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– You like pain? You like getting spanked? You get spanked? (person laughs) That was a yeah, that was a hell yeah. (Grieg’s “In the Hall
of the Mountain King.”) I’m Rayne. I go by she and her sometimes, it all depends on what
angle you catch a bitch ’cause like, if you get me from the back, when my ponytail too
low, and be like dude, and I’ll be like, yes. – I hope it’s some queer shit. I really want it to be some queer shit, like all my fingers and
toes and shit are crossed. (Rayne sighs apprehensively)
(crew laughs) – That’s not the same
as queer shit, though. (crew laughs) Come in here. I knew when I saw you
that something was up. You’re fun to look at,
I just got a glimpse. All this shit, up, hey all
that’s gonna be fun, okay. – Yeah. – Ooh, gender non-conforming
is a good one. Ooh, gender non-conforming is a good one. – Okay, so we want NB,
GNC, um, you said agender. Okay, I can kinda keep
them going in my head. First person, please come out. I don’t know who the fuck’s first. Come over here. – I’m Marquise. – I’m Rayne, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you.
– I like your fucking look. Do you fuck? – I do, I do.
– Assuming. – Yeah, uh.
(participants laughing) – I was getting the vibe. This is dumb, I did not, that didn’t give me anything. See this shit, this is the
shit that I have to go through when I have to think about this stuff, ’cause what would you
ask you if you was me? – Um, hm.
(Rayne laughs) – Exactly. I’m gonna say that you go
by they/them, nonbinary. – Mhm. – I don’t know if that’s right or not ’cause your mouth got a
lot of tension there now. (participants laugh) – Yeah, I’m a cisgender male.
– No fucking way. – Yeah.
– Get the fuck out. – You didn’t even question that I was– – How did you get past security? Damn it, go away.
(participants laugh) ‘Cause, damn it.
(frustrated exclamation) Please cometh forwardeth. – Hello, I’m Sol. – Sol?
– Yeah. – Is that your government name? – No. (laughs) – Okay, you have really
thick, pretty hair. – Thank you.
– It’s short. Why is your hair, why would I ask that? Do you fuck bitches? – Um.
(Rayne imitates buzzer) (participants laughing) – Do you have sex with people that will identify with
she and her pronouns? – Yes. – Okay, are you in a
relationship right now? – Yeah.
– What are their pronouns? – He.
– He? – Yeah.
– Ooh. You play with titties
and you like big dicks. – Well,
(participants laugh) I mean, they’re there. – I want one so bad, though, ’cause like, I wanna like
hit my thighs with it, like (imitates slapping) – They are kind of funny to just– – Just smack it like a cat. – If it helps, my kiss buddy uses they. – My kiss buddy. You fucking queer ass.
– We haven’t gotten farther. – Are you genderqueer? Can I say you’re genderqueer? We’re gonna stamp you as G and C. – Okay, okay. – And we’re gonna just go with that. – Half right. You said genderqueer. – Yeah, but what’s the rest? – So I identify as agender. – Can you define that shit? – So absence of gender. – Okay! – For me, gender is kinda like a coat. – Real shit, you can put
that motherfucker off and on. – Yeah. – This is cool, I’m learning. Please come forth, yes! I wanna just look at you. You are really great to look at. – Thank you. – Can I see the back again? ‘Cause I got a good look
out there, but, like. Look at the booty!
(participants chuckle) (enthusiastic exclamation) So I already know you’re not cis. – You heard it here, first.
– Throw the whole thing away. (participants laugh) Queer for sure, but are you genderqueer? Or are you nonbinary? Or? – Both? – (laughing) Ooh, or are you both? Okay, we’re just gonna take a stab in the, like a throwing knife in the dark, and see what you hit and say genderqueer? Did I get you right or wrong? – You got be right as hell. – Did I?
– Yeah. – What does genderqueer mean for you? – I guess gender is just like a fake hoe who I don’t fuck with. (Rayne’s fingers snapping) So I don’t know, gender’s
that friend that says like, let’s hang out, we’re
gonna have so much fun, and then she like makes you do five shots, and you’re like, I really made
decisions that I don’t like. – She has a problem with consent, I agree. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Nice meeting you. – You, too.
(Rayne gasps) – And here you come. And out of everybody
