100 thoughts on “Hear from residents inside the sealed-off city off Wuhan, China

  1. The God gave a sign for you to understand, life is not for you to do anything on your desire, to fulfill your needs without guidance

  2. Bio weapon targeted at people with Chinese DNA. Wanna bet those infected in the US are East Asians? Whites are immune. That's why India did not get an outbreak despite sanitation levels there sucking so bad.

  3. the Chinese government locked up and slaughtered the Uighurs, God immediately locked up and slaughtered China. Good God Scenario 👏🏻

  4. It seems everything is as clear as sky now looking back. But a city wide quarantine on Jan the 1st would have been hard to justify. But they should have encouraged wearing masks etc already.


  6. china is hiding more than we know out of the few hundreds of people who got infected those hundreds got around the world why do i believe china is hiding it? well china's population is 1.3 billion people whats the chances those few hundreds who was infected got to travel out of the 1.3 billion

  7. The government is lying, more than 90,000 people had died in Hubei. The person-to-person base is 1 to 14, meaning one person infects 14 (90,000 = 1.26 million = 17.64 million = 246 million). The virus is mutating and spreading explosively. According to this medical personnel in Wuhan the virus surpassed stage 2, already out of control to cure. — check YB video titled CORONAVIRUS – MEDICAL STAFF SAY STAGE 2 REACHED 90,000 DEAD.
    Chinese goods need to be banned, and all flihgts to and from China needs to be blocked.

  8. America is sick with a Flying Bullet Virus in schools, communities, music videos, video games, foreign countries, foreign communities, drone strikes (record breaking numbers)…wonder how many people have died from that crazy disease? Definitely has cost trillions.

  9. They will depopulate us. Dont forget that Pitbright Institute of Bill Gates had patent of Coronovirus last year In Nkvember but 15th of June 2015 first time apied for a live patent and granted 3 years later. In God we trust. Love,peace and harmony to all of you.

  10. Wait. Back up…This started in DECEMBER? The two callers said this virus started in DECEMBER. I thought this started in Jan. I'm going to need a legit timeline here because it is seriously sounding like China was either trying to keep this a secret to save face or they are waging some kind of biological warfare. I know the Chinese government is prone to lying but they allowed this to spread to other countries. This shows they don't give two hoots about other nations (and I know they don't give two hoots about their own people).

  11. This isn't an easy decision to lockdown an entire city. The economy, well-being of the entire province would be affected. How can they make the decision then later realize this wasn't a big threat after all? I think the timing is just about right, and the government handled it really nicely. Thankfully the citizens are happy about it too

  12. The media is keeping a low profile on this virus. It will spread world-wide in 8 to 10 weeks in large numbers. Stock up on food, water and toiletries wthin the next month. Stay away from crowds. Wash your hands often. When getting gas, clean your hands quickly. Keep an eye on schools closing. Remain vigilant and stay home when possible until it has run it's course. Stay calm and be logical.

  13. I'm half Chinese also ! they should have learn from their mistake .. since I was a kid I never eat dogs , snakes, cats , rats etc disgusting things ! l

  14. Stop eating giant Lizzards,Tiger penis and other forbidden foods. This sinful behavior brings judgement in form of pestilence. Dear Chinese learn from Deutoronomy which is Gods law. Food law as well. There are unclean animals not suited for men. Your communist leaders are trying to lie their way out but it’s impossible. People drop dead in the middle of the streets.
    This will be bad. Praying for you but you need to repent as well.

  15. Hospital – we have 257 confirmed deaths and thousands infected in a matter of days.

    Chinese Government Media – We're fine, everything is contained. 13 people have been infected and 1 have died for reasons unknown.

  16. Good thing we have PC open borders and diversity at any cost… Hmmm year of the Rat? and Democ Rats want open borders ?

  17. yeah its pointless to keep them locked down now, because its already spread across the world, its everywhere except antartica, and iceland, for now.

  18. I am in Wuhan, staying at dormitory of university. For most ordinary people, they are hard to receive medical treatment. I feel desperated and I don't
    have enough masks to protect myself.

  19. 1.- Cold Weather makes all people have flu symptoms.

    2.- People get depressed under scare and fear it makes them easy to sick.

    3.- USA debt Millions of Billions to China.

    4.- China is not producing taxes for the FMI

    5.-There is a country is super jelous of China productivity and of Chinese World Power.

    6.- People under a chemical martial law will not go to work to produce products to export over seas so economy falls and China loose power.

    7.- Why waited to New year when Million Chinese arrived from all over the world to spread the Virus?

    8.- Why in Chinese news no body is talking for real hiw danger is this virus?

    9.- Why does Elite plays INWO cards? Who is doing this Card play of dessease and chemical attack? How much money they bet on it?

    10.- The war is not made only by xploding weapons.

    11.- why does thousand airplanes flew over every single city in the world spreading chemtrails during last month?

  20. I think of Uyghur Muslims of China when chinese government locked down and suppressed them in jailed camps. May Allah save us all from these kind of diseases!

  21. They’re hiding the number. Why? Because they are chinese.
    Racist? No. It’s in their DNA.

    Chineses must stop eating bizarre foods. It’s not culture, it’s stupidity.

  22. I know korona viras medicine…..try it smoke marijuana,ganja,weeds,harbs…I know everyone don't believe me… this my thinking only….I need to help people

  23. Plant ganja tree 🌲 & smoke legilige because this help to control our weather viras also body viras….lats try its

  24. hospital in under a week wow , im sure it will be a quality hospital running at full tilt for sure…… before the cement has even cured

  25. The problem with u people of China is u love eating exotic food that is not healthy like eating bats that's why all the deadly virus is always comes to your country I hope this will serve as a lesson to all of us…just saying

  26. Speaking as a person who has an auto immune disorder who gets pnuemonia very easily, Wuhan virus will be deadly to those like me. Stay safe, people.

  27. Key point is that China can build a 1000 person hospital within 1 week. Not a higher quality but enough to deal with the disease. Think about this infrastructure capability

  28. Seems to me these things happen to nations that dont believe in Jesus, We know china is a big Atheist nation.

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