Google Pixel 4: How to Split Screen

The Google Pixel 4 is one of the best devices on the market when it comes to both creating and viewing media. To make the most of this, you may want to utilise more than one app at once, So, today I’m going to show you how to split screen with the Pixel 4. So, first, find the first app that you want to use and load it up I’m using Chrome and I’m on the Clove Technology website From here, swipe up from the bottom of your screen in order to view all of your recent apps screen Like this And then tap the icon above the app that you want to use You can see it up here. This is the chrome one. So, select this here And you’ll have three different options App info, split screen and pause app. I’m going to select split screen and as you can see, this is shrunken at the top of the device. So, from here, I will select the other app I want to use. Let’s go… for Google Play Store And they share half a screen each Now, by default, each app will occupy half of the screen each However, you can drag this small white slider As you have here… To change the size as you see fit Now if you want to close one app, then you simply slide this to the bottom and you’re reverted back to the one application. Now, I hope that this has helped you to split your Google Pixel 4’s screen But if you do have any other questions then please comment below Down here Now, don’t forget the Google Pixel 4 is available from Clove Technology For £713.99 inc-VAT So go and check that one out and I will catch you again soon.

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