How Terminator Dark Fate Should Have Ended

Okay, there’s a parachute in the back. We can tangle him up. Wait for him to attack and then we move. Okay! Ooooh NUTS! I won’t let her die for me again. Then you need to be ready. Ay, dios mio! Sarah! You’ve gotta come back with me! What the heck? It’s your kid Sarah. Something has gotta be done about your kid. Are you telling me that all I have to do is wait until time travel exists and I can rescue my son? Precisely Sarah! Except instead of waiting years and years for you to make that journey I decided just to come to you! I know a thing or two about course correcting the future. Uh, what the heck just happened? You see Sarah, your son’s death caused a new timeline of copy cat terminators. Without you being there to guide John and pass on your wisdom, millions of humans were cheated out of a leader they so desperately waited years to have! By giving up on your boy and forcing the new girl to take his place, it caused a colossal collapse of faith in the franchise… I mean the timeline. Really? I thought they’d just move on and not really notice. THEY NEVER MOVE ON SARAH! You mean too much to them. You’re more than just a womb. Now quick, we have to hurry! Where are we anyway? I know where we are. Goodbye. Wait! Stop! You don’t have to melt him! Who are you? She looks just like you but old and flabby. It’s another terminator! Kill it mom! No! I’m just you from the future! But there is actually another terminator out there just like him. And still looking for you. And he kills John right after this scene. So don’t melt that one. Oh my gosh. This is exhausting. Yeah. It is. But the good news is the T-800s can all become nice now. Yeah! The one that kills you moves in with some weird lady in the woods and becomes her nanny or something. It sounds kind of lame. Trust me. It’s better than other ways this story could have gone. Okay then. What do we do? We terminate the terminator. I need your arm, your face, and your CPU chip smashed to pieces! Hasta la vista, Carl! Easy money! Oooh it worked! John Connor lives! Yeah! Doc! They erased! Of course they erased! What does it mean? It means the future is whatever you make it! So make it a good one! We will Doc. We will. Actually… you’re future feels kind of done. So maybe don’t do anything more from this point. Yeah. You should probably just stop now. THANK YOU! Okay I am back.

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  1. That and maybe they should have at least tried to find and destroy the arm from the T800 that was left in the cog wheel and chain near the end of T2 also. If you're going to try and destroy all evidence of terminators, it might be a good idea to actually make sure there's no pieces of them lying around in a steel mill somewhere FFS lol.

  2. Deadpool and Doc need to team up to fix franchises. Aliens, Predator, Star Wars, and Jurassic World could use some help

  3. I have some ideas for "Rise of Skywalker."

    I'm thinking that after Palpatine gets killed, he does whatever ritual was going transfer his spirit into Rey. I'm not sue why he didn't do it, but that's the kind of thing I think you'd do.

    Maybe when Ben's memory of Han Solo comes, you also have Anakin come by to help.

    When Palpatine is revealed to be Rey's grandfather. Ghost Anakin could come to Palpatine and say excitedly "You're a grandfather?! Why didn't you tell me?" Palpatine could say "Because it would ruin my plan!" Palpatine could then mutter "And unlike some people, I know how to keep things to myself." Moment of silence. "And that's why I didn't feel bad about killing you," says Anakin.

    When the Ghost of the Jedi talk to Rey and help her, make them actually appear (and yes, even the ones that were only shown in the tv shows).

    When Luke informs Rey that Leia was a Jedi Rey could ask "Leia was a Jedi? I mean, it makes her whole using the Force to survive in space thing less weird, but I why didn't SHE use her Jedi powers to help us? Instead of making me come to you." "Well, Leia was more politician than Jedi, even in Legends. And she probably just wanted me to come back either way," said Luke. "Oh," says Rey.

    Finn actually tells Rey what he wanted to tell her.

    Did you hear about Lando's daughter being kidnapped by the First Order? Or the theory that Jannah is theorized to be that daughter? Maybe have that be in the movie, and let Anakin do the "You have a daughter?!" thing to him "That is wonderful!"

    Palpatine's revenge message gets actually gets shown.

    Palpatine actually explains how he came back to life.

    I think the movie was otherwise fine, so you can do whatever else you want.

  4. How Should Terminator Dark Fate Ended Carl T-800 didn't kill John Connor and Carl T-800 should've killed Princess Leia instead.

  5. I just watched that movie. I don't think they understood how parachutes work. Or airplanes or gravity. Great intro in this video it was the best ending

  6. Spoiler for the Rise of Skywalker HISHE:

    Force ghost Anakin: (Huge sigh) Palpatine, youre a grandfather too?!?!?!?!?! I must tell everyone!

  7. I laughed so hard at the first scene when the terminator nodded no.

    To be fair though, he didnt let them drown because he couldnt even see inside the car. Im guessing thats why he kept missing his hand spike attacks on the car window. He fell for their trap in the movie because he wanted to secure the kill just in case they had an escape plan going on that he couldnt see.

  8. I skipped dark fate once I heard they killed off John Connor. The whole point of the series was to see how John was going to save humanity. Hopefully the next movie ignores this flop and picks up behind Salvation. Also it’s time to give Arnold a rest he’s too old to be in these movies

  9. I don't know what's old hishe what's not but this video felt like hishe saying "Hey listen to me you little sh*t! This is how it should have been done!" which I do agree.

  10. Can you make one but without doc brown? I mean HYSHE funny but serius without any intervention from other movies, cause this is not a good HYSHE

  11. A dark future war with phased plasma rifles with 30 watt range shooting across the horizon. T800s everywhere. Makeshift gunner trucks. Impoverished humans. Dogs barking at infiltrating terminators. Tank treads running over human skulls on a gray dusty plain. For 2.5 hours. Make it about getting Connor to the time machine. It's all they had to do.

  12. wait? what? if they just killed that terminator who killed john connor? what is its connection to nani and the new future?

  13. They should make a movie about them becoming antiweapon manufacture protesters who happen to have lots of machine guns

  14. Мне понравилось. Ещё б понять что они говорят и было бы вообще круто.

  15. " Ok. I am back. Good. John go play in the sea. Mommy's vibrator broke and I think I found a new use for the terminator."

  16. Post credits of next video, when Kylo says take a look at yourself please put him in Robin Hood: men in tights. Only thing I could think of when I saw it.

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