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how to add meta tags and a WordPress
website hey do you have a wordpress website and
you know you want to get found organically and how you gonna get found
organically well those search engines are gonna go out there like Google and
they’re gonna grab your information they’re gonna go this is a good result
for what that person just typed in the search bar so in order for that to work
you have to have meta tags and we’re talking titles we’re talking
descriptions we’re talking the way you SEO or search engine optimize your page
and to do that you need to have a plug-in on your WordPress website now in
this particular example I’m going to be using Yoast and I’m going to be showing
you exactly how to optimize your pages so that you come up in the search engine
results and get more people to your site and we’re starting right now hey I’m J.R. Fisher thank you so much
for checking out this video in this video I’m gonna teach you a lot of
things but let me give you my background first I’ve been selling online since
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WordPress now I have my branded products actually on thousands of websites
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you may have questions to ask now if you tried to do any type of SEO meta tags
that type of thing on your website put that in the comments below let me know
what results you had if you have a certain plugin you like you know tell me
all about it ask me any questions you feel free to do so now let’s go ahead
and jump in there but I’m going is I’m gonna jump into the backend of my
wordpress website you do have to know how to log into the admin section but
once you’re there super easy I’m gonna walk you through every step you’re gonna
do all of us inside and now Dan we’re gonna head get going right now okay I’m
going the dashboard now of one of my websites right here and this is not a
huge website it’s got I think 298 posts in here it’s 122 pages but what I want
to do first off is show you exactly where to go so that you can get this
plug-in on talked about though the plug-in I’m gonna be using on this is
Yoast this is the free version this doesn’t even cost you anything it’s
probably the most popular SEO plug-in in the market right now so I would highly
recommend it so let’s go here first we’re gonna scroll down right here and
we’re gonna find our plugins right here okay there they are now we can either go
to install plugins or add new I’m just gonna click on the word plugins right
now there we go now I’m gonna go up here to add new now
I’ve already installed Yoast on this particular website so it’s not going to
you know I can’t really install it in front of you but you can see how to do
it so I typed in Yoast why Oh ast here it is you can see right here
this is Yoast SEO now you can see up here this little box here says active
because I’ve already activated it but you can see it’s got 27,000 60 reviews
in over five million active installations so that would be the one
you want so we’re gonna go ahead and use that one like I say I’ve already
installed it the team hadn’t installed and you would click this install button
like this one here is you can go ahead and install it and activate
then go ahead and use it now one caveat I would tell you to this is that if you
already have an SEO program in your website okay if you already got one in
there and you switch to this one you will need to migrate over all of your
data okay now I just switched over all my data to use SEO but make sure you do
that okay because if you don’t do that then you’re gonna lose all the SEO stuff
you already had there and there is a plug-in a pre plug-in you can use for
migrating down all over all right so let’s first off let’s go to our post
because that’s where you’re gonna actually have to do your SEO so let’s go
there first now these are all my posts here now I’m gonna I want to go over
first – let’s see here pages okay because I want to pull up a page that
we’ve already done so you can see the difference and let me do this one right
here yeah I’m gonna scroll down now this one here has already been done
there’s some things that I could do in here but what happens is when you get
into this SEO at the bottom you can see right here it’s going to show you what
you’ve already had done so there’s a picture here it’s got the title right
here my focus key phrase is not on this one
so let me go ahead and put that on here real quick I’m gonna copy this and you
know put that key phrase in there right there okay how to start a business
online and then I’ve got ten online businesses businesses you can start okay so I’m
gonna go ahead and do that now every time you put something over here guys
you do need to update so I’m gonna hit update right here and I’m going to go
into one in just a second that is not SEO at all but nothing has
been done to it so you can see the difference okay so this one right here
you would have to go up to which says Google preview and it’s gonna drop down
here so this is what people would actually see if they were searching
online this is what they would see right here now what I have to do also that I
have to go here and click Edit snippet okay so this is the SEO title this is
the slug now what the slug is is this is the part of the URL that somebody can
type in and actually find this okay and then here’s the Meta Description right
here and it’s got green right here which means I could do a little bit better on
