28 thoughts on “How China Is Changing Your Internet | The New York Times

  1. Wait, but we have more than just Youku, we have AiQiYi, we have TengXun, we have ShouHu and we have FengXing! Can you guy please just do some real research ask real Chinese about these things, I am pretty sure that some of these apps came before YouTube.

  2. Wtf if I didn't check this could be a Vox video 100%. Music, editing, graphics, title, consept, even the voice of that guy sounds like their guy :—D

  3. Don't worry it's the same in the USA. Hello from Facebook, Twitter and so on and the CIA knows everything About the american citizens. Think About.

  4. Even western companies collect data for the govt, but it is also an absolute hassle for govts to do this, example: FBI vs Apple in unlocking a iPhone in 2015. For the Chinese govt they give the word and it’s done:)

  5. if „privacy“ is so important to the westeners then why is everyone still using google, facebook, instagram etc. ?

  6. Lmfevilao…
    China has cloned all apps, all noogle…plus America sold our personal information to China not to Russia or anywhere else..
    China has points system if you say something bad you loose point's and freedom!
    You say good thing's ,you get Discount's galore.
    Plus good reviews..
    But one emp..and China is in the toilet along with all there technology..

  7. China has a great firewall so why should we except Hauwei. This way the CCP can spy on you but cannot get into China, no youtube, facebook, Google etc.

  8. I pity those slant-eyed people. Overcrowded, polluted, Communist. China is doomed to implode. And when it does……

  9. Too bad it would be more like “you book an appointment for a dog groomer, the groomer comes over and uses the wrong shampoo. Your dog is now pink. You leave a negative review on the company site. Now the company is suing you for defamation. You lose all your money and now your credit score suffers. Now you lost your job and you can’t travel because your score is not high enough.”The future looks pretty bleak

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