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bread bread bread bread bread bread bread bread bread bread ah wait hold on ah nice Avery what hey I don't know I just expected you perfect so we invited you over to make up for the way I treated you but to avoid hanging out with me you lied about your mother being yeah but my mom is ill or maybe she's just exhausted from all the ones she's been having today stop pretending Alan what's really going on here the reason we're here is because my mom is having a flatulent transplant today what's that the flagellum is an organ only balloons possess we each have two they regulate the air flow through our balloon knots she couldn't find a compatible donor so I decided to give her one of mine she's scared of the hospital so my dad and I wanted to give her the best day possible before her operation we took her to joyful burger because that's where she met my dad then we took her to the cinema because she used to dream of being an actress before she decided to devote her life to charity then we took it to the park because that's where she used to take me as a child hmm happier times I'm sorry I bailed on our meal Gumble but she needed me what are you doing give your host so we can wallow in our shame before you do can I ask for some help you see my dad's a surgeon and was due to perform the operation but you knocked him out when you burst through that door hey it would be really helpful hey no more my friend will perform the operation and we'll save your mother no I meant you could just go down the corridor and find another surgeon sorry Uncle Phil okay flatulum transplant any ideas try this el Mar biology balloons they're flat so I'm transplant okay oh not okay look to your left they should be grand no okay look here right nope what can you see nothing this guy's full of air let me look there just grab anything it'll probably be the flash [Applause] okay now look first flatulum found it then scrape it off your shoe and prepare for surgery forceps mayonnaise there you go what are you doing having lunch the operation was a complete success dude were you wearing a watch guys please how was my mom ask her yourself huh mom Thank You gumball for saving my mother is she talking out of her backside now nothing's ever good enough for you is it mr. perfect since when did you have a surgeon's license of a place judge away looking down from your high horse making everyone feel like

39 thoughts on “Gumball | Alan's Flatulum Transplant | Cartoon Network

  1. 0:47
    Gumball just said "You got busted"

    but now at 0:49, he said "You but gusted
    how logical!

  2. 2:41 I was expecting the burger to have a giant toothpick spinal cord to stop it from falling apart

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