Google New

SPEAKER: Lots of people use
Google to search the web, but Google offers many other
products besides a search engine. You may already use Google Maps
for directions, Gmail for email, Picasa for pictures, and
Chrome for browsing the web. But have you heard of Google
Goggles, Google Health, Translate, SketchUp, Voice,
Sites, Checkout, Reader, Calendar, Blogger, Book,
YouTube, Alert, News, Scholar? That isn’t even all of them. There are many, many more new
products and features that Google is developing and
launching constantly. The question is, how do
you find out about them? That’s why we created Google
New, the site that brings together all of Google’s
products and feature announcements and puts
them in one place. We hope you’ll find
something cool that you’ve never tried before. Google New, the one place
to find everything new from Google.

100 thoughts on “Google New

  1. @gundrag000 you sound ridiculous, no offence I just like that word. But Google has been getting better and better. Google Instant, Docs & Youtube alone are literally all over the internet and the digital world would not be the same with out it. The past is to slow. The future is still loading and the present is 4g 2.0 with @Google as the back board. #imjustsaying

  2. This is boss. Several years ago I found Google Analytics outside of the Products List within our companies Google Account… now having one simple place to locate the latest greatest with Google New

  3. @gadget593 good one.seems like the people who work at google are pretty stupid at all ¬¬'

  4. Player suffers fracture in a match South American 2010's, the player the other team just takes a yellow card!
    watch? v = gW-fwwyxpio

  5. This is so nice of Google! (Hey, Google, do you need any PR expert? Would you like to hire me? But please, hre me after you fire Eric Schmidt)

  6. This is so nice of Google!

    (Hey, Google, do you need any PR expert? Would you like to hire me? But please, hire me after you fire Eric Schmidt)

  7. Anybody know why some of the recent Google Videos are titled:

    "@migueltarga e @saadzim_ Amaram seu video *-*!"

    Is this a bug?

  8. @stussyboys they put the the rubbish results on first page because its whoever pays the more money or that result is a website that is popular and its know for w/e u searsh so yeah its not google's fault

  9. google new: Wow, great example of how NOT to make a webpage.
    program a ontology (yes, OWL is an option) and present the content in a meaningful way. and who did the usability for this?

  10. Google, el Gran Maestro. Sus aplicaciones son muy fáciles o intuitivas, y sus tutoriales o ayudas, esmeradas. Gracias

  11. Haha, YouTube is on their "Did you Know of" list? Well, I can't watch this video without knowing of YouTube.

  12. Fuck you Google. I hate your products. Especially Chrome. I use mozilla fire fox. No bugs, and they actually care about their users unlike you guys who randomly change things without telling us. Yeah, I saw when you experimented with profile pictures beside comments on youtube. I know what you did!

  13. Onmy android cellphone Ididnot recieve all the email-using you tube on android phon set use to be costly where as google is free on my set

  14. Google gets its ideas from searchers, and the things that already exists. They make products better than non google. BUT… APPLE INC creates ideas and makes them PERFECT!

  15. It is utterly PATHETIC that Google is now linked to YouTube, in that to open a YouTube account we are FORCED to open a gmail account which we don't want nor need, and that it HAS to be attached permanently to your YouTube account! Even MORE pathetic is that Google/YouTube insist on displaying our name rather than our business or organisation! Google/YouTube need to rethink this BIG TIME! Check out your own forum & see how UNHAPPY people are with it!

  16. BTW… if Google can have a YouTube account in the name of Google, then why can't we have an account in the name of our organisation?! The person who created THIS YouTube account should have their personal name displayed according to YOUR OWN rules.. or have your YouTube avatar picture removed!! PATHETIC!

  17. Whoah, tone alert – you sound like a crazy person.

    Please, please speak for yourself rather than using the ubiquitous "we".

    If you don't like the way a private business operates its own product then perhaps you could try the competition?

    Don't know what you're on about with the displaying of a name versus business either, because that isn't happening for me…

  18. you can have a youtube account in the name of your company or organization. thousands of businesses have their own youtube accounts they use to post videos

  19. Google New site is now discontinued project, so all informations about new products should be avilable in other places like google+ or google blog. It was useful service but now it's gone.

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