Google Pixel 4: How to Screenshot

One of the best ways to quickly save different content is by taking a screenshot Now, these captures are easy to view back and very easy to share Fortunately when screenshotting from the Google Pixel 4 There are a couple of methods to choose from depending on what you find the easiest or most efficient So let’s have a run through them The first of these is done by locating the power button to the right of your device Now, the Pixel 4’s new design makes this particularly easy since it’s accented by a different colour as you can see here In this case, the button’s white So, find the screen that you want to take a screenshot off and let’s go with the Pixel 4 that we’re selling from Clove and press and hold the power button here for a couple of seconds As you can see you have four different icons appear Power on, restart, screenshot and emergency So obviously I’m going to select screen shot Now you can see here The screenshot has been saved and you’ll have different notifications so you can share edit or delete the picture that you want Now either tap on that notification and you’ll see the shot itself or tap on the options to share edit or delete If you want to quicker screenshot then the easy alternative for you might be to locate the power button here And the volume down button just below it at the same time So find the screen you want to capture – I will use this one again We’re selling from Clove Technology And press and hold the power button and the volume down at the same time You can see it’s taken a screenshot and the notification is up there so you can share, edit or delete the image Let’s click on it and there’s your screenshot

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