22 thoughts on “High Limit Dragon Link Slot Machine Bonuses ! Up To $50 Bet!! Live High Limit Slot Action

  1. You are never going to please everyone. I think a mix of things might help quell the number of "complainers". But you know what NG? You do YOU. Your videos are awesome and you are a great guy to watch, Win or Lose. Best of Luck.

  2. Hello NG!! Shit people is like the air. They are everywhere .You can run but you cant hide. You cant never please everyone. You dont have to lay down on thier feats. you are much much better than that. Be strong NG. You have now soon 70k subscribers. Just think about that. Good luck!!

  3. Do your videos the way YOU want to do the videos..Don’t worry about what others think!!This is your channel!

  4. Who's complaining NG…some people are unbearable…your videos are great you keep doing what your doing thanks for the great entertainment…..

  5. I also like to watch you play the entire game. It's good to see that you also go up and down as well. You do great NG, keep it up! I enjoy your stuff very much!

  6. Why does it always have to be the few who ruin it for the rest of us who enjoy what NG puts out there. I'd like to see them do better!! Don't let these people get to you NG but I like that you want to show them what it is like because they have no idea good for you NG!!

  7. I did not like this video, NG you are the best at what you do, please do not listen to the haters, living their unrealistic microwave lives. You are never going to please everyone, for those that want to see unrealistic casino play, there are plenty of slot channels on YouTube to accommodate them, the negative ones should move on. NOW, SHOW ME THE POWER OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL SLOT CHANNEL

  8. NG, the reason I love your videos is because you don't just show bonuses, you show the reality of gambling I have been gambling for 20 years, so anyone who frequents the casino knows the reality of the outcome in most visits there. Please do not do like these other slot video channels, I love your spontaneous reactions, how honest you are, and how kind you are to your viewers and casino fans, I don't want you to change.

  9. I love watching ur videos, but did not like just watching bonuses! I love the live play feel of ur posts, and like to see the good, bad, all of it! Ur the king of minis, and that's the way gambling goes, so please continue to show the entire videos, not just bonuses!!

  10. It's really hurt to watch this with 50 dollar beat you got only hundred bucks , that's not fair my friend you should get at least 1000 dollar , if is me I will grab the chair and broke that screen I swear 🤜

  11. Full sessions are more fun to watch. If people want bonuses they can put their mouse or fingers on the timeline bar and skip ahead, youtube shows a thumbnail preview for those people.

  12. I prefer full sessions. I noticed that your bonus wins at high bets of $30 & $50 were very small. When that happens why don't you lower your max bet on a high volatile machine?

  13. I prefer the whole "jazz"! Just bonusses is boring. Thre are other chanels for that! Keep up your entertaining vids. Greetings from Germany. <3

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