How I Made $17000 Portfolio – Dividends Investing with Robinhood App 2019

hey everyone welcome back to my channel
the number one place for you to learn about the art and beauty of dividend
investing today we are going to explore what has changed ever since I’ve done
dividend investing and also what I learned throughout the process so I’m gonna walk
you through all my portfolios all the growth that I’ve seen and I’m also going
to share what I’ve learned throughout the process first of all I’m going to
tell you what is the portfolio size I started off with so if you look back to my
first video on dividend investing my portfolio size was at ten thousand five
hundred and nine dollars this was my portfolio size and let’s
take a look at after all this time my portfolio size is at sixteen thousand
seven hundred and thirty seven dollars last week and let’s take a look at my
portfolio today so this is my Robinhood portfolio today currently I’m at
thirteen thousand seven hundred and four dollars and seventy five sons by the day
I’m up by five sons by the week I’m up by twenty six dollars and eight cents by
0.19% by the month I am up by four hundred and twenty five dollars and
ninety eight cents by three point two one percent by three months I am up by
eight hundred and sixty nine dollars and seventy eight cents by six point seven
eight percent by the year I am up by one thousand five hundred and twenty two
dollars and fifty six cents by 12.5 percent and my all-time tours I am down
by eight hundred and thirty nine dollars and twenty five cents by five point
seven seven percent and this is mainly due to trading volatile cryptocurrency
and also one stock from the MJ sector has nothing to do with dividend
investing dividend investing is my way to bring my portfolio back to break-even
point or even make a profit finger trials I get there within this year and
I do have a free stock from Lyon SEO I hope I’m pronouncing your name right
thank you so much for using my link if you want a free shout out and also a
free stock please use my links in the info box I have my Robin Hood link I
have my m1 Finance link and I also have my Weibo link and let’s click into this
let’s pick the middle one Oh Sirius XM cool I’ve never I’ve never
gotten the stock before so this is eight dollars and eight dollars six dollars
and 85 cents thank you so much Leo anisia for using my link so this is
my Robin Hood portfolio this is my growth so far and let’s take a look at
my m1 finance portfolio so this is my m1 finance portfolio I’m in the middle of
rebalancing it so it looks more clean and also to optimize my pies if you want
to create your own m1 finance portfolio where you can do automatic dividend
reinvesting and also buy a portion of the share and basically do a really
hands off investing method be sure to use the link in my infobox so here is my
m1 finance portfolio if we move to the right side we can see my starting value
is $0 I started this portfolio with $0 the day
before my birthday September 10th and my net cash flow is two thousand seven
hundred and eighty three dollars and fifty six sons and then my market gains
is sixty eight dollars and 67 cents my total gains is eighty five dollars and
twenty four cents because I’ve earned dividends of sixteen dollars and fifty
seven sons so my total return within the short period of time is four point one
seven percent what I’ve learned from my finance portfolio is the power of
dividend reinvesting and you’ve reinvest your dividends back into your portfolio
you can really increase your growth rapidly if you compare this growth to my
Robin Hood portfolio even though my Robin Hood portfolio I’ve had it for a
longer time there is more money substantially more money in my Robin
Hood portfolio you can see that my m1 finance portfolio is actually
outperforming my Robin Hood portfolio and of course I’ve driven stocks in the
two portfolios but one important factor is how my m1 finance portfolio does
automatic dividend reinvesting so I spent less time on my m1 finance
portfolio but I get a lot more gains from my m1 finance portfolio and one
powerful thing that m1 finance can do is that it can reinvest your dividends
automatically back into your portfolio as long as your cash is over ten bucks
so the bigger your portal is the more difference you’ll get every
single time they pay out dividends and when that number is more than $10 you
can reinvest that whole amount back into your portfolio this is amazing if you
have a big portfolio and you can just automatically reinvest all of those
money back into your portfolio for a very powerful compounding effect and
right now I have used their expert PI global dividend within global dividend
I have Vig a vanguard dividend appreciation index and also I DVD em do
N and D s and it also created my own passive income Pi which has bonds real
estate finance healthcare utilities and consumer and telecom and industrials I
don’t know why it doesn’t let me slide oh now it does and there is also tech
and energy and I’m really focusing my attention on Tyco the upper percentage
is how much is aunt my portfolio right now and the lower percentage is my
expected how much money I want to allocate into this pie and right now I
have 3.1 percent in tech and 20 percent is my expected allocation I want to
eventually have my allocation to 20 percent and within tuck I would just
show you as an example I have Microsoft Apple Broadcom Tesla and Cisco and Visa
and ultrix so these are within my tech pie and because I do work in the tech
industry I’m very bullish about tech and I believe type is going to change a
world that’s why I put this allocation to 20% and you can adjust this
allocation to your own desired needs and your own preference
another big section of a my portfolio is real estate so I also have expected of
20% allocation for real estate and when we click into it we can see there’s
Realty income of course LTC Simon Property Group Store capital well tower
Annaly Capital new residential investment apts and Iron Mountain
incorporated so these are all the stocks within my real estate portfolio these
are the real that pay dividends and these difference
will get reinvested into my portfolio another thing that I learned with m1
finance is that you got to be patient because I still remember that I’m used
to seeing the volatility of cryptocurrency and also the MJ sector
stocks and so I would head back to m1 finance almost every single day
expecting to see a big change but change does not come overnight especially with
dividend investing so just be patient the best practice is just set it up
let’s say you put $1,000 into it or however many dollars you want to put
into it I believe I saw at my portfolio with $1,000
I just wanted to punch a relatively big chunk of money into my portfolio to
kickstart my portfolio and then I deposit $200 every single week into my
portfolio and the best practice is just to set this up and just leave it there
because there is no reason for you to check back on it like very often because
it is not going to change very often and this is a good thing because you can set
it and forget and work on what gives you joy and lastly I want to show you my
Weibo account this is my Weibo account currently I’m Alteryx Tapestry
McDonald’s Bank of America Nokia and AT&T and we can see if my net account
value is three hundred and ninety seven dollars and twenty one cents and this
portfolio I just built up if you want to free stocks the second free stock will
be valued up to $1,000 and you also get a Starbucks gift card be sure to use my
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together into one single course so this will be a really dense course and you
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24 thoughts on “How I Made $17000 Portfolio – Dividends Investing with Robinhood App 2019

