How To Add Speed Dial via CCM Admin

this video I will show you how to add speed dial number using the Cisco administration web console first thing first we need to login let's wait until it's fully loaded and then we look at the device that we want to configure for example here I will use my soft point once we are in the device page we can see on the Left panel and left pane there is a menu called or label with add a new SD actually can be set it at a new speed dial we click here for us to divide into three films actually for because this numbering actually the actual number speed appreciation so in this field in the number field we can fill it in with phone number we would like to assign to the number one this is exactly the way we used for example in if I want to this number we have to check this at the second one you can just keep adding until as much as we wanna the device pets will be reloaded and number that we assigned to the and we can edit this in the future by simply check the number or change the level or just let it for example I will delete this fake number safe it the number I just delete disappear the Chang's we just make in the device page will be immediately affected to the device as we can see this this is only display on soft porn actually in the hard porn or the devices itself speed dial number one will be dial this number so let's see if they are so let's try with the second one see the second speaker and it's now calling my thanks for watching

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