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– Father God, I just pray right now that you will help Richard. He is enslaved by heroin, Father. (whispering) (gentle music) – Thank you for this food we have. (praying in foreign language) (gentle music) – Oh Lord God. (whispering) (gentle music) (praying in foreign language) – Praying, for me, it’s reminding myself, you know, we’re here as a test from God. (praying in foreign language) I pray five times a day, you
know, I try to not miss it. – Of course, man. We got school, we got other people’s schedule that you have to follow for work. – Blessed Divine, I call
on you to thank you for everything you have done for
me in these past few weeks. You have helped me through
a hard time with anxiety, you have helped me through
a hard time with school. When I pray, it reminds me that there are deities looking over me. (singing in foreign language) – I think the way that I
personally connect to it is remembering what I’m grateful for because I’m really bad
at gratitude otherwise. (singing in foreign language) – The basic, simple
stotra is Navkar Mantra I do recite it with my daughter and we curtail it at least twice or thrice a day. (singing in foreign language) – Mom, I’m hungry. – Stasia, you ready, you
gonna close your eyes? – I was born and raised
Roman Catholic and– – I was raised Catholic but
then converted to Mormon. Our Heavenly Father– – As far as our difference in religion, I don’t think our kids really care. – In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. – [Kids] Amen. – Ready? Mama’s gonna say her prayer. – Mama’s gonna say a grace too, okay? (whining) (laughing) (whispering) – Speaking in tongues is a gift. It’s more to do with having a way to pray when you don’t know what to say. (whispering) (drumming) (deep whistle blowing) – When you pray, I feel
like I’m meditating ’cause I completely go numb. (bell ringing) – [Thuc] Sometime I feel like goosebumps. – [Nani] I’ve cried in front
of the altar many times. There’s just like a peace
that kinda comes over you. – I’ll feel tingling in my
shoulders, like soft TV static. But altogether I feel powerful. (singing in foreign language) – It feels very communal
because there is that script. There’s a sense of connection
to everyone else who has prayed this prayer, who is
praying this prayer right now. No, I’m forgetting the words, lemme see if I can pull
’em up on my phone. (groaning) (singing in foreign language) – When we’re praying, we’re
standing in front of God. (praying in foreign language) It does make you nervous but
at the same time, it’s my Maker and I know, you know, he
loves me and I love him. (praying in foreign language) (percussive music) (whispering) – Well you have something, right? Show me.
(shushing) – Thank you for this food
we have here before us. I pray that you have
it nourish our bodies. Gio, do you think Mama and
Papa’s church is different? – Uh, you’re gonna feel bad at this. – No, no, we won’t feel bad.
– Be honest, it’s okay. – I just said Mama’s. – Yeah, you like Mama’s?
– Uh huh. – Fortuna, bringer of good fortune, I ask you to help me
get this job coming up. (speaking in foreign language) – I ask God for things for myself, I ask God for things for other people. If I need a parking spot, I ask for one and very often, I get one. – Recently we have a
passing, I pray for him. We open our hands up this way, it’s, I kinda see it as like a beggar. – Oh God, please keep the family happy. The kids are coming out for the SAT tests, can you please help them? – Father God, I just pray right now that you will help Richard. He is enslaved by heroin, Father. Please reveal yourself
to him, help him to see. So on 167th and Aurora,
there’s a methadone clinic. Father, they’re broken inside. Pour your grace, pour your grace in them. So I ask them for whatever
they need prayer for and sometimes, the prayer
is to get methadone and I do pray for that and
God answers that prayer. – [Nani] I remember we were fighting ’cause we used to fight a lot and I started praying and I started just like bawling my eyes out. Like I don’t even know if you’re listening or if there is anybody even up there, if you can even hear me, but I don’t know what’s gonna happen and I’m really scared. There’s so much going on in my life and I don’t know what to do and I just want everything to be okay is what I basically hoped and wished for. I mean, apparently. (laughing) (praying in foreign language) – My dad expired two years back and I couldn’t see him, I was here. At that time, the only thing I asked for could it just be for some more time that I could go visit him. – No. (praying in foreign language) – Sometimes, God does say no. I think the thing that matters, though, is that we understand God has heard us. (whispering) – Yeah, I just, I used to think that too because I was so focused
on that prayer had to have a physical manifestation
of change to mean anything. (singing in foreign language) But prayer is more to change human hearts, even if it doesn’t
physically change anything. L’Chaim. – I get people saying
that oh, it’s not real, doing spells that won’t work, praying, there’s no one actually listening. But it makes me feel less helpless. – I was sitting out there on Aurora and there was a guy who
started laughing at me. He’s like what a waste of time and I reminded him that God loves him. And he said, “F you,
lady” and walked away. – I don’t think so. I thank all of you who I have called on today and who has listened. (gentle music) (praying in foreign language) – Why do you pray?
– Maybe Jesus likes to hear about the day? (whispering) Ya’rub, help us in this
world and hereafter, amen. I’m done. (bell ringing) (clapping)

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  1. I am a Christian and I simply close my eyes it is not necessary. I do not believe in tongues or get on the floor. I can even be walking and pray in my head. I love this as a Christian since I do not have to kneel although you can or do some ritual

  2. Peace upon the witches, the ones who practise Wicca. And peace up satanists. There are way too many false stories and asumptions about these two.

