Hatchie Talks Opening for Kylie Minogue, Mosh Pits, New Music

keepsake is the debut album from hatchie
who joins us here in San Francisco welcome back thank you so much
you are definitely taking advantage of all that Levi’s competition money uh-huh
yeah this is your third trip here or something like that oh this is our third
trip to San Francisco this is like a sixth trip to the US and the last 18
months two years crazy yeah it’s pretty crazy
just to give some context for someone watching this it’s like $25,000 for
which they offer as a prize prize money food musical competition that way he won
and so forth and yeah you you got it as well and and I remember reading the
quote yes this will pay for that trip to North America Europe and and so forth so
you’re quite good with your money I guess oh yeah I guess as good as I can –
yeah Congrats on this year you blinking like
I said here so many times and the beginning of the year you open for Death
Cab mm-hmm and then open for Kylie Minogue your childhood hero yeah when I
met her I think I’ve read it played it pretty cool I don’t know I was pretty
nervous and I wasn’t prepared to be meeting that someone just quickly was
like hey dude wanna come meet her she’s just like out backstage and I was like
okay I’m just like went off for like five minutes watching the show was
really overwhelming I definitely shed a tail I’ve been a huge pile offense since
I was really little yeah but what did you learn or was there anything that you
could grasp my nose by a very short period of time when you’re hanging out
with like that giver yeah well anything would back that from them yep served
yeah I think the main things are like I don’t know you I feel like with every
supports letter and we’ve we’ve done a lot of them you pick up something
different from each one whether it’s something really small about how you
prepare for a show or what you do while you are on stage or something kind of
like behind the scenes or something to do with professionalism or something
bigger in terms of I don’t know like the songs that we select for a slut but for
a set there’s something that you learn from every support spot so yeah I’m
always kind of like watching and learning as I go
what about Kylie because I’m she’s lit obviously just so far up there yeah
totally you could just watching a video I’m sure you could pick up something but
now you’re seeing it from yea perspective yeah I mean she’s so
professional she’s so I mean she’s been doing it for probably I guess like 30
years most reducing eighties so yeah she’s like really the top end of the the
kind of acts that we’ve we’ve supported in terms of how huge the show is and how
much work goes into it how many people are working behind the scenes how like
strict they are with all the timings and everything in the lead-up to the show
and how serious everyone takes it and I think that’s that was definitely I
remember where I kind of felt like I maybe should be taking certain things a
bit more seriously yeah I don’t know it’s hard to put into words it’s really
interesting how your trajectory has this path has taken you because you did grow
up kind of influenced by the pop realm and then as you got older it got
introduced to My Bloody Valentine and the more indie and the rock side of
things yeah and I just mentioned Death Cab on one side Kylie on the other yeah
and the same month right yeah and you don’t really associate those two
together yeah but your music definitely blends it makes sense yeah we’ll hear
that do you think that that’s a trajectory that you continue to do or
you kind of done with that in I mean I definitely hope that I continue to blend
different sounds from different ends of this spectrum I guess I think ultimately
I’m still probably a dream pop artist but something that I have had in mind is
– yeah like balance pop with shoegaze with indie with whatever else and kind
of bring in new elements as I make more music and it’s something that I want to
continue to do to kind of open up my sound and not just like stick to one
corner I know you made a New Year’s resolution so to speak yeah to try
different things push yourself did you do that this year
yeah I think I definitely did it was more with like small things like in my
daily life I guess was saying yes to more things
yes to more opportunities that I would maybe be a bit too nervous to take up in
the past whether it is like something like an interview or you know meeting up
with someone that I could work with or you know working on music with someone
when I’ve only really worked on music with one other person before so yeah
it’s kind of baby steps but I’ve definitely I think I’ve definitely done
that this year I know that you’ve worked a lot with your boyfriend and so how
does he help push you or you know saying these things right now you’re saying all
right I’m gonna do this I need to push myself and so forth how has he helped
you with that process I mean he’s helped me probably the most
with that process out of everything in terms of just being like just do it if
something scares you you’d like don’t just waste time thinking about it and
then wishing that you did it just do it I think was right it was there any
example of that this year yeah I’m trying to think of a specific example
but I think it comes it more comes down to just like working on music and
sharing it with people and pushing a song to be better than it is and putting
more time into it I don’t know it’s I can’t think of a specific example but he
does that like you know every day especially when it comes to things like
videos and you know pressed photos and things like that I’m kind of like oh
that’s fine we don’t need to do that like I’m a bit no lazy but I tend to
just like pull back on whatever to call it rather than you know creating new
things and he really pushes me to create more
yeah I understand new music is already kind of circulating circulating in my
head I’ve started working on okay new things nothing that I think will see the
light of day but I definitely started kind of peeling back the layers of
everything I’ve been thinking about for the last six months because I finished
recording the album in December and it came out in July and it’s September now
so it feels like a really long time since that period
what song or group of songs are fun to play with right now Oh which one’s in
the live show like it was fun um I don’t know I really love the slower ones like
kiss the stars is probably my favorite song to perform live right now I just
feel the most leaner comfortable and relaxed with it I just I really like how
it ended up on the record I think it ended up something exactly how I wanted
it to and I feel like it’s really kind of what translated well live so it’s
probably my favorite one to perform which is funny because it’s definitely
not a fun song yeah yeah an abscessed as well I think obsessed took some time to
figure out why the first couple of times we try to did it we tried to do it
something wasn’t really working I don’t know what but now definitely getting to
a point of figuring it out and I feel like I’m noticing the crowd getting more
and more into it now that they know the songs yeah that’s the one I’m looking
forward to like yeah cuz it’s got a nice upbeat vibe to it and you know I think
when during a live setting yeah you know dancing with other people yeah when we
were in Chicago someone tried to like open up the pit during obsessed really
running back and forth and I don’t think anyone else was into it oh yeah well I
think then therefore that’s your charter for the next album oh yeah get if your
head full of slaw is it yeah our pit friendly yeah exactly I try and get
emotional well awesome to meet you you take can’t wait for the show tonight
and best of luck with everything it is a hatchie is her debut album is called
keepsake you’re watching b sides on air

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