everybody we're making a sign where it's $50,000 to get into lightning gosh Sarah gold dresses and start our tensity no professor banner seizing us there dollar genomes same boss man – $25 Benson how he said to me by behind I'm so down about our start all right I got some bigger our races under while 3:22 bonus 4:22 do a couple of backup spins will play that's our last minute so $483 city gave it a shot thank you guys for watching you everybody if we're going to try a little 88 fortunes there your progressives the thousand dollar ticket M will compete 80 bucks you're gonna go over the five frames literally nothing pretty bad we will do a few more spencey we're gonna make up bonus I don't think we've ever had a bonus that big zero twenty-four dollars zero the big energy sucks exhale 3194 minor so that bonus page 178 94 will play down to be a thousand that we initially put in the machine and we'll move on all right appreciate you guys watching and even stuffin please if you're new to our channel consider subscribing thanks again you everybody phlegon son who spent thousand dollars into lightning cash does hear progressions dollar genome $50 is the minimum bet 50k lines let's go started we knew this game looking for three of those yellow suitcases or six of the poker chips Niner this level is 5,000 Oh first this came to ask for that ham fan 1557 genome just to 320i our spoons to end up taking session on this machine any day all right appreciate you guys watching if you're new to our channel please consider subscribing and thank you guys for all your support


  1. Wow, that bonus on 88 fortunes. It’s the first time I have seen that. A bonus paying a big fat 0. I won’t be playing that slot, il think I’ll stick to lock it links.

  2. Congrats on the handpay MG! I just noticed the picture quality on your phone is just amazing (especially on the Sahara)! Stay lucky!

  3. It's sickening when you have a non paying bonus,however,it happens from time to time. Final bonus was lovely….Thanks for posting….Sunny here in Scotland,rare occasion, climbing a mountain today…Have a great continued weekend!

  4. Great run on Lightning Link! Good thing lightning link made up for 88 fortunes “bonus”! Fun video!

  5. I liked the three session runs and wins although would like to see a handpay on the 88 Fortunes Reel. continued luck and have a great weekend!

  6. Very nice sessions! Nice handpay! Congrats . Really like the High Stakes lightning Link machine! They can be tuff just like some of the other machines! But they are fun though. Tyvm for sharing your awesome videos! Hope you and Gretchen have a beautiful night and a beautiful Sunday!❤️🌅🌸

  7. Nicely done Mark! That bonus on Sahara where you got the 15 free games is such a bummer. I've had a few of those in my day 🙂

  8. I can't believe that maxed out major has not dropped for you yet. Love two videos a day. Thank you!

  9. Way to finish strong, MG!
    I was so inspired by your video sessions I drove to Jamal Casino today, inserted a 100.00 bill into a progressive slot machine (fui…something? 😊) 1 cent denom @ 1.75 & hit the major jp after spending 30 bucks. 1,565.00! Oh, wow… I was so happy! 😂 After my handpay, I rushed to my car & drove straight to my bank! Lol… What a great Saturday! 😂😂😂
    Enjoy your werkend, MG & as always… thank you for sharing!

  10. Thanks as always for sharing. I like the old 88 Fortunes better, but the multipliers can make it interesting. You were lucky to get a chance at a second bonus. I try to limit my sessions in that game to be maybe $200-$400 if max betting. It is fun if you try the high limit ones though 🙂
    I just came back from Caesars AC for a one nighter and was playing around with one of my $500 sessions on Dragon Links and with $1 denom and $10, $15, $25 spins and hit a $1250 ball in Happy & Prosperous. my biggest one to date. … oh.. and I hit a $40 spin bonus on the $2 denom on Spring Festival Dragon Links…I was DROOLING… to get a total bonus of $160…Really?? Haha
    But that's slots.

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