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this is such a knockoff even the country was made in as a knockoff did you buy it from the back of that van yeah the awesome store what's the problem everything we have is a knockoff our TV it's a sharpie only two letters different but that never stopped you from watching it your superhero bad man he's a knockoff – but you love is morally dubious adventures even our doctor only has a doctorate in fine art but he did a great job on by a pendeks car okay thongs what that's knockoff for thanks that's the spirit inverted paradox the enemy within J RPG titles never make sense they're just random words thrown together fashion equivalent would be wearing a Hawaiian shirt ski boots at the top hat yeah actually that does explain how the characters don't really look dad G consoles not working go to bathroom attic bedroom dude what is going on new you are sorry I forgot your name please enter name huh I've trapped us inside a video game please my butt tell me what is going on curse has been unleashed upon our town by my butt you mean the gates of doom were opened by my books fabric of the universe was ripped apart by my button my button has made quite a mess surely this is gonna get all that summable here's some healing ointment to help but we play we're apparently too stupid to walk on the line my butt is an ass it is ineffective my butt neither the song is ineffective right but just use common sense and walk around it my match is sarcasm in an ineffective I'm pretty sure I can handle a few my bucks for edible damaged leaf monster would be susceptible to fire attack yes I think most things are susceptible to fire attacks [Applause] some fertilizer and use the fertilizer I just bought okay okay we got it we got it the Austin stores the villain we could have just walked away but no maybe we should run what are we doing a mr. Robinson's getting loot I think you mean looting it and these Posse must be for me no I'm pretty sure the mailman hid them there so people like you wouldn't steal them now that's how it works in RPGs whatever you find you take we need took that VHS player right now it just feels like you're ransacking an old man's house I'm sure mr. Robinson doesn't mind welcome to my home please take whatever you need for your quest I'm gonna go sleep in his bed now what's with this new outfit someone explain why this gigantic sword has a trigger yeah well you did reject the alternative outfit yeah I don't think that was age-appropriate but those love their platform boots would have given you plus my vision how well they make you taller don't they that actually makes sense I can't fight my girlfriend okay Oh thanks for saving me the cellphone I bought from the awesome sure took possession of me here take it it will help you battle – a plier you may now summon friends in battle thanks Benny sorry about the whole despair in you with a VHS player thing person just a screwed

25 thoughts on “Gumball | Elmore Paradox | The Console | Cartoon Network

  1. As an RPG fan, I'm enjoying this so much I'm laughing MY BUTT off yet again. I think I should start watching this show.

  2. “I don’t think that was age appropriate”

    I know exactly what that outfit looks like…

  3. Mybutt received critical damage

    XD LIKE kicking the butt XD but ow that would hurt the other day it was in the front

  4. Ok the other day I went to THE AWESOME STORE and I got a new pc from THE AWESOME STORE after THE AWESOME STORE I went to Starbucks at THE AWESOME STORE

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