Gutfeld on the media’s prison of two ideas

100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on the media’s prison of two ideas

  1. This just shows how stupid the democrats are to put 25 million dollar to the Kennedy arts center instead of the hospital and the people of this country

  2. I love how the five will always blame other media outlets but never acknowledge they have one on there show time to be honest

  3. When people are so power hungry that they're willing to say or do anything to get it, then they lose touch with reality, people, or common sense. Right now the Liberal media looks like a series of fairy tales or Dr. Seuss.

  4. Gutfeld is a moron. He says people crave certainty that's why they want a date when this will end yet that date might not be certain. Ok makes sense.

  5. This idiot is stuck in his desperate need to support the worst president ever . Why? Money? Intelligence deficit? Who knows why people like these exist, they are human rubbish.

  6. I listen to Juan, if we skip Juan we're the same as the libs, we gotta listen and understand, doesn't mean we have to agree.

  7. i want to get you back to work juan, that dude is so hateful. i though the news was for information that white guy that looks like he touches liitle boys always seems to start a convo in a way where you have to agree or get ridicule on screen lmao this new show is trash.

  8. Did anyone else notice everyone's eyes rolling whenever Juan opens his yap? Are they coddling this old jackass and his dementia?

  9. What nonsense. We as a society make these kinds of decisions every minute of every day. We decide to allow cars, even though 30,0000 a year are killed by them.

  10. Greg, this is due to liberals' disease of Fautism, a portmanteau of Fake and Autism. You get to respond to the words and ideas of others without regard to irony, sarcasm, context or plain meaning.

  11. Child molester Juan Williams-Mustache Man has a new word for the day, DISCONNECT, What the F..k? Who else will use that word today?

  12. Permission to make an analogy that chick Dana is a Airhead and I do not understand how she keeps a job with Fox News

  13. Since the Radicalized Left want to keep the country shut down, maybe it's time to tell the "union cartels" that the American taxpayer can only afford to pay half your pension. Put 'em on half rations , (50%reduction) that'll shut 'em up.

  14. Maybe he should have made it conditional. "If you follow the instructions to self quarantine and self isolate socially we'll be back on track by Easter".

  15. Off topic but if you are a supposedly Republican and your children are Democrats, you are no Republican and you are a failure as a parent.

  16. I have given this a lot of thought. I am a Grandpa, my wife is a Grandmother. I am 68, my wonderful wife is 72. Mom is still kicking strong at 94. If the doctor said that he would not treat my wife of over 50 years, well I am not sure exactly what I would do, however I do still carry my old M1911A1 pistol, and that doctor my well be introduced to that firearm. I say this with love, a love that has been there since 1969 when I first met the cutest little girl to ever walk the face of this earth, and married her six months later. I would do anything to protect her life, and the same with mom, hell she is a wonderful woman, and while she is now in a nursing home, it does not dwindle my love for her either. We live because of our families and those we love. No virus will stop that.

  17. the leftists media and the democrats will spin it in their own lies to make Trump look bad but, we see the truth and we are not dumb like the left think we are

  18. Since the Kennedy Center is getting $25 million, give 1 free ticket for every tax payer that wants to go when it reopens. We should all get a chance to enjoy the arts and culture we're paying for.

  19. The problem is the Democrats no matter what Trump says no matter what Trump does no matter what he accomplishes. They will only show his failures they will disagree with whatever he says. If Trump said an apple a day would keep the doctor away they would take that to the extreme and Beyond. They would say oh he's promoting apples as a cure-all. There is no pleasing the Democrat politicians. They say Trump is money hungry which is the pot calling the kettle black. The Democrats were the ones who pushed for America to be so dependent on China. Encourage businesses and factories to move to China. They are the reason America does not have any factories businesses or scientific studies hear that have created medicines here in America. We have to be dependent on other countries because the Democrats are money hungry bastards. Trump wanted to close the borders and to stop incoming Travelers they called him racist. Then turn around and cry and whine after America is hit with covid-19 and say Trump did not stop incoming travel soon enough. Trump wanted to encourage American economy and wanted more businesses based here in America and more product made here in America they called and more product made here in America. They called him racist now look at what's happening we have China and other countries threatening to cut off our medical supplies.

  20. Smart people need scientific reasoning , and facts not hopeful rederect. The economy will be hurt more by going back too early

  21. If the arts left the world someone would have to tell me, what a waste of money.
    25 million could feed and clothe a huge number of people.

  22. Dr Fauchi is a GLOBALIST TRAITOR! His best friends are Bill gates genocidle vaccine freak and Hillary Clinton! Dr Shiva reveals all at the next news network!

  23. These fools have NO CLUE what it’s like for us living paycheck to paycheck. Not paying bills that are mounting because you may have an emergency expense in this mess, then do suddenly lose income altogether. Living for weeks off the last paycheck and PRAYING it holds out until some kind of stimulus comes through. To have a pregnant daughter who also can’t work, but is due before all this clears up, couldn’t have her shower and needs diapers. No. Clue. I NEED TO WORK FFS!

  24. Watching the rational 4 intellectually gangbang Juan is the best part of the show. Don't mean to rub it in, JUAN!

  25. Juan starts out great; trust the doctors. Then he loses it; the Pres is trusting the doctors and his entire committee. Maybe he forgot that Ben Carsen is a neurologist, that is a serious doctor.

  26. [email protected]…no deadline…no checkpoint…. people wont push nor aim for …lol demonrats…Good CEO will push pressure on staff all the time to get thing moving….project management 101..