this so let’s take a look at this one here 10 tried and proven businesses you
can start now these are simple businesses anyone can
start without technical skills low or no investment
he’s never needed okay so as you see this here has gone aren’t
and the reason it’s got orange is because there’s too many characters in
there that won’t fit so let’s try to trim this down a little bit let’s see 10
tried and proven businesses you can start now all right so we’re going to
get rid of these are we don’t probably need that come over here and put simple
businesses anyone can start without technical skills low or no investment
needed free download so as you can see now I’ve move that little green bar over
there a little bit because now it’s of the right length let’s check this out
and see how we can improve this how to start a business online to new online
business you can start today okay so that that move that are over there a
little bit see now we’re gonna go down here you could put related key phrases
in here whatever you want to put and then we’re gonna close this so this
basically is our slug this is our meta description this is our SEO title here
these three things need to be done on every single one of your pages so some
of you may be sound like I got hundreds of pages it would take me forever so
what you know I mean you’re just gonna do it it’s something that has to be done
now once I’ve done all this I want to update it right here and it’ll tell you
if it needs improvement okay so my SEO needs a little improvement on this but
let’s go to one that has nothing on it right now which would be one of my posts
because we post videos all the time and they are not SEO so we need to do so so
let’s take a look at some of these and see what I could do on these alright
this is a number one way to set targets in business that’s a scheduled one so
that’s not even a wide yet so let me pull this one right here okay
and we’re gonna go down here to take a look at this one now this one here has a
thumbnail on it this is the thumbnail that we used actually on YouTube because
it’s actually a YouTube video so we take these videos and they’ll actually post
them in the blog area which is something you can certainly do too it’s very
helpful and these here on YouTube he’s pulled over the description of this and
put it on the page so we could read it but we still don’t have our SEO done on
this so let’s take a look at this and see how we can do that okay so now we’re
down here at the Edit snippet okay so let’s go ahead and click Edit so we’re
gonna put in here seven ways to make your ecommerce business wildly GCC relative successful and then
we’re gonna say secret tips I’ve almost got that bar filled up there because
it’s counting how many characters in the air it knows what’s gonna fit on a
Google search now the slug we can adjust it we could
not adjust that that’s up to you I’m not gonna mess with it for this one now this
one here is really important because this is the description that people see
when they search online and you know if that description is not there they don’t
know what they’re gonna get so it’s really super important to do that so
let’s get in here let’s change this right here okay I’m gonna put make your
and you want to research these words you don’t want to just randomly put them in
there but I’m gonna do it just for this example make your e-commerce is this
successful by using these secret marketing tips now
obviously we want to have some of the same words in the title that we have
okay in the description that weights going to match up and Google’s going to
find it more spots change that okay and we’ve got too many letters in
here now so let’s make an adjustment here and maybe we’ll take out the word
wildly yeah and we’ll do best secret tips here we go
now it doesn’t like that either so we’re going to take that out just secret tips
okay so we’ve got seven ways to you can make your e-commerce business successful
secret tips this is our slug right here make your e-commerce business successful
by using these secret marketing tips could proven and effective low-tech so because people are not techy
low-tech will say steps to improving your business okay so now it’s telling
what they’re gonna get if they click on this and they watch this video and if
you notice this bar here has now gone to green which is good thing right we got
green and then we can go ahead and close this snippet editor right here and we
want to go up here and we want to go ahead and update this page that’s gonna take just a second okay so
now it has updated and we can go over here they’re saying you know there’s a
couple things we need to do we’re saying it’s okay now which is good
our readability and our SEO is and we can go back in there and if you want to
open that up again edit snippet we can go in there and look and see that all
that new informations and then these bars are now green now so what you would
want to do is you’d want to go through every one of your posts like this and I
know it’s a lot of work I get it I know this stuff takes time but you know what
else would you be doing but watching a rerun on TV or some you know show or
something along those lines so let’s go back to all post again and we’ll pick
one more and do just one more in here so you totally get this this one here is a
tripwire so let’s go on this one here this has not been se owed and we’re
gonna see here we’re gonna do edit snippet that’s gonna look at one other
thing okay yeah that’s right all right edit snippet right here and we
