How I Stole $8 Million A Week As A Mafia Boss

100 thoughts on “How I Stole $8 Million A Week As A Mafia Boss

  1. Such a cool video. One of my favorites you guys have posted. What an amazing guy to come out of all of that and have such an amazing life.

  2. How i stole 80 dollars from my cousin I thought i was a legend



  3. I’m just trying to meet him. It’s pretty amazing to be a Mafia Boss during that time period and still be alive.

  4. This is a really well done video. The mafia always fascinated me (since I can’t imagine how it is like), and it is nice to see someone able to successfully come out of that life.

  5. This guy came to talk to us at school back when I was in high school…we got a longer and emotional story it was truly amazing I love this guy

  6. So he was a rich mafia boss, then leaves the mafia to get married and gets ten yrs of prison? wtf How do u even stay married in that situation lol

  7. Well this guy is extremely lucky to be alive and have a family.. most of these mafia guys would be either murdered or have a terrible life. He regained his life by becoming a better person and to never do these mafia related activities again.

  8. Mike is highly intelligent. He would have been, and is, successful in everything he does. A life set right. Respect!

  9. All these guys are a disgrace to the Italian heritage. The real heroes are the good law abiding, hard working Italians.

  10. hes brain is the size of the peanut yet he's fooling you all 🙂 so sad 🙁 BTW he never found god he's just trying to make some money cause he is poor as hell now:)

  11. I need them to make a movie out of this story. Why is he sharing this publicly? The oath cerimoney sounds satanic– a blood sacrifice/ contract with the devil. His wife must be a praying woman. She covered her husband in prayer 🙏. The love of a good woman. Wow God is amazing!!

  12. What a powerful message. And I understand how truly humble he is. And him paying his due respect for his family and the mistakes he's made.

  13. 8 million a week lol….most businesses these days don't even make that…..I work for a family that owns over 40 apartment complexes and highrise buildings and they don't even make 8 million in 1 week…they might make 8 million a month….but 8 million a week is dangerously fast FOR ANY KIND OF BUSINESS…'s crazy…..What kind of drugs was he selling cuz 8 million a week doesn't sound like drug money?….

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