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11-year-old Ursula Keogh
jumps off a bridge. 14-year-old Molly Russell
kills herself in her bedroom. And their parents insist
on an unlikely culprit. “Instagram helped
kill my daughter.” [JONES] You know, people my age
want to talk about this. So much of it is not okay. [MONTZ] The average American girl spends between 6 to 10 hours a day on social media, and Instagram is the
most popular service. [JONES] Whenever I got bored,
I just opened Instagram. And I was like, “what am I doing? I hate Instagram! I don’t like going on it.” [MONTZ] Instagram offers up the opportunity to achieve a new kind of micro-celebrity. [JONES] Anybody can be the
celebrity of any social group as long as they have
the Instagram followers. [MONTZ] The only thing that
matters is physical appearance, calculated with cold,
numerical precision. Young girls take their cues from those harbingers of imminent societal collapse, known as influencers. [JONES] Like, oh, I could look like that
if I just contour my face enough, if I just pose my body the right way, if I take the pic the right way, if I use the right filter. It’s not really so much about
self-expression, it’s about mimicry. [MONTZ] And winning requires
abandoning the analog world. [JONES] Well, I know a couple of girls, because of the way that they post, you would think they’re,
like, so cool. No, they’re sitting in the corner
on their phones. Because that’s where they
know how to act. [MONTZ] This is not an accidental
feature of the technology. Notifications, bottomless scrolling,
tagging: this is engineered addiction. And influencers are turning this primal hunger for validation into money. One of the Kardashians reportedly pockets a million dollars per sponsored post. [JONES] You don’t necessarily have
a sense of like, oh, that person is advertising to me, that’s not really what they look like in real life. [MONTZ] In case you want to dismiss
this as some crotchety elder millennial spooked by the shiny new object, the last decade has witnessed an unprecedented spike in girls’ depression
and suicides. [JONES] I’m not going to say that,
necessarily social media causes any sort of social anxiety,
or anything like that. But I think if nothing else, it heavily heavily enables that loop of behavior. [MONTZ] An army of genius IQ engineers fueled by billions of venture dollars are trying to hack
our dopamine circuits. There’s only one proven method
for preventing them from turning you and your loved ones into
their jittering serfs. For reclaiming your freedom. [JONES] I just, I deleted it. I’ll be on my phone and I’ll go to my
app page and I’ll be like… and there’ll be nothing for me to click on, and I’ll be like, okay! And I’ll just close my phone, and then I have to figure out something else to do. There’s so much more out there
for you in your life than what’s on this little screen
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63 thoughts on “How Instagram Hacks Your Brain | We The Internet TV

  1. Haven't used Instagram since my senior year and I feel great. It's depressing overall with the ego competition everyone pitches in.

  2. The studies showing how damaging social media can be have been around for a long time. Yet nothing has been done about it.

  3. I'm not one for big gov't, but we as consumers either need to rise up and boycott these apps, or a legislative act needs to ban them.

    Also I'd like to know how the people who engineer this stuff sleep at night.

  4. This is all on the parents. People need to stop blaming corporations for everything and take responsibility for raising their kids.

  5. Aaaaand the young boys committing suicide are ignored. BUT THE GURLS!!

    EDIT: The rate is similar to the adult rate. 81% male, 19% female.

  6. WTI is ruining middle aged men's lives.
    I can't go a day without checking to see if you've posted, I'm all like: pick up my phone, nothing… No Lou, no Will, no Boris, no … i forget the name of the guy from this one… see? My memory is going, and it's all WTI's fault.
    Maybe i will go watch another top ten list… you know: self destructive behavior

  7. I got rid of fbi and insta about a year ago after realizing the psychology behind it and what it was used for! I also just got sick of seeing the girls with so many damn filters, looking like a shiny Barbie and all that. Natural beauty died. Days like this I miss having Tom from MySpace as the forced number 1 friend!!!!

  8. I don't think it's Instagram's fault. If your daughter is on her phone 8 hours a day, that means you are a horrible parent.

  9. Great video I don’t have any of these apps but I know damn near all of my female employees use these apps religiously. One of the younger ones confessed to me she has to have a timer on her phone that locks her out from using them after 6 hours a day on it

  10. When the people who create these things won't let their own kids on their creation you know there's something wrong with it.

  11. Thanks for giving me an ego boost!
    Now I can feel like I am superior to everyone else my age because I am not on social media.

