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Hey, y’all. Welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton in San Antonio, Texas. I’m gonna show you, today, how to hide anything on a WordPress website. Maybe you don’t like the sidebar or maybe there is a whole section, like your footer or any element, for that matter, on your WordPress website that you don’t want to necessarily remove permanently because, maybe you want to put it back there. But, for the sake of NOW, you need to hide it and not show it at all. I’m gonna show you how to do that. It’s just a little bit of nerd code. Stick with me. Here we go. I’ll give you an example, here. This is a brand new website that we just custom built. I’m gonna scroll down and let’s say that there is this team section down here and for the sake of now, you’ve got a big turnover going on and you want to hide this whole team section. How would we do that? Eventually, we’ll want to use it again, right? So what I want you to do is just right mouse click in this space and say Inspect Element. I’m using Firefox but you can use any browser that you want, though. You’re gonna inspect the element. In this particular section, the author that coded this theme (our team here that custom coded this) called this section “Team Container”, right? You see as we hover over it, it highlights parts behind this box. So, section “Team Container”. Don’t freak out because I know this is nerd code; but, all we have to do is go over here to the style sheet and tell the style sheet to display , colon, “none”. That’s all we’re doing. Basically what we’re doing is we’re telling the browser “Don’t show this section”. We’re gonna hide this section for now. Check this out you guys. It’s totally hidden. Not removed, in case we ever need to use it again; but, it’s totally hidden. I’m gonna give you another quick example and I’m gonna go into the style sheet to permanently make this thing effective. Truthfully, if I just did a quick Refresh the section is actually still there. What I’m doing inside the Inspect Element is trying to find what the name of that container or that dev class (basically the box that the author coded) I’m trying to find out what they named it so I can hide it. So, let me show you how to do that. Right over here, let’s say in this website we want to hide the entire side bar. I’m gonna right mouse click, I’m gonna inspect element and I’m gonna view this and come down here and see that it’s sidebar…no, this is the section right here. Sidebar, sidebar right…So, I’m gonna come up here sidebar, sidebar right and say “display none” and I’m gonna make sure that it’s hidden. Excellent. So this right here is the class that I need to go affect. I’m gonna copy that onto my clipboard and we’re going into the dashboard. We’re gonna jump into our customize section and basically what you’re looking for is a custom css box. That’s right. We’re gonna scroll down here on this particular theme and go to additional css and all we have to do is paste that in there and do a curly bracket and say “display none” and we’re gonna save and publish. Now, when I go back and click refresh it will actually stay totally gone. How cool is that you guys? I have to give a shout out to Nick and one of the best reviews I’ve had in quite a while. It was super sweet. Thanks, you guys, for the encouragement. Bye, y’all.

40 thoughts on “Hide Any Item or Section on Your WordPress Website

  1. i love learning lessons when it comes from you , you can teach us in smart and simple way , all the energy that comes from your videos is what i love , thanks a lot Kori i hope i can finish my WP site soon .

  2. Hey Kori, awesome again. Like your video's learning a lot. 👌🏽 You may visit my website www.postmusparket.nl and see it in realtime ✌ for example Insta, Pinterest intergations
    See forward to the next video!
    Greetz Martin

  3. Thank you sooo much!!!! You broke this down so good! A non-techie like myself was able to follow and apply it to my web page. This was great…you're so humble in your explanations, you make it seem like anyone can do what you're showing….and you just proved that to be true. Thanks again!!!

  4. Hi Kori, awesome tutorial! THANK YOU! 🙂 I have one question. The theme that I'm currently using in wordpress displays the "recent post" info on the side bar on all of my pages. However, there's one page that I don't want it to show. If I hide that side bar for the recent post/blog info on the individual page that's in question, will it remove it from all of the other pages?

  5. Kori thank you so much, I have been searching for days for a way to hide certain sections on my site.
    The only thing is, when I go back to Appearance / Customize, I can't find the CSS code? Would you be able to help please?

  6. This was very informative, but if you're using a child theme, this could cause issues. Potential alternative: Just change a section title to "Draft" rather than "Published." No code needed!

  7. What you have done here is, in three minutes, alleviated countless designers of hours of headache and frustration indefinitely and effectively shattered the known boundaries of web development for so many constrained creatives out there!

    You are a superhero, thank you very much for this Kori!

  8. You are my WordPress guru! I need your help, I cannot find answer anywhere snd I’m struggling with an issue: I have landing paged on my front page. I want the latout to be clean and simple. I don’t want any posts appearing on front page, I just want page name and posts/anither suboage after clicking it. I used WP hide posts Plugin and it works fine, I click HIDE ON FRONT PAGE next to post. I used it for 2 pages. Niw next to their names on front page there is NO POSTS FOUND. Oddly enough, there is nisuch hing visible next to pages where there ARE ACTUALLY NO POSTS, but only for those with posts where WP HIDE POSTS was used. Please save me.

  9. hello guys, i followed koris steps to hide a section thats gapping between my homepage slideshow and footer but then my footer and my page contents disappear. how can i hide the section without this all happening please heewllppp

  10. Hello Kori, you are awesome, I always hated CSS because everything seemed to be so complicated, I don't know why it doesnt scare me anymore haha. I would also like to ask you a question. How can I make something disappear from a mobile device, or a tablet, or just desktop. Thanks for everything!

  11. Awesome vid! thanks a lot. YOu explain things so it's easy to understand and do.
    Quick Question: How do I reverse this process? I had a website build for me and have taken over the administration of it but can't figure out how to unhide a section and a page that have been hidden? (Just for clarity, I asked him to and it's just time to show this section now).
    Please help 🙂

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