Grow a YouTube Channel Fast & Get More Views (secrets revealed)

– In this video, I’m going
through some different tips on how to supercharge your YouTube channel to not only make it grow, but also on how to make awesome videos that people actually care about. Let’s get into it. So I’m here in Thailand with the one and only Mr. Levi Allen. – How’s it going? – He’s gonna drop some tips
for you as well in this video but got a guy that’s chatting with me. What we’re going through is some different things
that’s gonna really help you supercharge your YouTube career. And me and Levi have actually
put together a workshop all about this that’s
happening in December. So if you guys wanna do this kind of thing in person with us, I’ll put a link in the
description where you guys can hang out with us for a few days and really just focus on
creating awesome videos and creating videos that
get views on YouTube. Now guys, if you’re new
here, my name is Jeven Dovey. I do filmmaking tutorials. I do a lot of YouTube
training style content. So make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on those bell notifications so you don’t miss one of these videos. – Our friend from earlier was
inviting us back next year but he said maybe I should
shave and I said why? And he said, “‘Cause Thai people, “it’s polite to have shaved,” and I said well, I’m
Canadian, we’re lumberjacks. He said, “So you’re a monkey?” It’s like, not quite (laughs). – So my first tip is
create for one audience and so when you have a channel that has a bunch of different audiences, when you put out a video, you’re gonna hit
different groups of people and you’re not going to
grow your channel overall. It’s gonna really hurt you in the long run so you want to focus on one audience. Who is your target audience
when you’re creating and focus on videos for that audience versus trying to just create something across the entire spectrum and my second tip plays
right off of the first because you want to
collaborate with other creators that have similar audiences. So I’m here in Thailand with Levy and we both do filmmaking content so it’s natural for us
to do a collab together because we’re gonna have a lot
of crossover in our audiences and people that haven’t seen me before are gonna come check out
my channel and vice versa from me to his channel. – Oftentimes the audience
will be really grateful for finding out about a new creator that they’re already prepped to like but they just didn’t know existed. – There are so many creators out there so find the ones that are in your niche that have similar audiences and that’s gonna really
help you grow your channel and I’m just gonna plug
our workshop one more time because you guys should come
hang out with us in Joshua Tree as we do a filmmaking YouTube workshop. – Just trying to demystify the process of making great YouTube content. I think a lot of people just overthink it and we just want to get
an awesome group together, inspire each other and just go forward
with a better skillset. So probably my favorite tip is make stuff that people would miss
if you didn’t make it. It’s easy to get caught up in your head and trying to think how can we
make this video perform well and just get stuck in what
people are searching for but if we forget to make videos that we would actually enjoy watching, who’s to say that other people would? We take for granted the
fact that we made a video, we think that earns a right
for people’s attention, but what if we actually made stuff that they would miss if we didn’t make it? That for me has been a
really grounding tip, just through my life, when I start getting caught in the rhythms of just trying to make
videos that perform well. Just try and remember, let’s actually make stuff
that people want to watch. – Now another massive tip that’s really helped me explode my growth is that create content that
is similar to each other. So do this in the form of series or just create similar style videos that really play off of one another because what happens is
when you have one audience and when you have videos that
play well with each other, YouTube’s going to start
suggesting your content on the other videos, especially when there is
a process, a sequence. So if you have a series
and you’re sending people from video one to video two
to video three to video four, YouTube is now going to start
automatically other audiences, similar audiences, Levy’s
audiences, into video one because they see that trajectory and they know that it’s
building more watch time for the viewer and if you
can build more watch time through this kind of sequence, YouTube’s gonna start
suggesting your content. That’s really how you get into suggested. – A really helpful tip and
the most meaningful one for growing my channel is
make stuff that answers the questions that
people are searching for. Just make stuff that’s helpful. And we can get in our head about this and think who are we to be
the teachers on this topic and we worry for those
that are bigger than us that those are more experienced, we worry what they will think about us teaching on the
topic, but the truth is, the people that are more experienced and have larger audiences probably aren’t thinking
about you anyways, so why not share something
that can be truthfully helpful for someone who doesn’t
know as much as you do. You can always be helpful to someone. – So something that’s really helped me is this idea of moving
