Google Maps Navigation (Beta)

[music playing]>>Navigate to the de Young Museum in San
Francisco. [music playing] Hi, I’m Michael, and I’m a product manager
on the Google mobile team. I just drove from the Google office in Mountain
View, California to the de Young Museum in San Francisco.
And I used a very exciting new feature of Google Maps to guide me.
I’m pleased to announce the Beta launch of one of our most requested mobile features.
Turn-by-turn, GPS navigation with voice guidance is coming to Google Maps for android-powered
phones. Google Maps Navigation isn’t your typical
GPS navigation system. Less than 1% of today’s GPS navigation devices
are connected to the cloud, but Google Maps Navigation was built from the ground up for
internet connected devices. Being connected to the internet means you
have all of Google’s massive computing power right in the palm of your hand.
This means you have all the latest maps and business data from Google Maps.
So you never have to manually download map and POI updates.
But that’s not all that happens when your GPS navigation device is connected to Google.
Let me show you seven things you can do with Google Maps Navigation that you can’t do with
the GPS device you’re probably used to. If you’ve already got a navigation system,
then you’re used to fumbling around for the exact address on the exact street in the exact
city of your destination. Otherwise, it doesn’t work.
Some folks even print out directions just to make sure they type the right info into
their device. Some navigation systems do make things easier
with pre-packaged POIs like restaurants or gas stations, but they’re not going to know
about your favorite hole in the wall. With Google Maps Navigation, you just say
where you want to go, and Google figures out the rest.
You can enter your destination as an address, a place, a name of a business, or even a kind
of business. Just enter it all as one string, like you
would enter a search on Google. If your search doesn’t just have one single
result, you can choose the one you want. And don’t worry if you misspell something,
we’ll figure it out. Typing on a phone isn’t always easy, so why
don’t we just say where we want to go. Navigate to 1965 Page Street in San Francisco.
Using Google Search by voice, you can speak any destination you might type.
This saves a ton of time and pain and it can find nearly everything.
Navigate to Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe in San Francisco.
Ha, imagine typing that in. Now, let’s say you’re going to meet some friends
to see the temporary and fantastic King Tut exhibit, but which museum was it at?
Let’s try this. Navigate to the museum with the King Tut exhibit
in San Francisco. Here it is.
Because Google Maps Navigation is connected to the cloud, it’s using all the latest information
on the internet. And the King Tut exhibit is at the de Young
Museum at Golden Gate Park. One of my favorite features of Google Maps
Navigation is the live trafic data. If you look in the corner of the screen, you’ll
see the traffic light glowing green, yellow, or red based on the current traffic along
your route. Just tap it to zoom out to “Traffic View,”
an aerial view of you’re upcoming route with traffic conditions showing right on the map.
As you drive, the traffic data is updated every few minutes using the latest information
available on Google Maps. So no more wondering when that highway’s going
to stop feeling like a parking lot. And if you are stuck in traffic, you can choose
an alternate route to avoid it. While you’re navigating, it’s easy to find
places you might want to stop at along the way such as gas stations, restaurants, or
parking. You can use the “Layers” menu for easy access
to popular places like these. But you can also search your route for anything.
Like my favorite road trip stop: In-N-Out. When you do a search while navigating, Google
looks for the closest places along you’re route.
Finding the most convenient burger joints has never been easier.
One of the most popular features of Google Maps is satelite feed, because it’s a high
fidelity view. Imagine how valuble having that high fidelity
view is while you’re navigating. Satelite view can help you visualize your
route, where you’re going, and what the context is.
And being connected to Google means you can access satelite imagery anywhere.
It’s all downloaded, as needed, over your phone’s internet connection.
As you drive along you’re route, all GPS systems will show you a map and give you voice instructions.
Some even show special representations of your turn, maybe an artist’s rendition of
a highway. Google Maps Navigation uses “Google Street
View,” actual street-level photo imagery with your route overlayed to show you exactly what
your turn will really look like. At at the end of your route, all GPS systems
will tell you the address of your destination, and some, even the side of the road.
Google Maps Navigation does this too, but it also shows you the actual street view of
your destination, whether it’s a store front or a home.
You probably don’t want to place your phone loose on your car’s dashboard.
So we recommend you use Google Maps Navigation with a car dock.
Some phones, like the Verizon Droid, has specially designed car docks for the device.
When you place your phones in one of these car docks, your phone will go into car mode
giving you easy access to voice search and navigation.
This special car dock mode makes it easy to start navigation while at arms length.
So those are just some of the things that are different about Google Maps Navigation:
Google’s approach to internet connected GPS navigation system.
And since you’re probably wondering about this: yes, Google Maps Navigation is free,
though carrier data plan charges may apply. It’s coming soon to android powered phones.
So stay connected with Google Maps Navigation for search in plain english, fresh live maps
and traffic data, and street and satelite views.

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  4. 8 years later. I still say that along with Google itself, Facebook, and email, Google Maps is the most important, world changing app of the last decade.

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