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Dear Electro-Sportfreunde, who today
we the Gotway MCM4 for you, that was long announced that it has something delayed because
we had some quality problems, but now everything is great with the wheel and their
can order it in the shop with us. But first looks you times the test at the
we made for you. The MCM4 is a 14 inch wheel with a 800
Watt motor, the battery pack is available with 340 or 680 Wh. With 340 Wh weighs MCM4 12.4 kg. The controls in the context are almost equal
remained, except for one small thing. Here is the charging socket, the Power On and Off
and a USB port, which is of course new, and what does it do? One can, for example,
load his smartphone so. The on-off switch also serves
to determine the LED modes, which is this Chase around and these LEDs are the way
really nice light. The LED modes operate as follows:
When you turn on the device, it displays the battery level; from green to yellow to
red. Now, if you press briefly, then there is a
Chaser with some colorful LEDs, if you again pushes it, then light all
many LEDs that move along with the wheel, if you again it expresses, then are
It is an independent, white and chaser if you press one last time on it, then
lights a complete white stripe, as a sort of lighting. As I said, pressing only briefly, then
change their modes LED and if you longer suppressed, then the wheel turns ON or OFF. The MCM4 can 30km / h fast. In freewheel
with our app and then switches the Wheel after a short time, so a safety margin,
so that you do not hinfallt equal if by bike are too fast. There are actually also the warning levels
in the app and we come later. How quickly the wheel moves in practice,
we show you here. You know, so as not drive the wheels
always, but we have nevertheless a speed of 27 km / h was measured. The pedals are new this time and the know
we somehow from Ninebot who see So much better than before and are non-slip,
Unfortunately, when it gets wet, they are not more so non-slip, similar to Ninebot.
Nevertheless, an improvement to the old pedals. The handle is nice massive and has the
Impression, you can grab the wheel really good, Unfortunately, there is of course on the LED ring including,
and above a glossy, transparent Surface course in a fall
is not particularly well protected and quickly can scratch, but we know from Ninebot
no different. The battery indication is missing the way that
comes exclusively through the App or about
the LED ring. The alarm levels are like in the old Gotways
only one has renamed it, because there is also a new app. It is now called open or close alarm means
you can turn off the first or second warning level. However, the third warning level always stays on
so you know when the wheel on the limit is. Another new feature is the pedal-tilt, the time you can
also adjust and thus
there is again a mechanical feedback. If you again pushes open alarm, then
all alarms again. The app combines very fast, very
without manual pairing. The vibration alarms that you might
knows from the old app, there are
no more. Conclusion: a really stylish wheel, the LEDs
are not as dark as the Ninebot that Pedals were improved, however, is the
Housing close to the tire, which means that it’s not really off-road capability, but
it is a stylish city car and very powerfully that make 800 watts really
noticeable. My first test drive has immediately fun, I immediately sure
felt – so you will certainly have fun with the bike, so ordered
it in my shop if you will, I would happy!

11 thoughts on “Gotway MCM4 Test DE/EN/RU/ES

  1. Also bei anderen Rädern/Tests warst Du enthusiastischer….So recht will da der Funken nicht überspringen!
    App auch für IOS? Wahrscheinlich nicht, oder?

  2. I'm stuck between the Ninebot e+ or Getway Mcm4. they are both great. Ninebot E+ looks nice and good for the money. The Mcm4 had a higher top speed and bigger battery and longer range but cost more, but not that much more.

  3. ich würde mir doch lieber das mcm4 holen, weil es mir vom design einfach besser gefällt, als das ips xima lhotz.
    Aber ich habe mal aus Probe die App versucht zu downloaden und da steht, dass der Eigentümer die "Datei in den Papierkorb verschoben hat"?.
    Die App wäre schon wichtig für mich um den Pedal Tilt und Warnsignale einzustellen.

  4. Recently i bought the newest MCM4 HS 680Wh version and let me say: This wheel is really amazing! Easy to learn, gives much pleasure while riding, the distance range is very high, so i can easily go through Krakow each day.

    By the way, is the shop that definately is worth to be recommended. Cheers!

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