Gotway MSuper Reifen auswuchten EN

Hey guys, today a shot video shot from my mobile of the Gotway MSuper 18 inch version. Some of you might have realized, that you can feel vibrationes at higher speeds. You can simulate it, just lift the wheel carefully and let it spin. now I feel, it’s vibrating at about more than 20km/h How to fix it? Let’s check the tire and I show you a simple trick. Put an small object like a torch ´close to the tire and spin the tire slowly. you can see now, that some areas on the wheel come close and some not so close to the torch. Maybe you put the torch closer to the tire. now you can see it better, the torch is nearly touched by the tire and on other parts there is a gap. I did that allready before and I marked the range when the gap starts and ends, means, I know that the tire here is too flat and I put some littel weights on it. these weights I got from my tire dealer. Now I stick it like on a car’s wheel. before you do that, clean the place you it on, better with alcohol, because it has to be free of fat. I start now with two 5g weights in the middle of the range. Now I will test if there is any improvement. Let’s see. It’s much more better.
But when it get’s faster, there is a little vibration Have to fix it a little bit more. I’ll stick the other two weights on the tire. I put them on the other side. because of radial force weights will be pushed on the tire, should not get loose. Let’s test again. Yes!That’s it! Fine! Of course it did not improve the shape of the wheel, But it’s much more equably. You can get those weights on ebay or simple ask you garage for it. And if you are not successfuly, simply remove it. I hope, I could help you and I wish you a cool turn on your Gotway MSuper!

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