function is a great way to expand creators influence & accessibility, though clearly it's mainly so Google can get more free development performed ha!

  11. Omg I just paired two of my Google homes.. It sounds awesome!! I usually send my music to my other speakers, but the stereo separation makes it sound really good.

  12. Disney+ is still a finicky streamer for me. Sometimes I can get on it and sometimes I can't. When I use it on the TVs then I have to reset my password for my phone. Resetting the password to work for my phone causes the app to not work for the TV and then I have to reset it to work for the TVs again.

  13. Today, I said "ok google" and a message popped up saying "google assistant doesn't support your language: English (US)"…… And I'm like…. "what on earth???? Which language am I supposed to learn now???" I almost had a heart attack but somehow, after playing with the app, it came to it's senses. Come on Google, Greek please!!!!!

  14. Brian, I understand full Google Keep integration is coming for Google Assistant – – Any news on your front?

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