  27. Biggest dumbest Democrat sold out USA to China for long time ago
    They don’t know what they are doing and thinking
    Vote out of these rats

  28. I think people forget that not only trump but most of the politicians are in the high risk group for the virus, so they should be working quickly and then get the hell away from one another. Or like me who kind of hopes that the virus will take out the politicians that suck, then please keep dragging your feet and bitching about the handling, timelines provided etc.

  29. Working man needs evil, corrupt people like Pelosi in Prison! She tried to sneak in slush funds to keep her pockets and her cronies pockets full of hard working Americans money. The blood, sweat and tears of hard working Americans. Stand up!!! Americans and STOP voting these evil, corrupt monsters into office. WWG1WGA!!! WE ARE Q!

  30. Fredo and the rest of them have always been TOTALLY clueless,–leftist mind-controlled shills that they are.

  31. Courage ~The ability to do something that frightens one. Clarity by Jisun 
    To be honest, with this COVID-19 pandemic. It will affect everyone in different ways. It will affect us emotionally, physically, financially, and psychologically in days to come. 
    Many of you might ask, where do we go from here? How will I live with this virus around me? When is this is going to end? Some might even live in a fear of getting the virus, helpless and hopeless when thinking about the future around this virus. 
    If you feel this way, just understand that you are not the only one having these feelings and emotions at this time. 
    Some people are afraid to express how they truly feel. Then someone people like to hide reality so they don't have to face the truth. Some might like to distract themselves out of worries by reacting in indifferent manners. 
    But, reality doesn't go away, we must face reality face to face. 
    We can say that this virus is out of control but when you look at the situation… you are in control. It is how we respond, that is going to help us to move forward. 
    Instead of fear, we find the courage to face the fear but move forward toward tomorrow. 
    To do this we must be proactive in our actions. We must learn and educate everything about his virus. When we educate ourselves and understand better about this virus we know-how to live with it around us. 
    The fact is that this virus-like other virus, will not go away in the future. Are we going to stay inside of our homes forever? 
    No, I don't think anyone wants this. Then we must find the courage to think and empower ourselves to find ways to live with it around us. Proactive and synergize is the key to moving forward.
    It won't be easy, but this might make some changes in our lives. We might have to become more creative and innovative and make some sacrifices in everyone's daily lives. 
    We need a new way of thinking, a new way of organizing and a new way of doing things. Some might have to change jobs or careers according to how they feel and confident about living with this virus. But knowing that you can be proactive and not in fear but take courage and charge of your mind and your response to this virus will bring you to better and peaceful living. 
    In reality, the time is coming for us to have to face it without fear to move forward. But with some courage in us … we can overcome and once again find our way to live the way we always did in the past.  
    So take courage knowing that you are more than your circumstances and you are an overcomer. 
    Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision. Winston Churchhill <3
    May you be blessed always and others be blessed by you.<3

  32. It is disgusting, placing fluff in an emergency bill to help people survive this virus. Money for the arts should come from the elitist that believe it should be funded they have the money, not from the poor that struggle to survive and never from an emergency bill. I am sick and tired of this BS about supporting the arts, especially when we have military families on food stamps. As to regular artist they can do what all the other artist do that aren't supported by the government get on the internet and sell their art. Millions of Americans do it every day. As to those impacted by the virus, guess what the bill covers them already as individuals, small business and even the big business ones are covered in this bill.

  33. Even Satan himself must be watching Fox news and thinking they've gone too far dividing America and spreading hateful misinformation

  34. Williams is obviously insane… get him some mental health help… and take him off the air. Have mercy on him and your viewers!

  35. Pelosi and Democrats will face China virus soon. BEST wishes to Pelosi and Democrats meet CORONAVIRUS. IN GOD WE TRUST. GOD WILL PUNISH YOU ALL DEMOCRATS

  36. Solution, young healthy people work, older or people and those with bad immune systems don’t. We shouldn’t all go down with the ship, just because some people don’t know how to swim 🚢

  37. fredo dumbo is great for dramatic humor. In speaking with many people around the country, I have observed that anti-Trump, anti-American, follow the fake news types, refuse to do pragmatic research. They simply blindly follow what they are told. The GOOD NEWS IS, MORE and MORE previous dems are converting to conservatives, due to exposed lies by their prior party. AMERICA IS WAKING UP.

  38. Sue trump and Hannity for fake information causing the covid19 pandemic to get so bad due to misinformation and incompetence. Sue fox news!!!

  39. Oh my goodness. All these folks who have no problem with the slaughter of 62 million babies suddenly care about human life??????? Please. Spare me.

  40. No let’s let the economy collapse because that’s not detrimental and has national security implications. Liberals get their money from taxes, you don’t get taxes unless private companies go to work. I swear liberals really do think money grows on trees.

  41. These Corrupted polatictions are INSANE, they are going to ruin this Country. They will be punished in 2020 after the Election.

  42. Thanks Fox for being real. I've been following the press briefings and I honestly don't know where the rest of the mainstream media gets their info… They have to be lying because it's all so ludacris. But yall keep it real. ❤️

  43. I never once heard POTUS disregard any precautions, nor take the cv lightly. Last week the Left was saying he was a panic/fear monger. The mono-focus on negativity has got to STOP!

  44. MSM as if we don’t get enough leftist nonsense now our more conservative facts and views coming from Fox are slowly turning out more leftists commentators to torture their listeners. I change the Chanel to OAN.

  45. Dr Faucci needs to get the hell out if the way! You're laying in the hospitol on a ventilator gasping for every breathe, and Fing Faucci steps up and asks if you won't to be in a control group and given placebo instead of medicine. To hell with that! Did it work in anyone else? Then bring it on!

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