Honey Bread (Brick Toast) Recipe 허니브레드 만들기 – 한글 자막

Hi, I am Eugenie. Today I am making Honey Bread, which is so popular at cafes in Korea. First, slice unsliced sandwich bread in 2 ½ inch thick. (6cm) And inside of the bread, make 2 incisions horizontally and another 2 incisions vertically. Make sure you don’t cut all the way through. Square shaped sandwich bread is normally used for Korean honey bread. And drizzle 1 ½ tablespoons of honey in the incisions. Today I am using acacia honey. You can use any, but make sure your honey is light in color and doesn’t have strong flavor (arome). Then evenly spread 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter on all over the top generously. Now bake at 360 degrees F. (180C) for 10 minutes. To serve, dust with ground cinnamon. Then decorate with whipped cream on top. Normally a spray whipped cream is used for honey bread. Finally drizzle chocolate sauce on top. Voila, Bon appetit. Popular Korean café dessert, honey bread. This is a simple and quick way to make a dessert with sandwich bread. Generous amount of whipped cream, honey and butter transformed plain sandwich bread into a fancy dessert. Would you prefer a big scoop of ice cream with this? Thank you for watching. Bye!

99 thoughts on “Honey Bread (Brick Toast) Recipe 허니브레드 만들기 – 한글 자막

  1. I am really enjoying your videos. But since you are Korean is would be lovely to see your reciepes in Korean also.

  2. love brick toast! esp eating it with bubble tea ~ it's not easy to find the korean type of bread in where i live, how do you make the korean style sandwich bread? i love eating it just as it is too!

  3. In the cafes I go to, they tend to put vanilla ice cream on the top instead^^ this looks very good as well! (:

  4. We never got to try korean toast when we were in Seoul last year. I'm a bit bummed, but at least now I can make it at home!

  5. OMG! I've been looking this recipe for SO long! I've ate it in Korea and was really good. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  6. The cafe I frequently go to serves these kinds of bread desserts. It's really easy to make at home but I find it hard to resist getting one when I'm there because it smells too good ><

  7. Serving bread as a dessert? :O Wow, it's such a weird idea, at least for me!.. 
    But I really like toast bread, and with honey, chocolate and whipped cream – it MUST be delicious ;>

  8. Eugenie Kitchen you have inspired me to learn how to cook Korean food and thank you for doing the videos i am addicted to your style of cooking now and will most definitely going to make your ice cream cake you make things look so easy. 

  9. Hi Eugenie…….I am simply in love with your easy yummy recipes…..They turn out so well that already made me famous in the family and  friends circle. Specially, This Honey Bread I Liked the most because I used to eat this as breakfast in the cafe's close to the EWHA University. By the way I studied in EWHA in 2007-2008. ……Keep it up sweetie……Looking forward for more delicious recipes from you ……LOVE.

  10. يمي يمي شكلها جداً لذيذ اشكرك على الترجمه العربيه لقد اعجبني ذالك جداً

  11. I really miss this, I was eating it all the time in Korea! Too bad I'm on a diet right now ;-; Thank you for the recipe Eugenie!!

  12. Gracias!! me encanta y siempre que voy a un cafe coreano en México y lo devoro es realmente delicioso! Gracias muchas gracias por pensar en los latinos y traducir tus recetas realmente genial!!

  13. 우와…진짜 보는데 계속 맛있겠다맛있겠다하고있었어요. 진짜 잘만드시는것같아요♡♡

  14. 허니브래드는 식빵을 통식빵을 자르지마시구 6쪽 식빵을 사용하시면 되용 ㅎㅎ
    카페가서 먹어보고 넘 맛있어서 저는 한번 먹어보고 레시피 비법을 알았는데 넘 맛잇어요 ~

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