How Long Will Your Gaming PC Last?

how long will my gaming PC last this is one of the most frightening things for someone trying to get into PC gaming and I get it in my comments section all the time of people asking me how long will my PC last followed by their parts configuration well I'm going to be flat-out honest with you if you plan on using the same PC you are building now for the next five years that expect to get the same performance day one that you do on the last day of the fifth year chances are you're gonna be very disappointed now this doesn't mean that you should have the idea oh my god I have to spend more money now I want it to last longer no I wouldn't go about it in that direction at all let's say you have an $800 budget and you are able to fit in an Intel Core i5 and a GTX 970 in your build and you want to run all your games at 1080p at higher ultra settings and get a very smooth frame rate I would say with that mindset you would be okay for two to three years but it all comes down to expectations that's not something I know that's something you have to ask yourself let's say Bob gets a new gaming PC with an Intel Core i5 and a GTX 970 his goal is to play all the newest titles have very good settings and very good frame rates Bob's alright with turning some of the settings down or not getting a lock 60 frames per second in some of the more demanding game but then you have George he's building the same PC as Bob but he has much loftier expectations he wants to run all the games at 60 frames per second at 1080p at near maxed out were maxed out settings so on and so forth well on that scenario Bob would have a much longer shelf life out of his PC than George but let's say you have the same mindset that George has what I recommend you to buy a gtx 980ti or a graphics card like that so you can have a much longer lifespan out of your PC no I wouldn't at all because the beauty about PC is that you can upgrade it whenever you want I would tell George to buy the GTX 970 now and in eighteen months or two years down the line he can sell his 970 and just buy one of AMD's or nvidia latest and greatest GPUs that's how you'd be more efficient with buying your PC part but you have to find a balance don't buy a graphics card that you probably won't be happy with in six months and then having to upgrade it that quickly because at that point you're just wasting money you have to find a balance and this goes for more than just the graphics card if at some point down the line you want to upgrade that eye five to an i7 you'll have that option open to you if you want to get more RAM that option chances are we'll be open to you as well putting a time stamp on someone's PC just isn't possible because like I said we all have different expectations out of our gaming PC's you might fall in the Bob camp where you are okay with turning down some of your settings and not getting completely locked 60 frames-per-second which in that case you'll get a longer lifespan out of your PC but maybe you're in Georgia scam where you want to run all the latest and greatest games maxed out 1080p 60 frames per second or you might even want more performance than that obviously you'll have to upgrade more often than someone that has the other mindset but what it all comes down to is you have to assess your own expectations yes you're gonna have to upgrade that's just a fact of life when you're gaming on a PC but that's not completely a bad thing getting more performance or more graphical fidelity out of your games is never a bad thing it's something that's great about PC run the consoles you're locked to the hardware you have for the whole generation on PC it's constantly evolving and that's one of the great things about PC you're never locked into one configuration so thanks for watching this video guys I know I kind of dodged the question in the title but it's not something you can really answer but it is something I get asked all the time so I hope I was able to clear some things up in this video as always thanks for watching and I'll talk to you all later have a great day peace Oh

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  1. I picked out some parts but by my calculations it would take 2 years to save and 1. Will they be outdated
    2.will they dramatically go up in price

  2. I have Core i7 8700 and GTX 1060, I think its fine for next five years. Bottleneck config? Nah I think its fine since its better than my slow laptop.

  3. i agree that the pc is the master race but its expensive , go save money for your future, always upgrading is so expensive,just buy console much cheaper , a gamer is a gamer, well im not into mobile games though it sux, btw ps5 is coming

  4. Here's my question if a Gaming PC lasts around 3-5 years, does that mean the hardware of the machine e.g CPU & GPU will become unusable, or does it simply mean it will not be able to fully cope with the newer modern game titles at Ultra Graphics settings?

  5. Im easily a BoB not vagena i would upgrade my pc once in 3 years, I would like like to play CSGO, R6S, New COD games…

  6. Tbh I'm more like bob, I don't need 60 frames at all times and I'm fine with low settings. The only thing I hate the most in gaming is stuttering or frame drops. Where I get up to 120 frames and then dip down to about 5 frames. I'm okay with even 30 frames just as long as it is consistent.

  7. I have a gtx 1050ti and core i5… how long would my Pc last while I’ve used it for about a year on high/medium settings and streamed a couple of times too

  8. Hey I have a question. People speculate that PCs last for 5 to 8 years right? But is there any way to let them last until 10 or 15 more years? Just asking. Thanks.

  9. Built this PC I am typing on in 2008. 775 Core 2 duo E8500 @3.16, P5Q Pro board, with 4 gb ram. It has had 2 big upgrades since new. Originally it ran Windows XP. 32 bit. First GFX card was 256 MB Radeon 9600. Upgraded to 6950 1GB card a couple of years later. New Cooler master fan 2014/2015. Now has a 2GB GTX660 Ti, I got it a few months after the Cooler master. Added another 4GB of ram when I upgraded to the GTX and added Windows 7 64 Bit after the original HDD died (80 GB Samsung – old one from my previous P4 2.8 Ghz P4, PSU damaged mobo). Got a cheap Soprano gaming case for it too, new 700 watt Thermal take PSU. Hardware wise this is absolutely maxed! It still games, Bob style! Low Low and lowest, maybe medium? Plays GTA 5 and Wreckfest, CMS 2015/2018 – its all I really ask it for, amazing given its age – over 10 years old! I'd like to go back to 32 Bit run XP and keep it for classic gaming. Its way past time to start over. 5 years usually is the average life span. Expect average of 2x CPU changes, maybe up the ram, motherboard if you didn't get top pf the range initially, 2-3 GFX cards by then the architecture is out dated and discontinued. It'll play another year after that, this is when you have to start turning down settings and if you want to keep gaming the latest stuff on highest settings, its time to start over. I used to do this back in the early 2000's – Athlon or was it Duron? 2.0 ghz, swapped GFX card on it, 64 Mb to 128, more ram 512 mb to 1 gb, then got the P4 2.8 ghz, One GFX swap. PSU fried, so I started over with this PC, slowed down upgrades – only if there was a huge performance leap or there was faulty parts would I upgrade. I casually game, as long as it runs what I want I'm happy.

  10. Ugh, too much work. I just save up to a large budget and sell my entire case when I have enough to replace the entire thing and then I start saving again until I have enough to replace that one. This process usually takes three to four years giving me enough time to get the most out of it before I replace it. Never witnessed a PC dying on me yet and I probably never want to.

  11. I7 8700k
    Ram 16gb 3000mhz
    Gtx 1080ti ftw3
    Psu 850 watt
    Mobo z370
    4tb hdd Toshiba gaming
    250gb ssd
    Can it last 5 to 6 years with good performance

  12. I got a Ryzen 3 and a GTX 1050 just to play BF1 and PUBG at low settings 60fps. I had a 450 dollar budget and my games run great I'm glad I waited for deals and it kicks ass for me

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