Google Pixel 4a (2020): first look, phone specifications and release date

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Shahbaz here, today we are gonna show you Google’s new upcoming mid-range smartphone
Google Pixel 4a which is appeared on the network, quality renderings and the first details. Google seems interested in continuing the
trend for more affordable versions of the Pixel reference devices, as Google Pixel 4a,
the successor to the Pixel 3a series, will be announced soon. In addition to the actual existence of the
Pixel 4a, the well-known informant OnLeaks reported a number of characteristics and provided
visualization of the smartphone. The new mid-range Google smartphone will be
released in the first half with the Pixel 4a XL Insider Steve H. McFly, who published a few
days ago more renders of the Apple iPad Pro 2020 tablets, yesterday pleased us with a
portion of high-quality images of the Google Pixel 4a smartphone. Since this informant is not mistaken, we can
assume that this is exactly what the new mid-level Google smartphone will look like. Judging by these images, in the upper left
corner of the Google Pixel 4a screen there will be a hole under the camera for self-portraits. The screen of the Pixel 4a will be slightly
larger than that of the Pixel 3a – according to rumors, its diagonal will be 5.7 or even
5.8 inches against the 5.6-inch display of the Pixel 3a. If we talk about the back of the smartphone,
then the Pixel 4a will have a matte back cover and a pronounced unit with an array of cameras
(the main sensor is 12.2-megapixels) and an LED flash. As you can see, Google Pixel 4a got a front
camera embedded in the screen, and the main one, although represented by a large protrusion,
in which three modules could easily fit, but has only one module. The fingerprint scanner will also be located
behind, that is, there will be no fingerprint sensor built into the screen. Pixel 4a can get a single-chip Snapdragon
765 system in combination with at least 4 GB of RAM. In addition, it is expected that the base
model will have a 64 GB drive. Declared support for 5G networks, a USB-C
port and a 3.5 mm audio jack. The smartphone will be available in three
colors: white, black and purple. Google allegedly announces the Pixel 4a on
January 9 of the coming year. That’s it for now, for more updates please
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2 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4a (2020): first look, phone specifications and release date

  1. It seems more plausible than some of your concepts. I think an optical in display finger print scanner might be more likely than the rear one in 2020 if a punch hole display is fitted. Also not sure Google would do a square enclosure for a single camera but maybe. I can imagine the back looking like the 3a but without the two tone gloss and matte and as stated no rear finger print scanner?

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