  12. Maybe men are just bored of women's bullshit and would rather just look at them rather than speak to them.

  13. I feel bad for these girls, but seriously, if that's the worst addiction you pick up as a teenager and young adult, you don't really have much to complain about.

  14. I don’t look for validation. I honestly don’t care. Complain all you want WTI but you make your money off social media don’t act “woke” if you can’t do the same as what you preach

  15. Social media: I used to think that social media was barely either (the shallowest manifestation of the former utilizing—“consuming”—the lowest materializations of the latter); but now I’m pretty darn sure that the latter actually comes at the expense of the former; that it’s really the former that’s being consumed (digested, decomposed) by the latter — in the end, there might only be media; at the end, even worse.

  16. I love you man, but you need to stop the flailing, it makes your very valid and wonderfully researched videos look like spoken word, and it's very distracting.

  17. Youre saying people are vying for notoriety largely predicated on ones perceived attractiveness?

    What else is new

  18. A common arguement from the harpies of muh feminism (especially the British variant-their hang up about the corset is impressive to behold) is that men, for all of history (well, at least western history after those evil Greeks ruined everything), drove women to torture themselves to meet a beauty standard that was a) unfair and b) wholly defined and demanded by men.

    Seems to me these girls are doing this without male prompting, and solely as a means of judging between themselves. And wrecking the hell out of themselves in the process.

  19. "If you enjoyed the video, please like it, share it with your friends and subscribe to our channel, make sure to click the little bell to turn on notifications to make sure you never miss a video"

    I found this statement at the end a stark contrast to the video content. Are you part of the problem?

  20. Isn't this just the female version of the whole video game and porn panic ? In that depression chart did they ask them why they are depressed ? Also, is it self reported or is there some clinical validity for this ? Anyways, i would need more information to take this seriously.

  21. Next up: WTI gets no views because everyone deleted youtube.

    …I love how you warn about notifications in the video, and then tell people to click the bell to get them. Genius.

  22. I think it would be good to give some ideas for what to do instead. People who spend 10h a day on Instagram don't know what to do and need a non-cliche step-by-step guide of *exactly* what to do when they put down their phones. Not just "go out, take a walk, join a gym, find a hobby" – that is too vague, and seems too difficult. Very specific instructions are necessary. Example:

    "After seeing this follow these steps
    1) close all social media apps
    2) people are a lot more interested in someone who does unusual things so pick one of the following hobbies, it's just a start, you'll decide more seriously later: nature or city photography, drawing/doodling, archery, learning card games
    3) watch one video (right now, type it in YouTube) about that hobby to see what it's like, what it's about and to learn what you need to start it"

    After this, they will certainly get hooked because any single one of those hobbies are so, so much more interesting than scrolling through Twitter or Instagram. "Beginner guide" videos are so inspirational and really make people want to try out those hobbies. So the next step could be "spend some money on the hobby – spending on things that improve your life and make you interesting is not a waste of money".

    This is needed so much but I never see such instructions. People need guidance, they don't know what to do because everything is more complicated than tapping on Instagram and scrolling. Please, create a simple guide like this, tell people, explicitly tell them what to do right now, like I listed above – that kind of video would be a life saver, quite literally. I would save it and share.

  23. That girl should be on every talk show advising young people. But thy will not listen anyways. .because social media is social life.that's everything to a young person

  24. Instagram recently got it's number of users severely increased, right? I've read somewhere that it had 250 million in 2013 and now it has more than 1 billion.
    Does anybody have a clue why it became so popular? Could it be linked to a sort of new crave for images?

  25. It really depends what you use it for. I hardly follows any account with selfies. None of accounts I followed are from people in close distance from me. They're at least in another state or country. It's there as a means to me to catch up. Like I said, depends on what you use it for.

  26. Lol 😂 after posting THIS video you want us to turn on our NOTIFICATIONS BELL lol 😂 wtf ahah YouTube can also be an addiction 🔄

  27. Shit man change what you follow then. I just look at dogs, food, and art on Instagram. 🤷‍♀️ Why would I want to look and compare myself to other women when all they do is photoshop the shit out of themselves to unrealistic standards? Change the focus and it’s not a problem as much as you think.

  28. What millions of girls are stupid enough to follow Kim Kardashian , Kylie Jenner, and Kendall Jenner?

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