Google Student Ambassador Program 2014 – Application Video – Syed Faizan Ali

when it comes to studying, I was always an excellent student.
Being a Computer engineering student sometime it feels like something is missing. After gettng all those A Grades I really wanted to be a GEEK, so I can work with the people that relates my interest, but didn’t knew exactly how to get started? After spending days on browsing and searching the internet I finally came across Google Student
Ambassador Program that exactly what I was looking from
years. With Google Student Ambassador program I can use my skills, capabilities and my… ever-growing interest to benefit and
promote Google in my university if you get a chance to become a Google Student Ambassador, My goal is to Tell people more about How Google works, and how google products can benifit them. The idea is: to conduct workshops, Tech Talks to create awareness about the new technical development in Google From a Single Student Ambassador towards a complete team of Google Student Volenteer That’s where I See the “Future” Hey its me Faizan
and being a google student ambassador, I want to bring students of my university closer to the products of Google, and the things Google does.

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