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what else could we give away you've not seen them yet but no see what no cuz we're too old to play with toys and dolls I never goes out of date playing with dolls means you'll never go out on a date come on man time to grow up you're right I need to learn to let things go that's it trust me you'll thank me when your teenage years kick in I know morning breath can be quite bad when you've been asleep in the shoe box for seven years perfectly good reason to leave us in there an endless darkness with only dust mites for food and our love for him to keep us warm Rockets that was the weight of guilt howdy I'm sorry we ditched you guys the Christmas we got a friend's game console that's okay we still love you and you'll never put us back in the box love you I promise I promise and you'll never take us off your heads again right I promise sorry but you did make me promise Oh where have you been on my life sitting here wondering what went wrong with mine while eating cheese well one ticket to kiss town please the school bus is a total write-off I guess that's what happens when you put a 15-ton vehicle in the limp little hands of a ventriloquist dummy Big Talk for someone so short you can see his feet on his yearbook photo what's your problem man and what's with the voice my problem is that your butt is twice as wide as your shoulders but her brain is half the size of your head Oh anything else no I can try and insult her face panting nature's already done enough damage at least I solve the problem how to eat without your hands oh my goodness papa Shh keep it down or gumbo here you know then who were you just talking to nobody I knew it guys you don't even have lungs oh yeah Darwin we've been over this you cover yourself up first oh yeah sorry Garvin just pop it star one you know who talks through puppets crazy people and people who want to make a living as a ventriloquist so yeah crazy people basically come on we need you to who's gonna play with Grady you know just take them off wait what are we doing heroin thank you you're supposed to fall over you used up all the water Norwin I said grow up I didn't mean go straight to the part where you're in a retirement home screaming at chairs inviting the nurses back is your soul in here oh dude they are not the ones who need help Frank you okay you don't know quite yourself baby there's so few digested properly okay

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