We’re getting ready to print the
pamphlets, the Nazi pamphlets. There are just a couple social issues I want to be
clear on before we go to print, okay? Ask away! [advisor] The Jews? We hate them! That’s what I figured, just double-checking. What about the blacks? We hate them too. All non-whites actually. [advisor] As much as the Jews? Mmm… a little less. What about the gays? [Hitler] Less hate than the blacks, but more than some non-whites. But I’d really like to focus on the Jews if we can. Understood, what about the transsexuals? Tran-what? Persons who identify as being of the opposite gender. I didn’t know that was a thing… I guess
we hate them too [advisor] and what about other non-binary gender varients, like bigender or third-gendered? Third gender? There’s more than two now? Intersexuals, for
example. Or any sexual dimorphism. Uhh…we… let’s say we hate them… but less Okay… so we hate transmasculine androsexuals more than the polyamorous genderfluid
gynosexuals… but not as much as bisexual gender queers… does that sound right? [advisor] And what about sapiosexuals? I thought we covered them already! The people who are attracted to trans or
non-binary. Close! Those were skoliosexuals! (sigh) I just feel like they’re making this
more complicated than it needs to be! See, right there, that’s a great example of
casual heteronormativity! If you do that, you’re gonna come off sounding like a bigot. I’m done! None of this matters, we hate the Jews, that’s the plan! But we haven’t even gotten to demiromantics or pansexuals! You’re gonna be totally unprepared! so as you can see we Nazis hate a lot of people. But our hate exists on a spectrum. It’s uh… non-binary! [audience member #1] Uhhh…what about the pansexuals! [audience member #2] You forgot to include the pansexuals! [audience] BOOOOOO!!!!!


  1. Why do people think that Hitler was some sort of white supremacist? His main target were the Slavs, white people. He killed more of them than the Jews and wanted to ethnically cleanse the entirety of them. You can't exactly accuse him of hating minorities when he started a war to ethnically cleanse a clear majority. He was stopped by the British and Russians and resorted to the Jews instead. He subscribed to the Aryan racial grouping that had Caucasians all over the place – some on top like Nordics, some like Slavs and Mediterranean people down at the bottom. The Jews were generally in the middle, but again, it depended on the Jew. He had a begrudging respect for their ability to gain power in the capitalist system. He strripped the Jews of their businesses and was pro socialism. The whiteblack racial classifications is the racial group generally used by modern racists, like liberals, etc. Hitler would be the first to disagree. There's no way he considered himself on equal footing as the slavs.

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