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I don't see what's so wrong with having a secret double life yeah well only because it's not secret anymore so I was technically correct nothing wrong with having a secret double life dad this whole thing is based on life if that's not right I understand I've deceived the people I love I'm gonna go end it with the other girls then I'll take all of Samantha stuff down to the junkyard in Berlin and a big bonfire or maybe just tell her mine texture or something no I need to make sure I can never go back yep burner all their stuff in the dump that'll do it I'm sure gonna miss this pretty pace but neat stop bowing out with grace do you realize what this means the same person so we'd better stop him before he ruins his beautiful friendship with those sassy girls mmm Maria this cheesecake is so good I want to marry and have it's cupcakes anyways we have a story for Minnesota does it involve a woman marrying a cake no I'm afraid it was at a time when society wasn't as tolerant as it is now people were only allowed to marry a potato from a different farm and we just skip the nonsense part and get to the end please oh sure the end he dumped you first limo woman no he dumped you for a younger woman no he dumped you for a potato from a different farm what no it's about my new boyfriend he doesn't really exist and the rest of the forfeit and his mom I've been deceiving y'all but I have decided to break the circle of Laz my real name isn't some wait so your name's not Samantha that's all no there's more yeah you're bald I'll give you one more clue you're ugly okay one more clue you're in nature he's a man violet well I guess the clue is in the name Samantha also guess what you get if you switch the letters of her name around that's a man I'm sorry but why would you lie to us I was a bored house husband I did try and make something hey bro did you choose that box again last night with the guy who did a touchdown in the hoop with his best busted hey buck can you pass me that nut spitter flex but I guess I'm just not that great at being a man that I saw you guys you were so free and loving you were just being yourselves what I had to do it's not my fault if society doesn't approve of men being friends with mature women literally no one has a problem with that ah well in that case I did what I didn't have to do well Richard there's something you should know wait it's okay boys the cats out of the bag yeah or her more like the large pink naked rabbit is out of his pants but before I go I would just like to say one last thing thank you for being a friend no please wait you're not the only one who died we all felt the same way yes I guess not well this is awkward so I guess we'll just have to go back to being sad lonely old men but why don't you just carry on hanging out his dice unless we keep dressing up and just pretend none of this ever happened or you could just be friends well if it's a choice between continuing to dress up his own lady it isn't we stop spending time together it isn't about settlement we have no option but to ignore the fact we're all actually men no you don't we all have to make sacrifices no you don't somehow whatever floats your boat

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  1. Thank you for being a friend,
    Travel down the road and back again,
    Your heart is true, your a pale and I’m coming on,
    If you want to threw a party, anyone new
    You would see, thank you for being a friend.

    Sorry I forgot the rest of the song.

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