you’re gonna be the person that’s like trans, or something,
and you look like the most, you are trans, you’re trans. Your face could go like
so many different ways. – (laughs) Okay. – But the wispies got me. – Yeah, you knew right away. – I like your wispies.
– Oh, thank you. It took me like two
years (laughs) to grow. – I was gonna say, obviously
it took you some effort, didn’t it, do you shave
to promote stimulation? – Um, does that help?
– I don’t fucking know! – I don’t shave all the time, no. – I don’t grow hair, even
my legs don’t grow hair, I really don’t know. My pussy does, and my underarms, I could braid that shit, but
otherwise, it’s like, nope. How’d we get here? It was nice meeting you. (participants laughing) – You, too. Alright.
– Thank you. (sighs) My community’s
gonna be like, this bitch. Hi!
– Hi! You ever cosplay as Ellen? – (laughs) As Ellen? (laughing) No, but I love her. – You could totally do that shit. Do you fuck bitches? – I actually don’t feel
comfortable talking about– – Aw.
– If I fuck bitches. – People, okay.
– So (laughs). – (groans) You look like
one of the Outsiders. You ever read the book Outsiders? – Mhm, yeah. – You look like one of the Outsiders. – Cool. – And all the Outsiders from
Chicago were genderqueer. – Mm. – Alright, genderqueer. – Okay.
– What are you? – I am female.
– What are you? You identify as cis? – As female, yes, mhm.
– As cis female, yes, as cis. I can tell from your kinda uppityness. – (laughs) Thanks? (laughing) – (giggling) You’re welcome,
it was nice meeting you. (crew and participants laughing) I like your eyes.
– Thank you. – Yeah, you know makeup stuff, kinda, you have to to know how
to do that blendy shit. – I dabble. – (sigh) What’s your name?
– Xya. – Xya, that’s pretty, how you spell that? – X-Y-A. (laughs) – The longest eye-roll, ever. I like gender fluid. And we’re gonna leave it
there, ’cause this is a lot. What is it?
– Gender non-conforming. I identify as gender non-conforming. – Okay, you’re GNC. – Okay!
– Yeah. – Okay, bet.
– But that’s just– – It’s a spectrum that you maybe like, either are before or
ahead of, like you know, on the, if it’s long on your thing. I don’t know, is that how that works? I don’t fucking know. – I’m just saying I don’t give a fuck. Are you gender non-conforming? – Mm, I don’t reject gender,
more so I embrace all of them. Multi-gendered is what
people have called me. Thank you for asking that.
– Yeah. – It was nice meeting
you and your eyebrows. – It was love to meet you. – Hey!
– Hi! You’re so pretty, I like your hair. – Thank you. – You got like mad trans vibes, and if you’re not trans, then like– – Uh-uh. – Don’t fucking nod your head! Did you just nod your head?
(participants laughing) You can’t do that! I am gonna stick with trans for you. – Trans female. – Yay!
– Whoop, whoop! – You’re beautiful.
– Thank you. – I’m so happy to have met you. – Thank you, I know. – (gasps) Are your boobs natural? – Yes. I know, I’m like all-natural. – (gasps) They’re beautiful. Are you gonna go bigger? – Yes. (Rayne’s fingers snapping) – I like your toes,
you got little toesies. – Oh, thanks.
– They’re so small. You have on open-toed shoes
and you have this pierced with your head tattoo, you
don’t really fit a lot of boxes. I’m gonna say that you are genderfluid. – Oh yeah? – And I definitely can see
you just like butching out, like super-butching out,
but like modern butch. – Well, I can’t fully say I’m
like genderfluid all the way. – Because it does change. – I’m neither hyper-feminine
or I don’t go like, full-on butch, like I like that. – Okay, you don’t full-on butch it? – Like I fuck around with androgyny. – I really wanna see that. – I identify more as just
nonbinary, genderqueer. – I feel you. – It’s hard enough– – You are androgynous than a motherfucker. – Thank you. – It is brilliant.
– Yeah. – It was nice meeting you.
– Nice to meet you. – That was hard! That was very fucking difficult. How the fuck, there’s no
real way to guess that, so that was really difficult. Gender is bullshit, so it’s kind of hard to create a measurement
to measure bullshit. (participants laughing)
(Xya’s fingers snapping) – True that.
– You know? (clapping) – Good.
– Was it? – Yeah. – ‘Cause I think it doesn’t
get much worse than me. (participants laughing)

