Google Social Search Update

Sometimes when you’re searching,
having information from people you know can
be really useful. Like when you’re planning a
trip, wouldn’t be great to see recommendations and
opinions from your friends and contacts? When you’re signing into your
Google account and you do a search, you’ll start seeing
results from people you’re connected to on Blogger,
Twitter, Flickr, and publicly available sites. Beneath these results you’ll
see the names and profile photos of the people who shared
or published this information. Let’s say I’m planning an
upcoming trip and I’m thinking about going hiking. I see my friend Matt
tweeted about his great hike in Yosemite. That looks like the perfect
trip for me. Now I need to figure out where
I’m going to stay. When I search for campsites, I
see my friend Jill’s Flickr album from her trip
to Yosemite. The view from her campsite looks
amazing, so I’ll try to stay there. Seeing her photos reminds me
that I need to get a better camera for this trip. When I search for cameras, I see
a blog result from Ariana. Hovering over her name, I
remember that she’s a professional photographer that
I follow on Twitter. I’ll click over to her blog and
see what she recommends. Go try it out for yourself. You can get ideas and
recommendations from people you trust, right in your
search results. If you want even more content
and recommendations you can link to your Twitter, Flickr
and other accounts. It’s all the goodness you’ve
come to expect of Google, plus the opinions of your friends,
family, and others on the web, just when you need them most.

100 thoughts on “Google Social Search Update

  1. Не совсем понял это во всю выдачу #Google теперь добавляться?

  2. Only problem is my contacts on Twitter are not necessarily people I "trust" (or care to know what they search for)–example..I follow both political parties and their figure heads…to watch the bouncing ball…I could care less what they search for….this is a stupid idea….Google is a company that thinks like ENGINEERS vs. Developers and User Experience experts…its why every thing (other than search) they'ave tried has FAILED.

  3. @Daikokuten777 Why would a political party search the same thing as you, so i don't think you will encounter their suggestions in your searches. And even if you do, you can just ignore it. Simple! Maybe they'll add a "Don't show this user's suggestions" or something like that in the future.

  4. Truth is: He will never make it to the park. By the time he has checked out all the stuff he's either broke or too tired to leave 😉

  5. This is scary. It means for example that all your co-workers and boss, which you are connected via LinkedIn, will be know what you searched in Google. How to avoid this? It seems only way is to delete accounts on those portals and even gmail account.

  6. Average Load Time for

    Average (1.276 Seconds),43% of sites are faster.

    Note: Slow sites may be penalized by search engines (lol)

  7. Remember when you could watch a video without having to sitthrough a commercial?
    Remember When Music Videos Were uploaded by users not VEVO
    Remember When all the info was to the right of the video?
    Remember you could rate a video1-5 stars?
    Remember The famous yellow subscribe button?
    Remember when the users controlled the site not corporations?
    Post this in every video and let`s start a youtube revolution
    Thumbs up to keep this at the top of the list!!!!

  8. @windowspczone you realize google was first and bing copied there word history right… so bing is the pathetic one.

  9. @windowspczone still Microsoft is slow … like when video games go popular they made Xbox and when Google got really popular they made bing they aren't really original.

  10. Is there a way to prioritize who you get recommendations from? So that EVERYONE on my contact list isn't telling me about shit? I mean, I guess I don't necessarily have to click on their recommendations, but still.. Some peoples' opinions are more important to me than others'.. just sayin..

  11. @windowspczone No, I'd rather not be totally inconvenienced… Maybe you should try a YouTube fast too. Then they'd totally get the message.

  12. ohhh nice now all world will know the personal information of all people OKEY GOOGLE THANKS U, u cu tribunal

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