Halo Reach PC LEAKED + AWESOME NEWS for Halo 3 pc

today we got a ton of halo mcc news you're not gonna want to miss but first look at that three four three updated their Twitter with a front view of Master Chief's helmet from Halo Infinite which is pretty damn cool so great news the private insider fighting program for Halo Reach PC has been live as of Friday which means that we are that much closer to having Halo Reach release on PC and Steam however already has it been leaked and the legally distributed online postings reported this on Twitter and Waypoint that if you download and play this illegal copy they'll have the right to ban all of your accounts and remove you from the program so honestly I'm a little bit confused how it was shared online because you would think that the files would be like encrypted in a special way so I'm not quite sure how that works but yeah if you see it you should probably report it and certainly not play it not yet three four three also released 18 minutes of Halo h4k gameplay which I've left a link down below right here in this video I'm playing back 1080p PC Halo Reach gameplay if you were wondering in addition to the blowout of all the mcc news recently it's confirmed that forge and theater are not coming to Halo Reach PC at lunch basically it's an extremely complex process to bring those features over and it's very time consuming to bring these things out and without having to read all the paragraphs about the reasoning on the MCC Waypoint dev post basically they want it to be a first-class PC experience that truly feels right and of course that requires extra time thus Forge and theater will launch after release we're not quite sure how long probably a few months but when it does release it will probably be very polished will work very well with the keyboard and USB controllers but today's highlight the most exciting thing we're gonna talk about in this video in my opinion I think is three for three's plan to bring original Halo 3 halo reach in Halo 4 forge maps into the Master Chief collection on Xbox and PC so 3 for 3 explains this in detail that they are doing a one-time copy of the maps and game types uploaded onto your file share and then be placed to mcc now this copy will occur for every xbox live account with maps and modes on their file share but it's really important to mention that content saved locally will not be transferred so basically if you have a really good map a really fun map that you made back in the day on your 360 or even the backwards compatibility on your Halo 3 or Halo Reach on your xbox one you can transfer those maps over onto MCC so essentially you need to upload that stuff to your file share in the near future another important but very exciting aspect to all this is that these legacy maps and game types will work both on the Xbox one and PC version of MCC that means again if you have a really cool map on your 360 you will soon be able to play it on the MCC version of your PC or Xbox one however due to the complex nature of this process they're doing this upon two separate days so one day they're gonna transfer and port the maps and then another day they're going to do the game types so three or four three or just us to start doing it right now and plus I mean it's better to do it right now anyway because we might forget they might announce the next week and you might kind of forget about this whole thing by then so you should probably do it in the near future and to do this all you got to do is simply load up your 360 or the Xbox backwards-compatibility versions on Halo 3 or reach or whatever and grab the files and upload them as you normally would onto your file share so no release has been confirmed as of yet when this is actually going to happen and of course I'm gonna cover it when it does happen the migration date is uncertain but they do say keep your files uploaded for at least 24 hours during the migration period because it's not just gonna happen instantaneously it's gonna be like a process so you want to make sure your files stay up for a while also screenshots films and film clips unfortunately are not transferable they don't know how to do that it seems way too complex so we're probably never going to get those same screenshots or film or film clips but at least the maps and game types are coming back so I'll update you guys more about this topic when migration day is announced so all this I'm really looking forward to and by the it's kind of crazy at 3:04 three's doing this I think many of us just kind of gave up hope that those maps would ever be recovered and updated and thrown on to current consoles and versions so thank you three for three this is magnificent this is I mean I can't see any other studio doing also three four three mentioned the legendary helmet known as the Bob or grd helmet that was meant to originally drop back in 2010 2011 with the Defiant DLC map pack on Halo Reach however that never came to fruition due to time limitations way back when I mean three for three was just getting started on Halo however three for three said regarding this we are currently investigating it but cannot commit to it being in the game at this time so I think what that says as I've said with other things is that they're just not prepared to announce it and confirm that it's in the game however if there is enough demand for it then they will most likely finally bring it in and that would be really really cool because I feel like that's just a part of the reach experience we never got that at least I always want it it's basically recon for reach right anyways I hope you guys are all doing well like this video up if you found it helpful and subscribe to stay tuned for much much more halo news in the coming future there's actually quite a lot of details I skimmed over since they're really technical and probably not interesting to most of you so I've left a link down in the Deaf post in the description below but sorry by the way for the lack of videos I should be back up to full speed this month and also right now I can't have halo music in my videos because there was some copyright drama that happened last month that I talked about my last video but yeah I'm just looking for music right now to put my videos so sorry if it's a little bit dry thank you guys again for watching and I'll see you in my next video very soon peace

38 thoughts on “Halo Reach PC LEAKED + AWESOME NEWS for Halo 3 pc

  1. It literally feels like I am watching this video in 2010… Legit this feels so old school im fucking excited and have this butterfly feelin that I only got when I was 9ish and that was 8 years ago dude.

  2. Am I the only one who kinda wants master chiefs armor to look a bit more roughed up and a darker shade of green? It just looks a little bit like plastic.

  3. Just like that if noble 6 survived can you make a video about where is he and if he gonna be on halo infinite

  4. I wish we can go back to the old days… When Halo 3 and Reach were in their golden age and we were all excited for Halo 4. COD and Halo in the news would be like "it is violent and it makes people kill" and we will all laugh because in reality, it wasn't the shooting even the campaign and even multiplayer wasn't to kill the other guy. (Ex, capture the flag, griftball.) Now I want to stay away from the media because I don't want to get hate. "Everyone is like Minecraft is godly and Fortnite is trash." While they keep playing Fortnite and only played Minecraft once… I hope our childhoods are coming back with the releases of Modern Warfare, Halo Infinite, Gear of Wars 5.

  5. I found out if in a Halo 3 campaign if you play Spotify and you play a mission if you stop the music the Halo music is gone can you make a video about it.

  6. I have a really good idea for halo infinite! You know that halo reach cutscene that was on the end of halo reach. Wwwweeeelllll, what if on halo infinite had that same cutscene in halo reach, and what ever your multiplayer player spartan is is the helmet that appears in the cutscene. It would be the perfect ending, and it would give that cutscene in halo reach meaning that shows the future!

  7. Unpopular opinion: I much preferred the halo 4/ 5 armour, it seemed more detailed and slick a bit like the reach armour whereas the halo 1/2/3 armour seems more plain and chunky.

  8. I like all halo games either way maybe cause im not a bitch and complain like a fucking loser at everything adapt to any game and have fun also stop bitching 😀

  9. For those looking on the best way to find Legacy Maps and Game Types and How to copy them over to your fileshare, now that Halo.bungie.net can't do that anymore. Here is how you can do it. Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI9H8LIusnw

  10. How is transfering complex map designs easier to do compared to copy and pasting videos and pictures? That makes no sense.

  11. Are we not gonna appreciate the fact that they’re allowing us to color custom the default reach knee pads now?

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