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Tobias where are you going dude Tobias come on people always ask me how do you look so horrible is it natural well here's my trended with active ingredients including fridge mold and ham sweat its pimple-inducing formula is guaranteed to eat commercial break come on hurt yourself what why cuz that's what people want man alright then I look cute people like to laugh at people who get hurt thank you pet alright you told that cute what you think you can do better I'll show you cute alright that's what you want cute this is stupid we got a chance to do something that matters and we're just trying to please the masses so what would you do I'll show you life people in one question to drive it why we'll look out into space for an answer but just find spheres orbiting spheres we look inside ourselves for an answer but just find spheres orbiting spheres coincidence think about it look at this peanut doesn't it look a lot like an eight and look turn it to little no what do you get infinity are we ruled by nature mathematics George – George yes colonel you have helped us defeat evil once again I can't I promised I would never raise my fists again dr. downer has captured your sister ninja Georgina all right then but first I need to training no I'm ready yes you ninja George traveled far and wide but it was full of dangers on the way he met a giant so he had to defeat I have hidden a message agony so he had to defeat it aha then he met a beautiful woman we fell in love it but he wasn't emotionally ready so we are to defeat oh sorry it's not you with me Denis arrived at the evil temple yes but you two come here to defeat you but why didn't you attack me before my training window in the next scene we need another ending I'm sorry I made you feel like the second-best ninja in the world dr. downer no ninja George this moon sorry for being such a prissy little jerk and captured your sister I think we both learned that expressing our feelings is way better than a fight to the death all right how do you reject the same it's the red button you sure I thought the red button was to her cold definitely eject all right yo man I can't wait to see this you

37 thoughts on “Gumball | Cuteness Killed The Cat | The Tape | Cartoon Network

  1. 3:59
    [Gumball gets kicked in the face]
    Me:Gumball OOOOOOOOF
    [Gumball is crying 😢]
    Darwin:No no no.You know that when cry, I cry 😢
    [Darwin cries]

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