  3. I'm Catholic and I don't believe in my own religion……
    Where is all my Doitsuist people at the cult is opened

  4. There was a time (do to certain things that happened in my life) that I would pray,but my heart wasn't in it…..I did it because it was a habit(I grew up praying….for example saying a prayer before I go to sleep)….it took a long while for my heart to be in it again,but now I do and I see that that God is listening….tho he may not act in the time we want,and tho it may not be some grand miracle…if your heart is open then you'll see it

  5. I am a Christian but only because that is what my family want me to believe in. I’m a kid who believes in Wicca and since I’m a kid I can’t really do anything about it and it’s a struggle.

  6. Me personally I don’t believe a god exists, I do believe that hell exists in that people go somewhere as a punishment, but I think it’s not logical for a god to exist, but I also think it’s beautiful how it brings people together, and how warming it is, it’s something that I’ll never get involved in, but I think is good for humanity.

  7. We all may not have the same beliefs in different religions but we all love the same God in one form and we all pray to him in one form or another. Love this video

  8. So I have seen this video when it first was posted, but recently it's been popping up in my recommendations over and over again 🤔 I guess that's God's way of telling me to pray

  9. My English isnt the best sorry.

    weak minded people who wish for the best,like all of us, but just have a too simple mind to act
    This is no escape guys
    Sure, do whatever fits you or whatever makes you happy but at the end
    instead of talking to "god" you could actually work ur way up… many humans have lived and died through out history and so much of them wasted their time on religion….was it really worth it?

  10. I'm Pagan/Wiccan but I totally dig that family's cross wall. I also really appreciate that they included a Wiccan in this as we are often overlooked or considered that we don't pray at all.

  11. I love that they included the girl that prayed to another deity. It is important to show that there are people that believe in something other than the most common religions.

  12. This video has confirmed something I have always known – we all believe in the same God and walk different paths with different holy books to get there but in the end God loves us all the same

  13. I was enslaved by heroin for 13 years. I've been in a methadone clinic in Harrisburg for over 5 years. Methadone is a lesser evil but now I'm a slave to the clinic.

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  15. The person asking for more time with her dad, god, her answer "no" was so heart breaking. I've lost so many people and I only wished that I had more time with them.

  16. Why can people in California ever bring actual Orthodox Jews, it’s so annoying to see Jews who don’t follow the religion at all being given a voice.

  17. I pray as if I was having a conversation with God or whoever is listening. Talk about the day, my mistakes, what infuriates me, my hopes and dreams and thank him for life. I also ask how he doing even if I know there's no answer coming. But even if I believe in him I also believe the things that happened are mostly made because of my decisions which is 95% and 5% or less has to do with him. But even then I enjoy it no matter if the things I ask for don't happen.

  18. Am I the only one who doesn't do anything when praying? Like, I just close my eyes, that's it. Praying is talking to God, so I pray like I'm having a conversation with him. I don't even get down on my knees.

  19. This was amazing. This very intimate act is so very personal. I feel it’s the difference of the prayer that scare people and incite wars. But, in truth, it’s a quiet hope of faith. Nothing to incite one to fear, and to war.

  20. Well god always answer either he will give you what you want or puches a harm that was comming your way so he give you what you need not exactly what you want and you reading my comment have a nice day and may god be with you

  21. The old Christian lady, she's really a true example.
    I love that she speaks tongues when she prays as well.
    God bless her son and her may God take him out of the heroin.

  22. "I want to believe as many true things, and as few false things, as possible." That's my prayer. That and this:

  23. wow can I just say how much I love this video like no matter the religion I feel like we can learn from one another and how we pray (if you do of course)

  24. I thought this video was so beautiful, as a Christian ( born again Christian) my self, I find prayer really helps me personally. But I also think everyone should have the opportunity and freedom to believe what they believe even if that’s not what I believe. Hope you all have an amazing week – also what amazing and peaceful comments Tbh I was expecting lots of hate but no xx

  25. As someone who is at the moment confuse of my spirituality, but is with a Roman Catholic family, this made me so happy at the same time sad. I've watch my relatives(practically close family), drift apart because of religion. And that's the reason I question myself at times since I expect religion to build bridges to make you closer to each other. It hurts how close minded people sometimes are. 😢😢😢

  26. When i pray, i feel closer to God
    praying can be hard specially that its 5 times a day everyday, but we gotta do what we gotta do…and i always end up feeling happy and at peace after i'm done.

  27. I called myself a hippie fuck cuz I don't even know what the hell I do most the time I kind of just light a candle say hey Universe hey Spirits its ya bitch Let's Chill watch some Tv and then just kind of leave it burning for an hour while I do shit

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