forward and stop tinkering. For me, I get wrapped up in my head and this happens all the time. I’ll just think through things too much and just tinker and play
with and edit for too long or just kind of focus
on an idea for too long and it really hinders you. So what you have to do is force
yourself to just go create and this also goes to your old videos so if you have a bunch of videos and you’re like, well maybe I
can make this perform better by replacing the thumbnail or
the title or the description, or I need to change this
link or I need to do that. All of that takes time and all of that is just
tinkering with your channel rather than actually creating new content that you can learn from. So yes, there is a time and place for you to potentially go back
and relook at some things but what I want you to focus on if you really want to grow
your channel and move forward is actually move forward. Create new videos and
just learn from those and keep going rather
than always thinking about what’s happened in the past
with your older videos. – I think a common misconception
about growing on YouTube is that if you could only get a shout out from a large YouTuber that
would change everything but the truth is the YouTubers that are at a similar
point in you in growth or in their trajectory or their experience of actually running a channel are probably the best
people to collaborate and do projects with because
you’re all at the same level and a rising tide is gonna raise our ships so don’t look at people that are a lot further ahead than you and go hey, they can just bless my channel and it would all be
easy from that point on. Think rather, how could
you collaborate with others that are actually very similar
to you and at a similar place and you’ll be surprised where you all get five years from now. – And with that, if were to get a shoutout from a massive creator, it might actually hurt you in the long run because what happens is you’re
gonna get this huge wave of audience, potentially. It doesn’t always happen like that, but you might get a big
wave of people coming over but those people don’t care about you. They care about that big creator so if your audiences aren’t similar, if your content you’re
creating is not similar, then all those people are
just going to not watch your content and it’s
going to hurt your channel. So go back to what I was
originally saying at the beginning. Work with creators that
have similar audiences and finding natural partnership. Don’t just try to get a shoutout or don’t just try to boost yourself. It doesn’t work like that. – Sub for sub is a bad idea. – Yeah, no sub for sub. Stop doing that in the comments. A huge thing that plagues creators is creating because they have
to not because they want to. If you’re just focused
on spiking your growth, then it’s going to hit you on
a completely different level and you’re gonna not enjoy the
process of creating anymore so if you start getting sponsorships, you start getting free products and all you’re doing is all these products that you don’t actually care about, eventually you’re gonna stop creating ’cause you’re over it, you’re just done and so you have to play this balance of do things that you’re passionate about and don’t get wrapped up in
all the numbers all the time, ’cause you know what? Your audience will feel it
and when you actually care about the content that you’re creating, you’re gonna find the right audience that’s actually going to
care about that content. – Audiences love it when you
actually love what you make. They’re really perceptive
to if you’re forcing it. So just stop doing the whole acting thing and just truthfully try to
find what do you love to make ’cause if you’re gonna grow an audience, they really enjoy if you
actually love what you do. – Yeah, so passion over profit. Profit will come eventually. – Yeah. My next tip is people notice consistency, they don’t notice announcements and what I mean by that
is if you have a project that you care deeply about, don’t be shy to share about it often. Don’t be shy to ask people to share it because oftentimes we get a little upset if we have something that
we really poured our hearts into and nobody saw. We just blame it on well,
maybe it didn’t perform well, but truthfully, people won’t notice if we only talk about it once, so don’t be shy to talk about it often. So we’re pumped about
this workshop in December, so come join us. It’s gonna be an incredible time. – Something that’s really big is to just be yourself on camera. When you try to put on this persona or when you try to be someone else, your audience is gonna feel it and it really comes down to an audience wants to connect with you and if you are just being who you are and putting yourself out there, I mean yes, you have to bump up your excitement a little bit. You have to put a little
bit more out there when you’re actually creating content to make it interesting, like if you’re just kind of
boring talking about stuff, it does get kind of boring, but be you. Have your personality because that’s really
gonna shine on camera and people are going to attach to you so connect with that person on
the other side of the camera. – The B.S. meter is
really strong on YouTube. People can tell when you’re acting. – Yeah, for sure. So guys, if you want
to see some more videos on how to grow your YouTube channel, check out the video right here and hope to see you guys in
Joshua Tree for our workshop. It’s gonna be a ton of fun.

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