How to Add Hyperlinks in a PDF Document

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to
create a clickable accessible link in PDF documents
using Adobe Acrobat Pro. If the document was made in Microsoft Word, the link will transfer through to the exported
PDF. However, if you’re making a new link in the
PDF document, there are a few steps you need to follow. And remember, it’s best to avoid copy and
pasted URLs as they’re too long and confusing for screen
reader users. In this case, having a source document is
helpful because you can change the text of the link
in the source and then export the PDF again. To make a clickable
link, highlight the text, right click, and select
Create Link. From there, you can choose to have a visible
or invisible rectangle around the link, and can choose
a highlight style. Under link actions, make sure that open a
webpage is selected and click Next. Enter the URL and click OK. You now have a clickable link. If you’d like, you can give the text a link
appearance, for example, by changing the color and adding
an underline. To do that, click on Edit PDF on the right. Here, you can change the color of the text
and add an underline. You can also edit or add any text. If you
have a long URL and don’t have the source document, you can
change the text here. Transcribed by

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