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  1. "Gender is bullshit and it's kind of hard to create a measurement to measure bullshit."

    Wish I could've put this as my senior quote or something.

  2. it's hard to wrap your head around all these terms… if gender is BS why still associate with it those terms ? to me there are 2 natural physical gender, but there can be more for sure, i knew a guy that was really in his head persuaded that he was born with the wrong attributes.. and he was sad for years… and i do not see her so often now, but i know the operation change her life for the better.
    but i can understand why some ppl are like WTF is this ??

  3. Idk, I got lost at some point and caught myself watching Rayne's boobs and belly. When I was a kid, there was male and female. Did it change somehow?

  4. I love how the last person was literally like “I’m nonbinary” and half the comments are abt the “Asian girl” like how hard is it lmao

  5. There are only two genders. If you idendify as a non binary go get your head checked.Also there is no trans male or female. If you are born male and get a sex change your gender isn't trans female it's just female. Same the other way around with Female to Male get a fucking grip!

  6. These genders seems to only exists in America,since when did gender classification get to this far? mean I knew only MALE,FEMALE and AMOPRODILS but here is just WOW!

  7. “gender is just like a fake ho who i don’t fuck with”



    “Gender is bullshit”


  8. I think these kinds of lineups are a really great way to show the diversity in stuff like this (gender, disabilities, religion, etc.) and how you can never really assume and put labels on people

  9. Rayne needs her own series, she is a star 👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  10. Rayne needs her own series, she is a star 👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  11. I feel like the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” completely passed through everyone’s brain as a kid. Why can’t y’all just let people be themselves. If it bothers you so much then just turn around and walk away from the situation instead of adding on completely useless and inappropriate things and making the situation worse. Be the bigger person here. Keep your opinions to yourself if they are rude. No one likes an asshole.

  12. Wait- there’s more than male and female????

    I am so confused I am just trying to figure out lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 and sexual orientations and now people now have more than 2 genders… damn

  13. I def fuck rayne i dont know why i usally like shorter lighter skin women but she so aggressive and honest and sexual opened respect need more women like her

  14. Rayne is so sweet I love her, also is it just my or is that last person really attractive, as an androgynous person myself I just think other androgynous/gender fluid People are attractive af.

  15. Hm. It's hard these days but all I gotta say is. RESPECT THE PRONOUNSSS and if you don't know…. ASSSKKK or just say they or them until you know.

  16. Oop I haven’t watched this but ummm ALL CIS PEOPLE going from a trans guy the only actually genders are cis male trans male trans female cis female and maybeeee non binary (not scientifically proven but possible) BUT THE BIGGEST RHING IS THAT GENDER IDENTITY AND GENDER EXPRESSION ARE DIFFERENT

  17. I think that gender is mistaken with sexual preferences. As everything nowadays this is VERY touchy issue, and it causes lots of misunderstanding and problems.
    **disclaimer: Not against people doing anything within the reason (not harming other people)

  18. There seems to be some confusion. Here are their genders from left to right:
    Male, female, male, male, female, male, female, female

  19. I’ll guess their genders this shit easy, ready?

    1 – Male
    2 – Female
    3 – Male
    4 – Male
    5 – Female
    6 – Male
    7 – Female
    8 – Female

    100% 8/8

    Damn I’m so good at this

    : but fr though fuck off making up these pathetic genders – if you wanna be who you are that’s fine do what you wanna do but you can’t change science just because you feel like it – this shit is so dumb and the logic has never made sense. Just because you are a specific gender doesn’t mean you cannot do whatever it is you want. But at the end of the day you are either born with a cock or a vag making you either Male or Female. However if you are trans and want to change over that’s all good it just makes you the opposite of what you were born as. But ffs you ain’t no non binary pansexual telescope psychiatric animal are you? No. You’re either Male or Female. Grow up.

  20. I’m gonna comment my guesses before they answer…
    1. Cis gay guy (correct)
    2. Non-binary (incorrect)
    3. Genderqueer (correct)
    4. Went too quick, didn’t have time to guess😂
    5. Non-binary (incorrect)
    6. Genderqueer (incorrect)
    7. Trans woman (correct)
    8. Genderqueer (correct)

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