Google vs US attorneys general | IN 60 SECONDS

Attorneys general from 48 states, Puerto
Rico, and DC recently announced that they’re investigating Google for
possible antitrust violations. The AG’s want a say in how Google
manages advertising, uses AI, and displays search results. Let’s see: Attorneys with
political aspirations want to control business strategy for one of the world’s
most complex tech companies. what could go wrong?
Plenty! Microsoft tried for years and hasn’t achieved Google’s quality. And if
the AG’s take Google down a few notches, the cost to you will be three hundred
and eighty billion dollars annually in lost search quality. And the
investigation doesn’t look genuine. The AG’s have already said that Google is an
“existential threat”, a “juggernaut”, and that it takes away people’s freedom. Who
benefits from the investigation? EU leaders: They’ve been trying for years to
hamstring US companies. And China’s leaders: Their tech companies are in hot
pursuit of the US. Let’s hope the AG’s google “overconfidence” and realize they
can’t improve tech services. What do you think about the AG’s investigation?
Should they proceed? Or should they drop it? Let us know in our poll, and let us
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20 thoughts on “Google vs US attorneys general | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. The E.U and Google love each other; I don't know where you got your information, but it's very easy to see (for those willing to look) that Google is doing exactly what the U.N. and any anti-America entity would want.

  2. It would be a mistake to break up Google without disgorging it first. We know that these tech companies want to be broken up, as that would enable them to fraction into many many many 'new' companies. Yes, tear them all down, but not before doing a few things first.

  3. How about real reasons and effects this investigation may bring, rather than fear-mongering at Goolag behalf.
    "Hurricane sweeps Florida polar bears most affected" – type of reasoning.

  4. Google had a search engine now it has a search filter. The filter is not controlled by the user but by google.
    I loved advanced search feature for google and I believe other engines too. Where the hell is it????? All I'm seeing is auto complete and not endless amount of pages but maybe 10 pages of results.

    All I have seen from this channel for the month plus is shit. I'm looking at your videos and trying to find why I followed you…. Ohhhh!!!!
    I followed you to support Christina Hoff Sommers. Sorry I'm out.

  5. Google needs to reign in its political aspirations itself. Google silences the second amendment and dampens political speech. From my perspective as an engineer this erodes the foundation of the civilization. Look out and see the danger it creates to silence the 2nd amendment and how divisive it is to dampen political speech.

    Lawyers be like, "but it's complex". Stop crying. They are not allowed to build massive monuments that destroy civilization for nefarious purposes.

    They silence the second amendment so it cannot defend itself in public with words. They dampen this and other political speech by acting as if they are a venue for free speech but managing the presentation, even if to maximize profits. Lots can go wrong, yes, but Google already seems to prefer China.

    You go up there claiming this is some attack on the free market, like a liberal assault, but Google reliably demonitizes all firearm videos. Don't push those folks back into the corner, it's their right and to many founding fathers, their responsibility to shoot back. That's dangerous and needs a remedy now. Google needs to enact a remedy now.

    I know any regulation can will terribly wrong. I prefer enforcement by an AIR cartel, engineers union seems most appropriate to me.

    With this maybe we can slide into a more free market approach to regulations. We already use something similar for local stuff like building codes, and the "Scandinavian model" prefers professional oversight to government regulation. We can avoid, "but it's complicated" whining from lawyers.

  6. I think the point is the power of manipulating the policy debate on their platforms, using biased algorithms that block content nearly straight down ideological lines.
    I think we need something establishing social media as a "Public square" that will safeguard against infringement of our constitutional rights of freedom of expression, and the principles of intellectual diversity.
    We will truly be a fascist country when we abdicate our rights to the government as well as big corporations.
    Fascism is the marriage of corporate interests with the power of the state.

  7. The AG is bringing an Anti trust suit against google for a long list of reason from sharing user data without permission, voter manipulation, anti-competition actions against competitors, discrimination, to National Security issues as they were willing to not only do business with the Chinese communist government but help them with AI and surveillance technology that would be used to continue to oppress a billion plus people. The real question is what took the AG so long.


    Oh, right, the US method would usually just require a PE to sign off on a lot of this stuff if we could determine how to define things. That might be simple enough for lawmakers without creating a new regulatory framework… really a deregulatory framework. This is also a deregulatory method.

  9. Wow, what a sycophantic PR stunt on behalf of Google by AEI. AEI should know that google is singlehandedly warping reality for hundreds of millions of people to favor their business interests and feed their bottom line by using everyone's personal data as a wholesale commodity. That's not business, that's Tyranny wearing a nice suit and a warm smile with special toys only they get to use on the rest of us lying all around their spoiled brat sandbox.
    Listen to this ex Google engineer speak on just what Google is really all about:

  10. The is one of the select few instances where government interference is welcome. These companies are getting too big for their boots. Do Apple, Twitter, Facebook next.

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