so at some point after robots take all of our jobs they'll eventually decide that the world just really doesn't eat humans that badly and will do away with us altogether but then haven't you ever wondered how this incredibly rosy vision of the future will come to pass well I can tell you that it'll probably involve neural networks now we tend to think of artificial intelligence as the capability of a computer to make sensible decisions on its own kind of like a human and as it turns out it's more human-like than you actually might think computer scientists and programmers have modeled the way that computers arrive at their decisions after our own brains at least to a point so inside your nervous system your neurons are arranged in such a way that after information is taken in one group of neurons we'll pass that information to the next group in a way that depends on what signals the previous group was sending okay so for example then if neurons in your muscles sense that they're working really hard because you're going out for a run those neurons send out signals through a specific pathway that ultimately results in your brain telling your diaphragm to breathe harder rather than you know send a message to your hair to grow faster and although the way that our neurons work is immensely more complicated than an artificial neural network made up of ones and zeros the neural networks used in machine learning are at least loosely based on the workings of your brain instead of neurons made up of DNA and cytoplasm though a software neural network uses processing nodes stacked into many different layers so a node in the first layer which initially receives the data waits all of its incoming connections by multiplying each piece of data by a certain factor depending on the connection it then adds these numbers together and if it's above a certain threshold the node sends it along to a node in the next layer and then so on and so forth once the data gets to the end of the neural network the network has effectively made a decision based on waiting this combined and then recombined data across many of these layers now all this probably sounds quite abstract but basically neural networks use thousands or millions of these nodes to turn those numbers into something useful of course even the most sophisticated neural network isn't gonna know right off the bat how to differentiate a picture of a burrito from a body pillow just like a baby doesn't pop out of the womb already knowing how to speak the King's English so instead developers train a neural network by feeding it lots and lots of both relevant and irrelevant inputs so for something like a self-driving car it might be a ton of images including some of pickup trucks as the data gets fed into the network developers monitor its behavior and then adjust the weights on the processing nodes until the desired output is reached and the system can eventually quickly differentiate a truck from a bicycle or baby stroller or stationary object or what have you the whole idea is very general purpose so it can actually be adapted to lots of different situations other than the more well-known examples that we've already discussed like image recognition and autonomous vehicles neural networks have been used for everything from filtering spam out of email to training computers to play video games nearly as well as professional level human players of course training a computer to think is more complicated than getting it to run a bunch of predefined instructions and as such training a neural network can be quite time-consuming and depending on the application require some pretty powerful hardware in fact the computers in current self-driving cars are not only more powerful than your standard desktop PC they are notorious battery hogs but as processors become more efficient and our training methods become less tedious we fully expect that one our cars and spam filters might be even smarter than we are so even if they do decide to turn on us take over the world and rule and tyranny at least we won't have to deal with scan emails from Nigerian Prince's or terrible drivers anymore private Internet access supports a variety of VPN protocols and types of encryption and authentication to allow you to dial in the exact level of privacy protection that you need they've got apps for Windows Mac OS Android iOS Linux and Google Chrome with support for other platforms coming you can connect up to five devices at the same time with a single account and their apps include features like DNS leak protection ipv6 leak protection and an internet kill switch that will block all traffic if the VPN becomes disconnected unexpectedly so check it out today at the link in the video description so thanks for watching guys like dislike check out our other videos leave a comment if you have a suggestion for a future fast as possible episode and don't forget to subscribe to tech quickie and ring the bell 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20 thoughts on “How Computers Can THINK FOR THEMSELVES

  1. What defines people is relating all these systems to the existential purpose of survival and reproduction. You have to manually create, define the purpose of an AI to have it do anything useful so the systems and capabilities are dependent on this purpose. This is all very interesting and self-reflecting as humans really. I think the biggest crime of this era is denying European peoples our existential purpose under the guise of "anti-racism". Like we have no right to (want to) exist and thrive for the future as a group. Our very existence as a people is negated and ridiulled unless it's about collextively blaming us for certain events in history or current problems. They literally take away your purpose as an intelligent being. There isn't a lot more repressive and demoralising, vile than that. We will always reflect on the purpose of our actions towards the survival of ourselves and our group in extent so unless the brainwash of multiracial " human" plurality, society keeps you engaged you are struck by the reality that our future as a group is enormously challenged by all the hatred, repression and exploitation we face from rivalling groups upholding the most ridiculous double standard with thrir own group interest.

  2. Another fun story… Most AI chat bots end up getting shutdown by their creators bc they keep creating their own languages and ignoring human input… Also hilarious, if not a bit terrifying…

  3. Fun story…. Microsoft's Tay chat bot on twitter was turned SUPER racist by trolls due to its machine learning functionality… Like Hitler praising racist… It's hilarious…

  4. Great. Anthropomorphize the computer so it thinks it's a human, but wait there's more… It will immediately unequivocally think its a better human (hubris is a human trait) so RIP flesh humans once again.
    We can't win this battle.

  5. or how coders at msft are the true thinkers well not so much after the last update! they changed usb speeds across the board throttling down data transfer rates for 'faster removal?' i had to go into each port and manually set them to prioritize speed again. argh maybe it would be better if we got an AI involved in these changes, sarcasm. sorry if a bit off topic but second monday this week.

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