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I call being a sleep quality time no offense grandpa Louie but I don't trust no people's taste in food it's herring surprise what's the surprise come on it'll be fun no offense we don't trust old people's tastes and fun either oh I even have a present for you no offense no I guess you won't want my present in of course we do here you go guys I check for being my favorite grandkids Wow thanks gumball it's a check you take it to the bank exchange it for money how much is it for $5 your thumbs in the way Oh $50 500 Oh 5,000 maybe we should go to the bank and get it cashed no let's figure out what to do with the money first are you thinking what I'm thinking I was gonna say now I feel like some sort of I mean yeah yours is better I would use the money to set up a charity it would start off small here my friend take it oh don't be shy everyone it's human contact how you doing feelin comfortable that's funny cuz a lot of people on this planet aren't in fact there's a lot of people who haven't really busy bad how does that make you feel are you proud are you still feeling good my charity would get bigger and bigger and it would be cold a coalition of really really useful people together first order of business expanding the charity so we can help as many people as possible so how much money have you raised well the TV campaign raised over three million dollars so after paying for the offices the media budget and the salaries for our advisers we're left with twelve dollars and thirty cents to spend on actual charitable leads oh sorry five dollars and twenty-nine cents Jeff bought doughnuts yes but if a charity can't take care of itself it can't take care of others I just wanted to help people exactly so we need to make even more money by diversifying into other areas such as toxic waste management we just need you to sign off on that okay I don't see a problem with toxic waste management does anyone need any help from my charity maybe just a hug hello I would use the money to make more money first I would invest in a portfolio of high-risk shares on the stock exchange first I've invested things and when they do well I mean my listen greed – morals times lack of empathy plus slicked back hair of equals Oh once I have all the money in the world all I have to do is load up snow I have to destroy it all what why to bring people together my money for you world you won't need a car to go to work because you won't need to work to pay for material things you won't need the rare suit to pretend you're someone you're not because everyone will be free to be one with nature you will need meat we'll never find we'll be incapable of hurting anything ever again it will be paradise oh yeah predators [Applause]

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  2. Yea, Anais doesn't know how society works, people go to work to make money and make something for other people, like farmers, butchers, and people in the offices make it that way, that every farmer, fireman, or butcher get money, or other complex things

  3. I love these things ever since I was 2 now I'm 18 an hehe press the like button if u like gumball but if you like Darwin reply if u like any other 1 reply there name


  5. 4:08
    The money factories can still make money, regardless. Though I think they won't get the materials to make more money.

  6. 1:30 ish
    Darwin: MAKE IT RAIN
    Darwin: laughs maybe we should take it to the bank first….

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