He expected a $500 PC. We surprised him with a $3000 setup instead! #merrychristmas

the thermal take a 500 aluminum TG mid-tower features a sleek aluminum front panel and two four millimeter tempered glass panels for breathtaking views enjoy 420 and 360 rad support at the front and top respectively and breeze through installation with the dismantle of all modular design step up your case game was the a500 aluminum TG and click on the link below for more info so my mom has this friend who she's known since high school that she still keeps in contact with and I actually grew up with this woman like she's basically family to me auntie Glenna hi auntie Glen if you're watching and auntie Glenna has a 13 year old son named Brandon he's very much into gaming right now he's on console not sure exactly which one but he's really looking to get into the world of PC gaming he particularly according to his mom really wants to play games like fortnight and well fortnight I'm sure he's got other games on his list but the important thing here is that he's trying to elevate his gaming experience with a full-blown desktop PC which is pretty exciting now he has a budget of about $500 and his mom told him that I would be building him a system for $500 little does he know that I've actually got a bunch of sponsors to chip in on a 2 to $3,000 high-end gaming PC that will be surprising him with by the end of the video so that's what this is all about today so it's gonna be really exciting to see his reaction we have a seriously drool-worthy line-up of hardware for this one guys that extends beyond the tower itself because as a console gamer I don't think Brandon already has a gaming keyboard mouse headset and monitor so we're gonna be hooking him up with peripherals as well the whole enchilada every single thing he needs really to get started into the world of PC gaming we should be pretty exciting so I'm gonna call off the parts one at a time as we go about the build so you'll slowly but surely get an idea of the kind of beast we'll be assembling today or you could just look at the links in the description below but where's the fun in that don't you like surprises have you no sense of adventure to quote the great mr. clause you boring sack of toys ok so I kind of lied because we're actually revealing like half of the parts right now but that's only because we need these components for our very first steps to building this PC so for starters we have the Rison 720 700 X for our CPU eight core 16 thread processor super great for streaming gaming I don't know if brandon plans to stream but that's definitely a possibility with the CPU he wants to tap into that later down the line it's also got higher clock speeds right out of the box and better overclocking potential than its first-generation counterpart and of course with great overclocking power comes great responsibility so to cool that chip we have the NZXT kraken x 50 to 240 millimeter liquid area which is a fantastic unit as well we also have the asus rog Strix b 450f gaming motherboard from asus this thing is an absolute prize I really love the way it looks all the ACS boards are just fantastic especially from the ROG Strix line and there's a bunch of i/o here as well including multiple M 2 slots USB 3.1 gen2 and the list goes on we'll be pairing that with a 16 gig dual channel kit of g.skill trident z RGB ddr4 at 3200 speed and these fast memory frequencies will help us make the most out of our horizon processor while directly improving in-game performance so if you'll excuse me a minute I'm gonna mash all this stuff together and we'll get this build under with so the motherboard is pretty much all prepped and ready for case installation NZXT has provided their flagship H 700 I in black and blue because Brandon really loves the color blue according to his mom this thing's built like an absolute tank it's mainly steel and glass construction through and through it has a built-in smart hub that controls the RGB lighting strip that's pre-installed and it can also create dynamic fan curves on the flies it's a wonderful wonderful case amazing cable management and it comes with four fans right out of the gate powering the system we have the tried-and-true EBG a 750 watt g3 80 plus gold certified fully modular and just a beast of a unit as well in its own right our storage setup is pretty straightforward we have two drives for our operating system we have a 240 gig HyperX fury RGB two and a half inch SSD we also have a two terabyte Seagate fire CUDA which is a mechanical drive I thought I was buying a three and a half inch drive when I purchased it but apparently we got a two and a half inch drive but that's fine it's still 2 terabytes of storage nonetheless and the nice thing about these fire Cudas is that they actually have a smaller capacity of built-in NAND flash storage cause if you're loading times from games now locations so again links to all this stuff can be found down below let's carry on all right we're getting down to the wire here just a couple more steps to go we're actually gonna use some cable mod pro series mod mesh extensions for Brandon's build look through there black and blue just like his case so we're gonna get all fanatic and matchy-matchy these are really great quality cables and then to top it all off the moment that a lot of you guys have probably been waiting for the GPU we will be using this is actually a donor part my own favorite GTX 1015 this is gonna be a solid performer you know these are pretty underrated cards and honestly I am totally full of crap this is not the card we're giving him just thought I would control a little bit this is the card that we're giving him this is the asus rog Strix r-tx 2080 and it's an absolute animal the cooler on this thing is amazing it's super quiet for one those axial fans some of the quietest on the market right now also the max contact technology that Asus uses keeps thermals to a minimum you've got a dual BIOS switch and a bunch of other features that make this an all-around amazing card so it's one of the few cards right now that's actually worthy of being in today's pill on that note let's get this thing unboxed and finish this thing up all right the build is done and it looks really really good wifey sauce actually thinks this is one of her favorite bills that I've done and I kind of agree it looks great not too many complications at all with this build it was super straightforward I only hit one snag and that was the SSD our HyperX fury RGB after I loaded windows onto it it would sometimes boot into Windows just fine and other times it would say you know boot media not found I changed cables I changed SATA ports