‘Google Maps Toolkit functions’

Hello and welcome to this video on:
The Google Maps toolkit functions. Once you are logged into MyRoute-app. Please go to ‘routes’. Click on one of your routes. And here you will see the route. Now, what you will notice
in the top right corner, Is that the current map
is the ‘Google Maps’. If you click on it you can also
change it to the TomTom map. Or the HERE/Garmin map. But those are for a different video. So we are going to stick with Google Maps. And to the right of that
you will see the toolkit. If you click on that a
dropdown menu will open. And you will see things like: Avoid
highways, avoid tollroads, offroad. Expand, reduce, optimize. Now, each map has different
toolkit functions. And these are the toolkit
functions from the google maps. So lets say, We have this map, this route. It goes from point 1 to 15. And lets say we want to avoid the highways. As you can see in the top left corner
the route currently takes 7 hours. If I press ‘avoid highways’ im sure it
will go up significantly. See 13 hours. Now, Lets also, – im not sure
if there are any tollroads in the route, but you can
also avoid tollroads. And you can also click those
functions off, relatively easy. If you click on the offroad function, It will nolonger be a
route, it will go from point to point. From
waypoint to waypoint. Like so. But we do not want that. The expand function is for
the Gold Members only. Here you can expand the amount
of waypoints you’ve set. So there are 15 waypoints
now, lets change that to 30. Like so, boom! 30 waypoints. Same goes for the ‘reduce’
30 now, lets make it 20. Ok. And now there are 20. Optimize, what the optimize functions
does is that it makes sure that the waypoints are all on the road. Sometimes
it happens that a waypoint is placed, Slightly off centre, slightly off-road. And if you press optimize
that will adjust that. Reverse kind of speaks for itself. The endpoint becomes the startpoint and
the startpoint becomes the endpoint. Now, a new function is the split function. With this function you can split
the route into multiple routes. Lets say we have 20 waypoints now,
lets split the route from waypoint 10. Next. How do you want to call the new route. Now you are making 2 new routes. You are
making a route from waypoint 1 to 10 And 11 to 20. But it also keeps the old route
within you route archive. Split. The route has succesfully
been split into multiple sections. Go to ‘my routes’
to check them out. We will do that later. You can also compare the route to the
HERE or TomTom route calculation. Like I said before, this is the
Google Maps route calculation. If we compare with TomTom, as you can see: Right about there, the red way
– The red marker. That is the TomTom, how the
TomTom calculates the route. I can also add in the HERE.
That is the blue route. (line) And you can also just
click those off again. And if you do ‘fit screen’ the route
will fit in the screen, like so. And those are the toolkit
functions of the Google Maps map.

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