Google Now for iPhone and iPad

We all need a lot of
information to get through our day. So wouldn’t it be cool if it was
just there for you, right when you needed it? Introducing Google
Now for iOS. The right information at
just the right time. On your way to work each
morning, Google Now shows you the fastest way to get there.
(features limited by country) When you’re heading to the
airport, get live updates about your flight.
(features limited by country) And as soon as you land, check
out local phrases and rates. During the big game, get
updates in real time. Or instantly learn about nearby
attractions, movies, and restaurants.
(features limited by country) Google Now is easy to find. Open the Google Search app,
sign in, and swipe up. Google Now, the right
information at just the right time.

100 thoughts on “Google Now for iPhone and iPad

  1. People need to quit crying about it not being on ICS. If you wanted updates and continued compatibility then you should've bought a Nexus. #Nexusftw

  2. NO. If u want to put it on other devices, put it on all you android ones first. i mean ALL. 🙁 but awww, i still love you google.. just that ur too good to the rotten fruits and bitches sometimes.. (:

  3. @Jay Gajudo because Android ice cream sandwich doesn't support Google now try getting Android jellybean

  4. soo true! this video makes me go hard BTW peeps are using this to get it on your pod >

  5. Haha at 0:21 Google Now translates Bonjour as Welcome. Welcome is bienvenue in French. Bonjour means hello or good morning.

  6. google now is a android thing, its a weapon against ios's siri ….google don't do this ,you may make google better but u r dumping android…PLEASE DON'T DO THIS..

  7. If it didn't drain the iPhone's battery by using location services all of the time (even when the app has manually been quitted), then it would be great. Until then, I've disabled Google Now.

  8. Good App. But please fix the thing with the location services! It's no fun charging my phone every hour…

  9. accueil…. is welcome most likely whoever created this commercial made the mistake and no one caught it

  10. So let me get this straight, Google isn't hating on iOS, but supporting, yet so many apple fanboys and android fanboys are fighting.

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  12. Quality over Quantity , i dont like iOS but thats only my preference, if someone wants to like iOS thats fine, its not a bad OS, but my problem is when they start attacking another OS because they simply dont like it "Opinion is fact, if i dont like it it must suck!"

  13. This is just on EOF the many things that are on android that they are putting on iOS now. Android still reigns supreme.

  14. Why the fuck can't we get Google now on ICS but we can get Google now on iOS!?!? Ive got a nexus 7 BTW with android 4.3 but I'm just wondering

  15. And it's things like this that made me switch to ios. The fact that google does more for ios than its own operating system is pretty sad. My phone got stuck on gingerbread and my iPod touch got google now. So now I have google how for iPhone

  16. The reason it's not on Ics or below is because they don't support all of the features Google now has. The iOS version is the same and doesn't have half as many features as the Android one and never will because of the limitations.

  17. It is not Google's fault that your phone manufacturer is too lazy to port the new updates over. Why not have a look on XDA developers for a ROM with Jelly Bean for your phone, or get a Nexus?

  18. Gotta admit, I'm a bit disappointed that one of the best features of my Nexus is now on iPhone. Still, I bet it is nowhere near as integrated.

  19. I agree no offense google I love you but stop giving away your best features to ios or people will never move to android

  20. Why do the biggest rivals of Google get to experience the best features of Google and android when life long supporters of Google and android are still running on ICS and cannot experience Google now. This is like a spat on the face for people who are life long supporters of android and Google. Shame on u

  21. Apple has iPhones. Google has Nexus phones.

    Google allows other manufacturers to make phones using their OS. If Apple allowed other manufacturers to use their OS on other phones the same thing would happen. So it's not a spit in the face. If you want the true Google experience, buy a Google phone. If you want a true Apple experience, buy an Apple phone. The difference here is Google gives you the choice whereas Apple makes you choose them.


  23. 22 januaary 2015 "google now" (on "any" screen) prevents multiple applications to run. alarm,voice rec.,music player..etc, wont work. fix that

  24. Hi Google! Do you interesting accept new idea for this service? I have one. At the moment I am trying connect with your team for discussing detail 

  25. seria muy interesante q todos los niños del Perú tuvieran esas facilidades, sobre todo los mas necesitados. Soy maestro y eso es mi anhelo.

  26. Google now does not work very well in Finland neither on iOS or Android. It just shows weather and news. Nothing more.

  27. A game changer for sure for those who wouldn't switch to iphone because you couldn't get the Google Now experience. Thankfully Google isn't trying to for people to get Pixels by keeping Google Now to themselves. They must realize Google phones will never sell like iPhones. If you cant beat them, join them.

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