Health Across the Gender Spectrum: Course Introduction

[MUSIC] So I was at school and I felt like I had of couple friends who I could trust. I told my friends that I was transgender. I was like, do you have any questions? They asked me a couple questions and I explained what it was and
that’s about it. [MUSIC]>>I was worried that
you liked me as a girl.>>because we used to have a lot of fun?>>Mm-hm. [MUSIC]>>So if a person says that they feel a
certain way you should just believe them. If everyone could sort of just
make an effort to appreciate and accept everyone who’s transgender, it
would just make the world a better place. [MUSIC]>>People like me sometimes,
it’s just feels like I’m put on this spot to sing a song, but I don’t
know what song I’m supposed to sing. [MUSIC]>>In society people think there
are only two genders, male and female. And that what makes you female and what makes you male is your
biological differences. But gender’s in your mind, and not between your legs. [MUSIC]>>Here’s my advice,
if you’re transgender. If somebody keeps saying,
saying no you’re a girl or no you’re a boy, don’t give up
just keep on convincing them. [MUSIC] .You don’t give up on being transgender. [MUSIC]

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