everything the only thing that worked was changing the SSD itself so I've actually swapped it out for a T force Delta RGB actually did a video on that a while back great SSD unfortunately it uses a three pin addressable RGB header not a four pin and this motherboard has no three pin a RGB headers on it so there's no LEDs it's just not lit up so that's kind of unfortunate but apart from that it's still a great SSD works just fine 240 gigs same capacity actually no this is 250 gigs so hot but that was the only real hiccup we encountered the build was super easy apart from that especially inside of the lovely H 700 I just a fantastic case to build and really we are far from done people this is not over yet because we still have all those peripherals that I mentioned earlier so let's bring them out one at a time here huge shout out to Asus for being not just the sponsor for our graphics card and motherboards but for all the peripherals that are in this video as well that also means that they all support or sync so Brandon will be able to coordinate all the LEDs on his peripherals with the lighting in his system that's pretty cool this is the asus rog Strix flair this is the same keyboard that i use at home granted it's a new model I'm not giving Brandon my old used flare what I'm saying is I like this keyboard a lot it's got genuine Cherry MX switches there's a volume scroll wheel a little customizable led badge you can update some under glow lighting and the USB pass-through a bunch of other stuff here so fantastic keyboards next up we have the ROG pugio poggio hood GUI I'm sorry I don't know how to pronounce this but it's an optical Gaming Mouse and it it looks really nice I haven't actually had a chance to try this thing out yet but I really like the shape it looks to be ambidextrous and it looks like you can actually swap out the switches for you know customized feel configurable modular magnetic side buttons it's a really nice looking Mouse not exactly short the price point is here for Brandon it's free so it doesn't matter that we have the ROG Delta get a little cramped up here this is a headset it's got a quad DAC that means it's it's got to be four times as good as a single deck headset right that's clearly what that means from what I've heard through the grapevine these are supposed to sound pretty decent yes even for a gaming headset it's also got two different pairs of swappable ear cups supposed to be really comfortable it's also got a noise cancelling boompole microphone but I have saved the best peripheral for last Brandon is getting hooked up with an asus rog swift PG 279 gaming monitor this is a 27 inch IPS 2560 by 1440 g-sync supported 165 Hertz display that's up that's all I need to say really this is an extremely beautiful monitor with a ton of performance packed in and Brandon will be able to drive it with this system I mean we've got a risin seven chip here with an RT X 2080 so he'll definitely be able to push the frames and pixels on this thing no problem I think I think that's it holy moly I think we're ready for the big reveal though let's do it but before we do I want to give a quick shout out once again to all the sponsors who chipped in for this project including Asus NZXT g.skill and EVGA this wouldn't be possible without you guys also my aunty Glenna thank you for this opportunity and she actually covered the costs of all the parts that weren't able to get sponsored for this project so huge shout out to her as well now as far as the big reveal goes let me get you guys up to speed really quick so we're all on the same page Brandon's initially gonna get led to a decoy PC like a $500 decoy PC it's actually gonna be the Walmart PC kind of funny and he's initially gonna be told that that's the build that I built for it but then shortly after I'm gonna pop out and drop the real surprise with the full-blown PC and peripherals all hooked up powered on ready to go and hopefully we'll catch a cool moment there so that's how it's gonna work let's see what Brandon thinks of his new setup hi stranger believe he's like so tall Glenn well this is your PC you want to check it out okay can look at it Kyle's in the bathroom but he should be out pretty soon and if you have any questions or something you can you can ask him okay hey hey how's it going good to see you it's been forever how's it going man Brandon it's been a while yeah so you were like what five my gosh how you been yeah good yeah wait is this the computer mom this isn't though why'd you bring this one out no no no this isn't this isn't what we're giving Brandon though yeah this is what we're giving Brandon the computer the monitor the keyboard the mouse we wanted to surprise you Brandon for Christmas this was orchestrated by your mom my mom myself and a bunch of a bunch of awesome vendors so you can take all this home tonight and we really hope that you you enjoy it you know you don't need to say anything man you just need to game on this non-stop just start ranking up in fortnight you know and once you go MLG cut me a you know some commission from your checks we'll call it even okay what's going through your mind right now like I don't know yeah it's crazy what are you gaming on right now a console er which one guess what have you been wanting to ascend to the PC master-race lately or three years ago yeah yeah what made you want to switch play get a different experience and to do homework to cuz you know I just have a little laptop right yeah well wait for your mom to leave and then we can have the real conversation oh you're doing a great job right now were you uh were you expecting this a dollar yeah Merry Christmas thank you for sure and he almost got teary there I thought your eye was like he either has a cold I almost broke Brandon it is it is yeah that's exactly why we used as the decoy rig

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    People gets to pay thousands of dollars, here I am, can’t even get the Fortnite starter pack for 5 dollar…..

  2. I wish i could have that rtx and all motherboard setup 🙁 ok i wish i have all that setup but not headset cuz i have a better 7.1 headset

  3. its not the onion ninjas anymore man i'm actually tearing up…….. i mean……….. ITS SO BEAUTIFULL

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    90%- About their life and how bad their PC
    5%- 'bout kids having a good rig/setup and only using it for fortnite.
    4%- Other shitty stuff
    1%- About the video.

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  7. He will mainly probably play fortnite but im sure he will play other games and will take profit of the pc lul

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