Guide to Shopping ads on Google: Verifying and claiming your website

I’m going to help you verify and claim
your website in your Merchant Center account. By verifying your domain you’re letting us know that
you’re an authorized owner of your website. Claiming your website
then associates the verified URL with your Merchant Center account. Skipping this step would keep
your products from showing up on Google if you’ve selected to promote your products through Shopping ads
or surfaces across Google. Now, I’ll show you how to
claim and verify your website.>From the top menu, click the “Tools” icon then select business information,
under “Tools,” and enter your URL. Click Save. Next, you’ve got several options
for completing your verification including through
Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. I’ll walk you through the recommended way but you can explore other options by visiting
the Help Center linked below the video. Click on the link to
download the verification file. You or your webmaster will
need to upload it to your website using the method that works for you including a site admin tool,
FTP, or terminal, or shell access. To make sure it worked,
click on the link shown. You should see a message that confirms you’re now able to
access and modify your page. You might notice that
your website’s still listed as unclaimed. Don’t worry.
Claiming your website is the final step. Click “Verify & Claim.” You’re the proud new owner
of a Merchant Center account with a verified website. Time to celebrate! Check out our next video to learn how to upload product
inventory into your Merchant Center account.

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