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guys guys happy eating day Master I'm sorry master is kind of heart by evil stuff online without taking a box saying I was 18 so we had to move easy oh you think this is a game you think of because you helped me find myself I'm no longer your enemy you think we're friends I'm doctor reckon you will be rectified what's that mean doesn't really make sense I'm not a hundred percent on the catchphrase yet but this is what I do to your friendship mark my words I will destroy you when everyone you love who'd have thought in creating a monster we'd create a monster Oh our little friend has come back to play I'm afraid it has become a little more serious than that I said in process a series of events so magnificent in their conception that it will destroy that it will wreck the whole of hell more and everyone in it but mostly you and where better to wreak maximum damage than the elmore damn I knew if I wrecked the control room the whole flood a door like this would present a problem to a mere mortal but not to dr. wrecker and his wrecking ball wait you hired a wrecking ball you bet just stylish entrance check global threat check you some proof cuts race you just got rekt check the final category is getting away in style well alright whilst going to escape by bus then I realized it's Sunday and the buses stopped early on a Sunday so you need our help yes did I mention the whole town is about to be ragged because who cares about chalk okay it was more than turkey you wrecked my feelings young man it's one thing being a nemesis it's another thing entirely being a bully Oh for the love of I'm sorry are you kidding thanks guys you know the pictures when I run tricks it minions okay okay there's a big blue a red and yellow wire okay I have no credentials or diploma it would be criminally stupid er listen to me oh yeah there's only 30 seconds left I mean 29 I mean 28 I mean 27 I mean 26 I mean we don't have time to know 20 seconds 17 4030 I'm sorry guys I really don't feel like touching live electrical wires with my bare hands I'm really really really hates you now I was expecting something more visually interesting el morado damage repair center does helm or even have a dam no well this is all good should we just leave yes man there will be other opportunities to destroy us you will probably leave us to hang here until our heads explode as he does his trademark evil laugh you just got rekt good job buddy now do you mind getting us down [Laughter]

32 thoughts on “Gumball | Elmore Gets Wrecked | Cartoon Network

  1. Since when was it never wrecked? (I meant about the people and how they take care of Elmore) and I love it that way!

  2. rectified, verb: to put something right or correct; to purify or refine.

    Rob literally said that he'd help Gumball and Darwin become better people wow 😂smooth

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