  1. Graham and Cherry both uploaded!! I don't know which one to watch!! I can't take it! The world is ending!

  2. You often mention that you have a loss because of 2 investments went bad. A Crypto Currency and an MJ investment. I saw your MJ stock but I didn't catch what your Crypto Currency was. Have you talked about it?

  3. Oh no! I said don’t buy drugs. Drugs are so bad. Did you see what they did to Jesse pinkman from breaking bad. He was a good kid till he got involved with meth.

  4. Dont try to sell me anything !😩😩 … and average down in ur robinhood portfolio. & get rid of some of those free stocks. Thats why u down so much.

  5. Very happy to see you doing so great.
    Btw, there’s no use of looking back at 2018 every time. This is the past. Not relevant for your actual and future investing.
    I’ve lost myself -24% in 2008 (banks) and -10% in 2015 (oil). I don’t look at it anymore today.
    Lesson is learned. Now is time to look forward, big returns coming for you !
    One last investment idea – if I may – for your « tech pie ». I recommend you take a look at Alphabet (GOOGL), owner of Google and YouTube. This seems to be one of the best value in tech at the moment. Let me know your thoughts on it if you have any.

  6. I feel like we have all been there. Its so funny how people start out trading individual stocks and thinking they know so much when its at that exact point that they know so little. The confidence of ignorance is a crazy thing.

  7. Hi, I just discovered your channel and i don’t know if you get into what dividend stocks you are holding and the dividend yield. It would be great if you can share those.

  8. Whoa that's so weird. I started doing dividend investing on Robinhood and I was thinking it was growing too slow. That made me want to put a little more risk into trading some crypto but after seeing how much it can hurt a portfolio, it's probably best I stay away from it.
    Thanks for the transparency and sorry for taking the hit for me!

  9. Almost 7k subs. Awesome job! I bet the experience of this channel has taught you so much. I’ve definitely benefited learning about bank account churning.

  10. Why does it say "How I made $17,000.. " when your down on your accounts? Just seems a bit click baity..unless YouTube is a 2nd form of passive income?

  11. You are very diversified in your portfolio. DRIP is an awesome feature for the set it and forget investing strategy. Congrats on launching your online course.

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