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[ Whirring, beeping ] [ Printer chugging ] What is this place? This is cyberspace, Darwin. Better switch
to incognito mode so the cyber-police
can’t trace us. [ Keys clicking ] Who’s that? Probably a fellow hacker. We should greet him
in a friendly fashion. [ Smooches ] This is Robinson’s house. [ Beeping ] Ah! Access denied?!
How do we get in? Anais says we need
to find the back door. You gotta hand it to
Mr. Robinson — he keeps a tidy desktop. Look, he left
a window open! [ Grunting ] Almost there! Aah!
Do something! [ Laughs ] Do something useful! Oh, sorry.
[ Grunts ] Maximize the window! [ Hollow clicking ] It’s not working! Oh, hold on. [ Grunting ] [ Groans ] Sorry, buddy. I should have known that
clicking faster never works. [ Clicking ] What’s that? [ Gasps ] The firewall! Quick! We don’t have much time
before someone spots us! What do we do?! We’re gonna have to use
a Trojan horse. [ Grunting ] [ Glass shattering ] I have trouble
seeing how this will save us
from being detected. [ Gasps ]
The anti-virus! -Where?!
-There! [ Menacing beeping ] [ Zapping ] Quick, let’s hide in one
of these folders! -We won’t fit!
-We can compress our files. [ Clicking ] [ Squishing ] [ Beeping continues ] [ Distorted voice ] I think
our files got corrupted! What n-n-now? Hit control-Z! [ High-pitched voice ]
Too far! Control-Y! [ Normal voice ]
Now for Anais’ next step. We need to get Mr. Robinson
to accept cookies. [ Snoring ] Nothing’s happening. Maybe ’cause
he’s in sleep mode. Let’s try a worm. Guys, what are you doing?! Hacking Mr. Robinson,
like you said. I mean hack his computer,
not his face. What exactly have you been doing
this whole time? How do you do, good sir? [ Smooching ] [ Whacking ] [ Shatters ] -The anti-virus!
-Meh. [ Sprays, grunts ] Yeah, well, you should have been
more specific. Let me in.

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  2. 2:20 – 2:22 Gumball could have kissed Penny's butt instead of Mr. builder, and after that, Gumball would have deserved a slap by Penny. That would have liked more on that part.

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