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Hello you dressed up you ate now it’s holiday time If I ask you what C means to you Most probably you will all answer it’s freedom. We believe silhouettes are smart people see a free souls who are respectful to each other and their environment and also we believe Being a sailor is not based on your profession experience or training is based on Your soul it’s a state of mind. It’s love for C and Freedom, so if you are an I am a sailor, my name is Arnaud kaya. I love C I love freedom. So if you are like me who loves freedom of choice, or Spending some time some time on a boat We have a platform for you. We are transforming both hold a booking into a simple and smart experience Let me start with the market it’s the 12 billion euro market globally and 5 billion is in Mediterranean area where we currently active and We are planning to offer both from all around the world by the end of 2002 anyone Over 5% growth is expected in the market, but online array is very very small right now So we are expecting more than 20% growth in online business and some very moderate expectation So we have a platform. We have lots of interesting stuff. But the most important one is being one-stop-shop for both all days Let me explain it to you God sailing calm is the only platform that you can make real-time search through out of 5,000 bolts at hundreds of destinations Compare the results select your additional equipment services make the payment and finish the booking Yes, we did it unlike our competitors. We don’t like we don’t company We don’t say that we did it. We really did it You can book real time with god selling calm for your next portal day and also We are a boat holiday platform. Not just another boat rental marketplace So our customers deserve all the information at the moment of booking so they know the boats name They know the operators name. They know exact location of the boat fees and prices at the moment of booking We support almost all payment methods available globally Including bank transfers. Also we have a group payment option, which is very popular if you are going three couples, you can share the Charter fee and Our charters can pay with installments as well We have a great content We supply all necessary details to our customers like where is their marina what is the interesting places to eat or visit but it’s for both travellers only and we have hundreds of marinas hundreds of destination information on our website And also we know where we came from We allowed to support sailing community So because of that as a small startup company, we announced a big initiative called sail for smile For every booking we make we donate a part of it to a sailing club or an NGO of our customers choice. So we Let our customers to return a favor to their sailing club as well. So be just because of that german-austrian and sua sailing Federation’s are our official supporters and more to come and if you know German You know how difficult to get them get their support? This is our SaaS solution, it’s a huge system It’s where the magic happens it helps charter operators to make their business in a simple and effective way but on the other hand It lets us to make 100% Real-time booking so it’s a detailed system, but you are always welcome to our demo site for a live experience We are not new kids on the block. We are in charter business for 30 years We developed Europe first charter based management software back in 2003 We have a strong team and goats telecom is developed on top of this experience and know-how as A result. We are online for only 10 months and we have customers more than 20 different countries and it’s still growing Our business model is as simple as God selling calm average basket sizes third 3,000 euros 20% Commission we have listing fees. We have adorned modules we have a white label solution for charter operators and agencies to make their own bookings on their own website with our infrastructure, and we will be the market leader in five years with two hundred and thirty million euro GME So if you are going to remember one thing from this presentation go to saving calm offers real-time Booking for both all days just like in hotel business. It’s simple and smart and suitable for all sort of sailors These are all for me at the moment if you need more information, or you have questions just visit our website

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