need to get rid of these things here because we need to title the page that
we’re looking to get rid of these things here because there’s no that’s the title
so what do we what are we trying to optimize here we’re trying to optimize
what is a good tripwire secrets for building sales so we’re go ahead and
copy this and bring this down there’s your focus key phrase there’s
your SEO title right here okay secrets to building sales now it’s saying it’s
orange which means it actually needs a little bit more juice in there okay so I
may put it here proven tripwires and let’s see her for more sales yeah
whatever so I can’t do that so what proven
tripwires we’ll just leave it that okay because we’re already saying here
secrets to building sales proven tripwires now once we’ve done that we
want to remember we want they have some of the same things in this description
down here so we’ll put how to use know what is what is a because that’s what it
says at the top right it’s a good trip wire now if we don’t want to have it exactly
as a top here but we just might want to put some of the similar words in here
like building sales so building these sales is easy when you use these proven
trip wire techniques if you notice that line still is orange it’s still saying
hey you don’t have enough stuff in here watch this video takes inch watch just video
to learn correct a couple words here guys
watch this tripwire to learn you know it see all the steps okay so we put in here
to learn all the steps watch no spelling error right there okay so I’ve got those
fixed now okay so now we’ve got that information in there and it’s giving me
green lines on both of these which is good that’s awesome now if you want to
get more information on what you need to do you can open up this one here that
says SEO analysis and what you can do is right here what you can do if you have
the premium you can add synonyms and related key phrases and all that but you
can also look at things like outbound links it says no outbound links appear
on this in this page add some internal links of internally experiments page
make sure you add some so those are things you could do on this just take a look and see what all’s in
here so that would be helpful to you and then it down here tells you all the
stuff that you have done that’s good okay so all these things are good and
they told you they’re good image all attributes images on this page do not
have attributes that reflect the topic and text now to do that you would need
to add the alt tags to the image which would be in another video but you could
also do that key phrase in the meta description the meta description has
been specified but does not contain the key phrase fix that so it shows you how
to fix that here what is the key phrase and you can just go in there and change
that which is pretty easy to do so that’s an overview of how you use Yoast
and the things you can do to improve your page and you could certainly go
through each one of these and work on links internal links key phrase and
introduction all those types of things and if you do that of course you’re
going to get better rankings okay so let’s let’s put one thing in here and
see what we can do so we’re gonna put h1 tag here because
if we put h1 tag it’s gonna rank higher in SEO so we want to stick that in there
also so that’s basically what you’re going to want to do for each one of your
videos that you put out make sure that you know those keywords are there and
here’s an important thing I do I think I told you this but whatever this says
here what does it get tripwire seekers to building sales proven tripwires you
want to make sure this says what is a good tripwire building sales is easy and
I reword it a little bit but make sure those same words are in both of these
here for optimization then I’m going to update it there okay so we got it done
our SEO is okay readability needs improvement we could work on that but
overall we have optimized this okay which is really good and we’ve still got
some more work to do on it but I wanted to show you the basics of how to use
Yoast SEO you know how to install it now you know how to set it up you know you
want to transfer over your information from your previous SEO plugin please
make sure you do that otherwise you’ll lose all that SEO and office pages and
you don’t have to go through doing that again it’s not so bad if you’ve got to
change it a little bit but if you have to redo it of course it’s a lot more
work now at the end of this video I want to give you something special a $97
ecommerce course you can go directly down into the description right now
click on it and learn you don’t need any credit card to do that
in addition to that I have heart rate down there Kartra is one of the best
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you’ve tried to SEO your site I want to hear about what plug-in did you use how
do you use SEO you know by Yoast before I mean I think it’s awesome but I’d love
to hear your opinions if you have any problems please put them in the comments
below any comments I would love to see them give me a thumbs up if you like
this video and I’ll see you in the next one

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  1. If you've tried to SEO your site, I want to hear about what plug-in did you use. How do you use SEO? I'd love to hear your opinions, please put your comments below. Also, click here to grab my $97 eCommerce for FREE.

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